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Starting Eurocreme's Fantastic Dreamboy Video Series

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Starting Eurocreme's Fantastic Dreamboy Video Series

Dreamboy starts what is a common theme with Eurocreme movies - a young cute lad hooks up with an older friend, and the two pal around the European continent having wild sexcapades. The star of the film is eighteen year old Ryan Morgan, who turns out a fine performance in all aspects.

Morgan plays the stud online, going by the screen name Spunkboy18 in the chat rooms. However, he confesses that he's only just jacked off on cam to his fans - nothing else. The movie starts with Morgan rising from bed at the early 11:30 hour, and walking over to the computer with a morning erection flopping around.

A Castle Boy in DreamBoyWatch Now
A castle boy
Before long, Morgan turns in one fine-ass solo. Director Max Lincoln clearly shows his depth in this movie with not only rollicking action sex scenes, but even the arguably more difficult to create hot solos. Morgan arches his back, shows off his dick, and even sits on his finger for awhile.

Afterwards, Morgan spends the movie relating his wild Summer to his flatmate. And it's a great story.

Virgin No More!

Morgan finally decides to jump into the world of real time tricking. He shows up at online hookup Max's place (played by the hung and handsome Ben Slater). Admitting that he's a virgin to real sex, Slater grins and assures him that he's in good hands. By the time they finish, Slater has rocked Morgan's world from every angle.

He gives Morgan's unplucked ass a great screw with his towering uncut cock. To finish he shoots a geyser cum shot into Morgan's face and mouth. Afterwards, the two new buds hang out on the lawn where they get the spontaneous idea to go traipse around on the continent.

They find a travel agent to immediately get a pass to Paris. The agent is so helpful, he not only sets them with the their travel itinerary, but he also gets them round to his side of the desk to suck their cocks.

Here begins the amorous adventures of Morgan and Slater. It seems like Slater always gets what he wants as he makes sure Morgan is occupied in the sexual action as well.

After pushing the travelboy's legs up, Slater gives him a hot ass pumping on the desk. Morgan tells in voiceover how impressed he is at how Max get what he wanted, as did the bottom. Everyone shoots their wads onto the travel agent's lithe body.

In Paris, they check out the sights. After some nice on-location touring, they end up at sidewalk cafe where they make a afterwork date with the waiter (Jack Paronuzzi), a real French cutie. Later in the kitchen, Slater makes the moves on Paronuzzi whereupon Slater announces that he wants to top the waiter. Really???

It'll be his first time, explains Slater. Even better! quips the Frenchman.

Cocks out. Balls dangling. Kissing. Paronuzzi bends over the dishwasher, and Slater takes his thick dick and shoves it in. I'll never forget that first time. It felt better then I'd ever imagined, Slater explains.

Slater gives him a heavy ass pounding, the skin slapping loudly audible. It isn't long before Slater is given something to do. There is a knock at the door, and in walks the sausage boy. I'll take those, orders Slater who quickly bends him over a counter.

Fucking the Sausage Boy

I'll never forget that first time. It felt better then I'd ever imagined. The two Brits top the French. They finish with the three lads coating the sausage boy with their loads.

Afterwards, the duo go to the mountain town of Chamonix, where they witness a mountain biker (Kris Singleton) take a nasty spill on a trail. They go over to help, quickly pulling down his pants to suck on his rapidly inflating cock. Morgan here becomes their bottomboy, gives seems to pleasure the blond biker and Slater to no end.

The lads eventually reach the chalet for the night, where they immediately become intimate with the other occupants. Morgan finds his top taking a shower, who invites his right on in. This hot scene is highlighted by Morgan riding up and down on his shower buddy's cock, while sprawled on the floor.

Meanwhile Slater finds a stunning military cut guy jacking his long dick in his room with the door open. The two perform a lengthy sixty-nine, followed by nice footage of Slater finally getting it up the ass. Slater rides the long pole up and down as they kiss.

This cross-cut double scene is great, full of hot shots, smooth gyrating flesh and tasty money shots.

So how can they top their adventure in Chamonix? On the road, they are dropped off, and picked up by a British soldier. They are taken to the camp, where the corporal and sargent take strong interest in the visitors. More hot double sex ensues as the two travelers are both topped side by side by the soldiers.

Hot double time screwing is just another component to Dreamboy.

The travelers try to get to Munich, but get lost, finding themselves at a castle full of young guys having an orgy. The final scene is a nice orgy with seven guys, including Morgan and Slater. They all perform a myriad of sucking, kissing, touching and humping on a large seemingly endless white bed.

During this, Morgan has hooked up with his own dreamboy, Antonio Lopez from Dreamboy USA. The film resolves on whether he can find him again.

Dreamboy was Eurocreme's first video release. It shows how the new British wave of adult film is powered by years of pent-up energy and ideas. Superfine twinks, mostly very well hung, coupled with versatile action, a snappy electronic dance soundtrack and cleaver storytelling already seem to be this studio's hallmarks. The DVD also has a fluffing of filmstar Morgan, who eventually shoots a load. There is also an eye opening eleven minute solo with the blond castle boy, who is most arousing.

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Dreamboy Photos:

Eurocreme Dreamboy castWatch Now
The fun loving cast of Dreamboy
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