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Double Czech: Director's Cut

William Higgins
All Worlds Video  
Jirka Bartok , Jirka Kalvoda , Jordi Cosimo , Karel Bartok , Libor Taborsky , Martin Pravda , Pavel Korsakov , Zdenek Vesper
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Double Czech: Director's Cut

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So sinfully hot, watch it and you may go straight to Hell.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

American expatriate William Higgings filmed this beautiful movie back in 2000, when he was still using the nome de plume Wim Hof. The movies he produced were are of the first waves of the Czech Porn Invasion which significantly transformed gay porn from an almost exclusively American phenomenon to the international business that it is today.

In these movies, the guys are strong, masculine men who move at a carefully orchestrated, passionate pace. Watching Double Czech in its entirety is like taking a vacation. The remote, lush woods of Eastern Europe, the classical music score and the stunning, foreign men all leave the viewer feeling re energized as if from exotic travel.

Higgins hits the jackpot in casting a pair of dreamy, similar looking guys for this project: Jirka and Karel Bartok. Are they real brothers? They hike naked together. They masturbate together. And they get fucked together.

Bartok brothers snapshotWatch Now

The Bartok Brothers

Friskynews: Double Czech Blog
The rest of the cast is a collection of bombshells who Higgins subsequently cast in his other contemporary films, many of which you no longer see today. These DVDs are often on sale, and worth every penny.

Glossy brunet Pavel Korsakov reappears from The Czech Is in the Male, this time hiking with blond beauty Jirka Kalvoda. (Do not miss this same pair tearing up the town in the 1998 Prague Buddies.)

They catch the Bartok brothers spying on their oral frolic, so they capture them and tie them to a tree. Standing tied like St. Sebastian (but without the arrows) Korsakov informs them that he's leaving them there so they can be eaten by bears. The bears do not come around, but instead they are untied so that Korsakov and his buddy can jack off hot loads onto their chests.

Following this comes the finely choreographed moment showing Korsakov and Kalvoda fucking the asses of the brothers, who at one moment touch each other by holding hands during the experience. The scene is classic Higgins at his very best.

The Bartok brothers watch Martin Pravda

After this, the brothers move on to a new area of the woods, where three friendly young men wearing Scouts-style uniforms are relaxing around a campfire playing their guitars. (Actually these uniforms are probably military attire from the Czech Republic) First, the five guys all introduce each other, and soon they have unveiled a new assortment of instruments to play. Sexy brunet Martin Pravda, buddy Libor Taborsky and a friend all show to the Bartok brothers how well they use their dicks.

These guys end up fucking the brothers while wearing those fashionable red kravattes from Higgins' entertaining Andel's Story 2: The Running of the Bulls. In a high moment, the brothers are stacked atop each other like firewood as Pravda switches off fucking both of their asses. The scene moves through several rounds of great cumshots, the brothers turning into the ultimate cum rag.

Following this is another top notch scene, this time moving indoors where the indefatigable Korsakov returns to plow the amazing butt of a snoozing friend. (Zdenek Vesper?) Stellar ass shots melt into images of legs high in the air as Korsakov plunges down from above. The large bed with the full size mirror positioned directly above may be a hat tip to George Duroy's unforgettable opening shot with An American in Prague.

The brothers get naked

Korsakov fucks him in two exciting rounds that leaves the bottom doused in hot seed.

The movie finishes with the brothers reuniting for a long, sensuous scene of brothers going about as far as possible under the law. They suck each other's feet. Then, lo and behold, they start fucking like rabbits. Apparently they are not real life brothers after all. But they sure look the part, taking the movie to a spectacular end.

Higgins' full mastery of his craft works so well, the audience guesses until the very end.

Those who purchase the DVD will enjoy an audio commentary by the director, as well as a stunning photo gallery. Take advantage of the beautiful visual intensity and watch Double Czech on DVD.

Double Czech: Director's Cut Photos:

The Bartok brothers in Double CzechWatch Now
The Bartok brothers meet the camping soldiers
The Bartok brothers suck in Double CzechWatch Now
The Bartok brothers sucks Jirka Kalvoda and Pavel Korsakov
Jirka Kalvoda and Pavel KorsakovWatch Now
The Bartok brothers suck Jirka Kalvoda and Pavel Korsakov
Pavel Korsakov fucks in Double CzechWatch Now
Pavel Korsakov nails a boyish bottom
Pavel Korsakov topsWatch Now
Pavel Korsakov nails a boyish bottom

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