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Double Agent

Csaba Borbely
All Worlds Video  
Austin Rogers , Fabrizio Mangiatti , Gianni Nascimento , Glenn Santoro , Jarda Tiborko , Julien Veneziano , Kevin Cage , Mario McCabe
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Double Agent

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The Mangiatti Twins fuck the Double Agent

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Diamond Pictures' Double Agent showcases Hungarian hunks getting off in and around a Soviet era detention center.

Is this an espionage story? Fans looking for Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy will be disappointed, as the film title does not refer to spy action, but rather to the cover models the Mangiatti twins, two identical Italian stallions who have appeared in a whole slate of movies recently.

The film is really a story more about crooked cops with big dicks.

Fabrizio and Fernando work Gianni Nascimento over for a confession. He refuses and runs off. The twins corner him in a hallway, like a rat in a maze. Things change when he gets on his knees and works over their stiff cocks. Their uncut meat points into his face from opposite directions.

Uniform lovers will enjoy the first of many shots showing beautiful erections arcing out of unzipped, dark slacks. Nascimento eagerly performs good head on both brothers. The three's tension melts when the twins take turns sucking Nascimento's brown cock.

The Mangiatti Twins in Double AgentWatch Now
The Mangiatti twins fuck
Gianni Nascimento

The scene cuts quickly to Nascimento's legs held high with a close up underside view of a Mangiatti cock thrusting in and out (see photo below). As in their previous movies (Twin Devils), the brothers never touch each other, just their partner. The second brother sandwiches Nascimento doggie style, a fantastic view that highlights the bottom's hot ass. These models have never worked so well as a team on film, making this a very impressive opener.

Another important touch from director Borbely, throughout the film the models all have sex wearing their brown knee-high boots.

Mario McCabe Needs a Favor

Elsewhere in the station, where there is not a computer in sight, just typewriters, two more officers decide to resolve conflict with sex. Mario McCabe, one of the hot newer stars from Hungary, approaches veteran performer Kevin Cage for help in erasing a police fine for his friend. Cage announces his delight at performing such a favor, as long as he holds his power over his associate. To erase his fine, Cage fucks McCabe in their office.

McCabe looks cute as a button, and his recent appearance in European movies is understandible. (We suggest Hostile from Olympus as well as Cruising Budapest 2, in which McCabe is interviewed on-screen by Michael Lucas.

Cage lathers the brunet's butt with his tongue before sticking in his cock. Their sex starts with McCabe sitting atop Cage on a couch, legs spread apart showing off his magnificent inner thighs. McCabe, who always cums twice in his filmed scenes, plays in fine form here. McCabe hoses himself down with his own cum, shooting up across his stomach and chest.

Afterwards Cage turns him ninety degrees to fuck him side saddle, hammering another load out of the bottom.

Later that day, a bomb threat in the station causes confusion during an orientation meeting. The officers scatter looking for the ticking device, but Jiri Honza and Jarda Tiborko instead decide to shirk all danger and instead get naked with a long dildo.

Julien Veneziano Discovers a Rat

Officer Julien Veneziano enters the room announcing that the telehpone call was a hoax. He then proceeds to instill discipline by topping both care-free officers. Veneziano, a terrible name choice as it sounds very close to Hungarian power-top Julien Vincenzo, sticks his cock into Honza, always a willing bottom boy (Honza performs regularly for High Octane as Joseph Lewis - Hard Wood).

He follows by screwing bubble butt Tiborko, while his friends watches from across the room on the couch. Both bottoms rain their loads onto Veneziano's smooth chest.

The station's commanding officer, Glenn Santoro, ultimately fingers a mole in their midst, Austin Rogers. Accusing him as the guy behind the bomb scare, all just a high-larious joke executed by the neighboring police station, Rogers gets on his knees to give him head.

Half-dressed oral sex ensues. Both guys have very nice cocks. Rogers takes a spin on Santoro' butt. Rogers has one of the nicest cock in the cast, and he uses it well topping Santoro in several positions. At one point, Santoro watches himself get fucked looking into a mirror hanging on the wall.

Rogers let's loose the hottest money shot of the film, dousing his hairy chest and stomach in thick, white cum.

The movie closes with Santoro telling the Mangiatti twins that the time has come to exact revenge on the neighboring police station. Such is sweet justice in the former Eastern bloc.

Double Agent showcases some of Hungary white hot properties, in particular the great performance from the Mangiatti twins, as well as Austin Rogers' top man skills. As soon as these agents finish playing jokes on each other, perhaps these musclemen will embark of a new treatment of The Ipcress File.

Double Agent Photos:

Lucio Maverick and Kevin CageWatch Now
Lucio Maverick and Kevin Cage
Double Agent snapshotWatch Now
Kevin Cage, Randy Jones, Lucio Maverick
The Mangiatti Twins fuck Gianni NascimentoWatch Now
The Mangiatti Twins work over Gianni Nascimento

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