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Dreams of Rafael

Rafael Alencar
Black Scorpion Video  
Antton Harri , , Brian Bodine , Diego , Hans Hintern , Kyler Cox , Marcos Pirelli , Paco Coimbra , , Sergio Del Castillo , Trent Atkins
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Dreams of Rafael

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Rafael Alencar's Stardust Memories

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Rafael Alencar joins the ranks of performers whose ambition leads them into higher positions in the adult industry. It's always nice to watch people blossom and develop, and who would have known that this Brazil based super-top could blossom any larger?

Headquartered in New York City, a growing bastion of explicit movie making, Alencar has dubbed his enterprise Black Scorpion Entertainment.

Filmed down in the south Florida's opulent town of Naples, the five sexual episodes of Dreams of Rafael take place in and around the grounds of a well appointed mansion. Alencar has taken some production cues from director Kristen Bjorn, for whom he has worked ( Men Amongst the Ruins). These elements include an international cast of musclemen, rich colors, a South Florida location and sex amidst hyper organized luxury.

In this film, Alencar plays yet another fabulously comfortable latino living in astonishing luxury (as also seen by Miguel Leon in Passport to Paradise). The first episode starts with limousine driver Antton Harri noticing Alencar's towering hard-on rising out of his crisp, dapper suit pants.

Hans Hintern swallows Rafael AlencarWatch VOD
Hans Hintern tastes
Rafael Alencar
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Harri gives inspiring lip service to Alencar's tasty uncut meat, working it from head to base while still wearing his dark sunglasses. This opening episode is a big turn on for fans of sex with the guys in dress clothes. In a memorable sequence, Harri has his ass sticking up into Alencar's mouth, his pants pulled down while still wearing his white dress shirt and sunglasses.

Alencar plows Harri on the top of their vehicle, an interesting visual, that culminates with him blowing a big cum load all over his driver's face.

Cannot Tire of Marcos Pirelli

After this, Alencar wanders into his majestic mansion, where he surreptitiously watches bombshell muscle boy Marcos Pirelli have steamy sex with red headed firebrand Blu Kennedy. Their coupling is arguably the hottest scene of the film. Both guys are perfectly proportioned and heavily hung, who equally match each other point for point.

Luscious cocksucking moves into a white hot flip-flop fuck session, and they have no problem taking their partner's thick meat inside their butts.

Costa Rican beauty Pirelli actually performed with Alencar in one of the best scenes of Bedroom Eyes. Casting him in Black Scorpion's debut voyage is a real coup. Pirelli orgasms while getting plugged, followed with Kennedy blowing his own copious load over himself while they are kissing.

The next scene is a nice match-up between handsome Kyler Cox, who gives up his ass to Diego in an extravagantly furnished bathroom amidst dozens of lit tea light candles. After several hot positrons, Diego shoots his load on Cox's ass cheeks. Both models are relatively new faces, adding a hot dimension to the film.

After this, the sexy stud Brian Bodine takes full sexual advantage of beefcake gardener Sergio Del Castillo. They take their sex poolside, where Del Castillo sits his muscular buns down onto Bodine big black stick, pumping himself up and down. Bodine looks absolutely beautiful.

They move their sex into the pool where engage in another of the movie's hot flip-flops. The Spaniard plows Bodine just above the splashing water of the pool. They shoot their money shots underwater, captured clearly with an underwater camera lens.

Dreams of Rafael Orgy

After this, comes the movie's orgy scene, where the cast is unleashed on each other with heated abandon. Their action begins with sucking, and then a lot of impressive rimming, which comes off very well due to the incredible butts on this particular set of models. At one point, Perelli is the lead engine of a long train composed of the entire cast who have their faced jammed into the butt in front of them.

It is at this point where it is obvious how this is filmed like the viewer is participating in a dream of Alencar. The models move around on each other, with the director himself imagining himself in the mix. The sequence is punctuated with the memorable visuals of Kennedy screwing Trent Atkins, Kyler Cox taking Perelli up his ass.

The group use Atkins and blond Hans Hintern as their cum rags.

The film ends with a sensual sequence pairing Alencar with the before mentioned German Hans Hintern.

Hintern, who hasn't appeared in anything since Bjorn's Wet Dreams, is more mature and and an even beefier bottom. The blond expertly handles Alencar huge python in his mouth and ass.

Hintern's fleshy cheeks are picture-perfect, and Alencar spends his time staring into them like he is hypnotized. There is more mutual rimming before Alencar slams his meat all the way inside his friend. Congratulations to Hintern for a bravura bottom performance from one of the hottest tops in the industry.

Dreams of Rafael is an exciting new entry, which connisuers of the Euro-Muscle guy look should love. The DVD also includes a second disc which includes another remarkable sex episode - Portuguese manly stud Paco Coimbra buries his big bone in the insatiable ass of Trent Atkins.

Atkins came out of retirement this year, also appearing in Falcon's The Velvet Mafia. This episode, which takes place in the mansion's private movie theater is much neater, and filmed in Alencar's style in which the camera drinks in the blond's melon shaped cheeks as they inhale Coimbra's dick.

There is also an interesting composition of model interviews and a behind the scenes film showing the filming, plus meeting some of the very cute assistants working for Mr. Alencar. Viewers will be left eagerly anticipating Black Scorpion's next release.

Dreams of Rafael Photos:

Rafael Alencar and Hans HinternWatch VOD
Rafael Alencar behind Hans Hintern
Rafael AlencarWatch VOD
Rafael Alencar
Blu Kennedy and Marcus PirelliWatch VOD
Blu Kennedy and Marcus Pirelli

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