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Double Delights (Director's Cut)

Phillip St. John
Pacific Sun Entertainment  
Abram Rodriguez , Anthony Holloway , Bobby Brennan , Christian Luke , Eric York , Gura , Jack Green , Kid Cock , Logan Reed , Luis Sanchez , Michael Brandon , Robert Harvey , Scott Hand , Scott Mann , Steve Pierce , Tim Tyler
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Double Delights (Director's Cut)

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Kids, Don't Try This at Home

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

What a bunch of dick pigs! The guys in Double Delights are not satisfied with one big cock up their chute, but clamor for two. Double penetration, or DP is old news in the world of hetero porn. And while a brave soul will occasionally get double-dicked in gay porn, you'd be hard-pressed to find a flick that exclusively features this unique brand of ass cramming.

The flick opens with brunette twink Abram Rodriguez hard at work pleasuring Anthony Holloway from A Dream Come True's. (Fans should note that Rodriguez earned his sleazey boy stripes by appearing a few years later as bareback bottom sex pig in Storm Surge.

Holloway's cock is nothing to sneeze at; its sheer length provides ample warm-up for Abram. Off in a corner stroking his own sizeable meat is Kid Cock, a helmet-haired, odd-looking gent with a surprisingly hot bod.

Anthony Halloway and Abram RodriguezWatch Now
Anthony Halloway annoints
Abram Rodriguez
Kid and Holloway dominate Abram, feeding him from both sides, the camera often filming from Abram's perspective, big fleshy dicks almost smacking against the camera lens. Abram strips down and gets a half-hearted rimjob from Holloway - after all, a spit-slick hole is easier to penetrate. It becomes obvious to everyone but a slightly dopey Abram what's coming - an intense anal workout! As Kid Cock stuffs his thickness to the hilt and starts fucking solo, Holloway patiently waits his turn. And just how does Abram manage two cocks at once? Suffice it to say that he's an anal pro, much to the delight of the tops fucking him simultaneously. Everyone gets off with spectacular cumshots.

Michael Brandon Plays Sex Club Ringleader

The next sequence is almost too much to handle - especially for those among us who crave size. Michael Brandon is the ringleader in a dimly-lit leather-flavored sex club. Brandon's slave, Scott Mann, is led around the club on a leash, servicing cock at Brandon's command. A cast of minor characters come and go, fingering ass, taking loads, masturbating at what they see - but the star of the scene is Michael Monster Brandon.

After the room clears, the serious fucking can begin. Now, I haven't seen many men able to deep throat Brandon's considerable length, but square-jawed Steve Pierce does manage to get a little over half of it into his mouth, slurping with wide-eyed amazement while Brandon nonchalantly smokes a stogie. And if you think a lit cigar can't be a sex toy, check out how Brandon uses what he's puffin' to add a little smoke and spark to the scene. A hooded stranger joins the action, and while Pierce is busy working over this strange new cock, Brandon eases an incredibly large chocolate-colored dildo into Pierce's backside. Tag-team fucking leads to the inevitable DP. My hat goes off to Pierce - anyone who can manage to take Michael Brandon anally in addition to a second stud is a special breed of bottom.

Leaving the stark blacks and greys of the sex club, director St. John shocks our senses, throwing us into a carnival colored room with Logan Reed, Latin topman Gura from Taggers and blond bottom twink Tim Tyler. These three models are matched expertly, each bringing a unique quality to the sex. The scene explodes with color, everything from the shockingly red popsicle Reed uses to open up Tyler's ass, to the fleshy browns and pinks of Gura's beautiful Latin hose. Even the condoms are brightly-hued as Reed, then Gura take turns banging away solo at Tyler's backside. When Tyler takes both of them on at the same time, he doesn't last long, blowing his spunk just moments after Logan slides his prick in alongside Gura's. You'll never look at a popsicle quite the same way again.

Greasy fingers lead to a double penetration assult led by Michael Brandon. And does anyone dare to take on three men anally? Looking like an 80s Playgirl model, long-haired Robert Harvey does a slow strip tease for the three major players in Double Delights - Michael Brandon, Kid Cock and Gura. That's an incredible amount of cock to worship; thank god Brandon drops to his knees to assist Harvey with the oral servicing.

My pulse started to race when the tops flipped Harvey on his belly and the camera zoomed in for an incredible close-up of Harvey's very pink, very tender puckerhole. The tops dutifully admire Harvey's entryway with several greasy fingers. You can almost see Harvey go to his quiet zen place, mentally preparing for the forthcoming anal assault. Does he take on all three men in the finale of the first gay all-DP flick? You'll have to pick this one up to see just how far director Phil St. John pushes his bottom boy.

Seeming more like an episode of Fear Factor than a porno, Double Delights delivers what it promises - just short of needing a "don't try this at home" warning label on the box cover. Michael Brandon and Gura steal the show, showing us exactly how a masterful topman is supposed to behave. But my highest praise is reserved for this film's bottom boys. It's not every bottom that can take on more than one big-dicked stud and make it look effortless.

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Double Delights (Director's Cut) Photos:

Michael Brandon in Double DelightsWatch Now
Michael Brandon partakes in a double delight
Tim Tyler and GuraWatch Now
Tim Tyler looks up at Gura
Logan Reed, Tim Tyler and GuraWatch Now
Logan Reed, Tim Tyler and Gura

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