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Double Dick the Studs

Keith Griffith
Cruising for Sex Videos  
, Brent , Burton Grey , Cam Casey , Dani , Jared Marshall , Jason Sparks , Kevin Slater , Lars Svenson , Tommy Deluca
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Double Dick the Studs

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Another hot sex party for the cameras.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Cruising For Sex' director Keith Griffith has returned with a follow up riff on his hot 2008 CFS release, Double Dick The Twinks. Griffith once again sets us up with a duo of depraved dick cravers who have posted online for hot tops to come and play with them, but this time around the central twinks are replaced with some slightly more mature bottoms in the form of hot guys Jared Marshall (Sperm Bank), and Jason Sparks (last seen in Griffith's All About The Hole). [Blog: Jason Sparks Pulls Off Hookup Sex Party]

And as the opening titles inform us, this time the supporting cast are on board to Double Dick The Studs.

Appropriately featured in the opening scene, and returning from "prequel" Twinks is the hot skinny sometime Treasure Island Media model, Kevin Slater, who responds to the duo's ad, strips off at their open house apartment and walks in on them just as Sparks has secured Marshall with some wrist restraints. Kinky...

But what really catches the eye is Slater's impressively large erection, huge, curved and meaty; it's speedily devoured by the kneeling duo as Slater barks out commands to his piggy twosome.

As Sparks plays with himself and watches on, Slater rims, probes and prods at Marshall's restrained, naked, helpless body, until finally poking in his huge mound of flesh, completely raw. And he doesn't give Marshall any time to get used to his girth and length, instead pounding it violently inside him in noisy sloppy aggressive shag that will get your cock up in no time, as he slaps and fingers at poor Marshall's mouth, his other opening already compromised.

Double Dick the Studs Four WayWatch Now
Jason Sparks sucks Arpad Miklos, Jared Marshall sucks Tommy Deluca
Slater moves on to Sparks' ass as a hot young goateed floppy haired cutie named Brent enters the apartment and starts feeding his cock to Marshall. Turns out he likes raw hole too, and after his nice wet suck job he gets his turn in both bottoms as well.

Last seen slinging it in All About The Hole, buzz cut tattooed Cam Casey completes the quintet, letting Marshall feed on his prick as Sparks reminds us of the title of the movie, slutting down on Slater's huge bare manhood, and letting Brent stuff him from behind in the first double dicking of the feature.

With Casey now on the scene the mood quickly degenerates into a hot mess of a bareback orgy. Casey bends for Slater, and as he's getting pounded tries (successfully) to find Marshall's hole for his own meat. Some of the choreography is just stunning during this sequence which culminates in sandwich fucking, multiple drippy cocks, and sticky-with-spunk well fucked asses. Some truly hot stuff.

If you haven't contended yourself with one or two (or more) shot loads that are bound to issue forth from the first part of this feature, scene two finds Sparks and Marshall (now unbound) kissing together as they await their next guests.

They arrive in the form of the well hung bearish top Arpad Miklos (recently seen Pounding The Pavement for Michael Lucas) and skinny youthful Tommy Deluca (Camp Out) and are soon ramming their huge cocks down our heroes' throats.

Fans and fetishists of the uncut member should be particularly excited when Miklos stretches out his foreskin and makes Marshall dart his tongue inside, around and around the head in an extra hot and nasty cock loving moment.

Deluca spends a lot of time rimming, an activity he clearly finds highly stimulating, and by the time Miklos rolls on a rubber and slips it up Sparks all the guys are at full steam and giving much head.

At one point Deluca offers up his ass for well fucked bottom Sparks to ride, and he becomes the center of attention, as the guys gather round and let loose their torrents of spew all over him in a slippery wet climactic mess. Hot stuff.

Kevin Slater EjaculatesWatch Now
Kevin Slater ejaculates

The Jason Sparks and Jared Marshall Pile On

And in the finale we return to a fresh quintet, as Marshall and Sparks are now joined by the uber-handsome blonde stud Lars Svenson (Raw from SX Video) who lets the boys simultaneously suck his uncut cock and rim him (must be nice). Then Marshall settles back on the couch, spreads his legs apart and invites Svenson's cock in his raw hole. Cum-in-ass lovers take note as you can see the spooge on Svenson's engorged prick as he continues his anal assault on Marshall.

As Svenson moves onto Sparks, the final two guests arrive – newcomers Burton Grey, and the singularly named Dani (impossible to tell which is which from the production notes, but this reviewer is guessing Dani is the younger smoother one while Grey is stubbly and thick haired – no matter - both are equally hot with nice appendages and they get to work on the bottoms straight away).

Everyone here enjoys condomless sex, so we return to the debauched carefree sex of the opening sequence, cocks finding openings wherever, more sandwich fucking (newcomer Dani taking the top role with Sparks in the middle and Marshall underneath at one point), and, for the sweet payoff of the movie, Marshall squatting down on young Dani, only to be double fucked by Svenson.

A cascade of cum follows, as hard cock after hard cock reach saturation point and ejactulate to camera fade... Only a groany line at the end of the movie threatens to diminish the power of the scene, but it is issued from such a cute boyish face that this reviewer overlooks it...

So in summary, Griffith has crafted another fine movie in Double Dick The Studs. It actually feels less like the sometimes amateurish gangbang of some previous CFS releases and more of a polished studio feature, but at the same time retaining the impulsive at times hand-held quality of its forerunners.

The models involved have been very well selected and work together with some fiery chemistry and hot-as-hell buggery. Personally I found the opening fivesome to be the hottest of the lot, but that in no way diminishes the rest of the movie, which continues along the same path.

Double Dick The Studs is another superb release from Cruising For Sex, and only begs the question, are they going for a triple dicking in the third installment?

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Double Dick the Studs Photos:

Kevin Slater in Double Dick the StudsWatch Now
Kevin Slater drills
Jason Sparks and Jared MarshallWatch Now
Jason Sparks and Jared Marshall
Double Dick the Studs OrgyWatch Now
The party's final pile-on

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