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Down the Drain

Rod Barry
All Worlds Video  
Antonio Madiera , Doug Jeffries , , Kevin Brown , Kyle Lewis , , , Park Wiley , Sergio Anthony , Troy Moore , Veronica Corvette
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Down the Drain

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Kevin Brown falls down the drain

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

When push comes to shove, pornstar-cum-director Rod Barry's debut film enjoys a simple setup, a hot cast, and, by injecting a little comic humor, creates a steamy film that is as much arousing as it is entertaining.

Down the Drain handles all this nicely, actually creating enough sexual heat to quickly and easily unclog any viewer's pipes.

In the All Worlds universe there operates the mythical All Worlds Plumbing Co. At this point, many locals have learned that their hunky plumbers when called will go to all lengths at pleasing the customer, even it it does not relate to repairing house fixtures.

The first episode shows delectable Hispanic Antonio Madiera trudging off to Kevin Brown's house, where hung stud waits poolside for his visitor. Their poolside hook-up is arguably the hottest scene of the film. Madiera looks just as dreamy as he did in his first movies. (A Young Man's World)

Antonio Madiera and Kevin BrownWatch Now

Antonio Madiera above Kevin Brown

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Brown is one of All Worlds Video's hottest discoveries in recent memory (Sex with Strangers), enjoying a strong handsome face complimented by a fully packed six foot tall body.

Brown drills Madiera in long, full thrusts next to the pool. The reaction shots of Madiera's face while bottoming are worth the price of admission alone. Madiera often takes his hand and stuffs Brown's cock back inside, and he rides him aggressively.

Madiera shoots a splattery money shot with Brown still pumping inside him. Brown concludes their scene with his own nice money shot.

The next episode introduces the shrewd Sergio Anthony, who lets his fingers do the walking and gets the All Worlds plumbers over to his place.

Flushing Sergio Anthony down the drain

Plumbers Doug Jeffries and Jason Tiya arrive for some unspecified bathroom repair. Fortunately Jeffires has brought along his snake in his plumbing arsenal, which is exactly the tool Anthony seeks. Immediately realizing Anthony's scheme for sex, Jeffries gets him to suck his dick and eat his ass.

Anthony typically plays the role of crafty, quiet little latino boy (Pool Boy), and here he pretty much does everything Jeffries tells him.

The three enjoy a sexual episode in the bathroom, highlighted with bottomboy Anthony face down in the toilet getting screwed in his sweet ass by the plumbers. In another nice switch, everyone gets fucked, with Tiya topping Jeffries, followed by the two flip-flopping showing off both models' hot versatility.

Tiya electrifies the screen with his beautiful body and fabulous dick. He's an asset in any movie.

After this, plumber Nick Capra arrives to fix the dishwasher of Troy Moore, an attractive blond who has not appeared in many films for some reason. Moore makes a great match to Capra's dominating role as aggressive top.

Opening the dishwasher, Capra see that Moore has not yet unloaded his dildo collection from the top-level tray. Seeing this, Capra reacts by getting behind the blond and showing his cock inside, all the while speaking his signature raunchy rap.

The faster he fucks, the noisier he gets.

He plows Moore first face down in the kitchen sink, which happens to have standing water for convenient face-dunking. This is followed by screwing him legs up on the countertop Both guys finish by shooting another of the film's round of nice money shots.

Mason Wyler's first movie

Down the Drain ends with, of all things, plumber Mason Wyler finding himself in a basement dungeon staffed by jockstrap wearing Kyle Lewis and sling bound Park Wiley (Going Under). Both Lewis and Wyler strut their top man skills, screwing their buddy in the sling.

Wyler is an exciting new face, whose sinewy, fair looks contrast nicely to his sexual voracity. After filming this, Falcon scooped him for their cowboy flick Riding Hard, and Hot House cast him in their relentless double feature Black n' Blue, making him a real up and cummer.

Lewis however wins the cumshot award, hosing down the bottom's chest with lots of spooge.

The DVD also includes a cute fifteen-minute behind the scenes feature called Down the Drainage, which features face chats with Tiya, Moore, Jeffries and Anthony.

The film contains many hot moments, notably the must-see coupling of Antonio Madiera and Kevin Brown.

Congratulations to director Rod Barry, who obviously put thought and energy into his first film feature. Rather than something strictly paint by numbers, Down the Drain carries lots of his fingerprints.

Down the Drain Photos:

Antonio Madiera and Kevin BrownWatch Now
Antonio Madiera sucks Kevin Brown
Troy Moore and Nick CapraWatch Now
Troy Moore and Nick Capra
Sergio Anthony, Jason Tiya, Doug JeffriesWatch Now
Sergio Anthony, Jason Tiya, Doug Jeffries

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