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Doggie Style

Andrew Rosen
Jet Set Men  
Anthony Martinez , Brett Matthews , Christian Owen , Derek Cruz , Ricky , Shane Collins , Taylor Eastwood , Travis Carlson
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Doggie Style

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Shane Collins dumps his boyfriend. Are all men dogs?

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Early on in Jet Set's Doggie Style, box cover model Shane Collins confronts his boyfriend Derek Cruz (Going Under) about his sexual infidelity. Cruz denies everything at first. Then Collins presents photos of the ID Lube bottle, and via a series of photographs, he shows how fast the level sank in the course of just last week. Collins pronounces that Cruz has run a "sex hotel" behind his back, and declares their relationship over.

Standing up, defiant, the hispanic declares, "This is the 21st century, Shane. And you're a monogamous dinosaur."

"Oh yeah? And you're an alcoholic slut!"

Up turns Cruz's middle finger, and he exits stage left. This is some great action, and we haven't even gotten to the sex yet!

Travis Carlson and Shane CollinsWatch Now
Travis Carlson and Shane Collins
Doggie Style tells the story of Collins, and his search for the kind of lover he can be satisfied with. At the beginning, he finds a sick, sweet faced dog, and nurses him back to health. The film's interesting question becomes whether the role of a true, dedicated companion will fall on the paws of Man's Best Friend, because the men he meets all seem to present difficulties.

We see that some of his suitors seem inappropriate because they have their own issues. But looking closer we see that others do not fit because of Collins' own issues.

Nice writing.

The film begins on probably the worst day of Collins' life. He wakes up too early, and jets to an important business meeting which has required weeks of preparation. What is his boyfriend doing at home as soon as he leaves? He showers and scrubs himself in anticipation for hook-up Anthony Martinez to arrive.

Martinez is buff, muscular and hot, an interesting contrast to the young looking, baby faced Cruz. Cruz makes two full martinis. They gulp and let the festivities begin.

Cruz plows Martinez legs up in their bed. Both hispanics have beautiful pecs and curvaceous bodies. Martinez rides his friend on top, followed by some butt pumping standing up doggie style. Martinez cums while getting plowed, followed with Cruz's own multi-spurt money shot.

Shane Collins arrives home to find his boyfriend in bed with another guy. Elsewhere, Collins gets distracted from his work by discovering a stray dog on the street, who he takes to the animal hospital. His kindness saves the dog's life, but the resulting tardiness at work gets him abruptly fired.

He arrives home to find boyfriend Cruz in bed with Martinez, who seem to be enjoying that brief post-orgasm glow.

Now living the single life, Collins takes his four legged friend for a walk in the dog park. He meets Brett Matthews who is walking his own dog. Their dogs seem to hit it off nicely, so the guys exchange phone numbers. Collins goes to Matthews' house, a fantastic looking home filled with colorful, fascinating art and ceramics. (Might this be the director's own house perhaps?)

They enjoy some intimate conversation and a tender kiss. Collins stops because he is still hurt, and doesn't want a fling or a rebound. Matthews understands, also revealing that he likes Collins lots, and "I promise you one thing. I'll never lie to you."

The next day at the dog park, Collins finds Matthews' pet tied to a tree by himself. He ventures off the trail to investigate. Lo and behold, on the other side of some trees he spies Matthews with his lips wrapped around the big cock of strapping blond Christian Owen. This public display of friskyness draws two more guys, Taylor Eastwood and the mono named Ricky up, and they drop their pants, to jack off while watching this show.

Owen and Matthews trade blowjobs. Owen then proceeds to bang the daylights out of Matthews, who grips onto the park bench with his hands.

True to much sex in public, the interactions are wordless. Eastwood and Ricky stare glued to the fucking before them, ultimately shooting their wads, pulling up their pants and silently exiting. Matthews loves being the star, riding and bouncing on Owen's pole. They ultimately sit shoulder to shoulder on the bench and jack out big orgasms.

Afterwards, Matthews runs after Collins, who says he's disappointed that his thoughts for this guy were &just a waste of time." Matthews explains that despite the fact that he has sex with other guys, that doesn't change how he feels about Collins.

Derek Cruz tops Anthony MartinezWatch Now
Derek Cruz tops
Anthony Martinez
Brett Matthews below Christian OwenWatch Now
Brett Matthews below
Christian Owen
This brings up an interesting issue facing guys today in their relationships. Is there a difference between romantic love and casual sex? Where do you set your expectations, and do people set them unrealistically high?

Collins seems to think that a monogomous, completely committeed boyfriend is all he can accept. He turns around and leaves Matthews.

Travis Carlson Pops the Question

I saw the way he was looking at you. He was fucking you with his eyes. Later, while taking his dog to the vet for a follow-up visit, the doctor (Travis Carlson), obviously attracted to Collins, asks him to go to the opera. Maybe Carlson is going to be Mr. Right. He is a doctor, who lives in a stunning, expensive house. And he seems serious.

Their date goes well. In fact, at home, Carlson pulls a box out of his suit pocket, and presents him with a "Will You Date Me Ring"

"It's just when I give myself to somebody, it's with my whole heart," responds the doctor.

Pulling off their dress clothes, they pull out their big erections and kiss. Moving to a back patio area that looks like something highlighted in Architectural Digest, they commence foreplay in a jacuzzi. Collins then stuffs his big dick up Carlson's ass, who as also seen in Doggie Style, is a very good bottom.

Awash in light from lit tea candles glancing from the sleek marbled floors and walls, Carlson raises his ass high to meet the top's downward thrusts. They shoot satisfying money shots, and close seemingly in love.

Three Months Later --- What can happen in three brief months? They both arrive home, and Carlson immediately snaps at Rollins to take his shoes off at the front door. They pick a fight which indicates that Carlson is incensed about a certain guy who talked to Rollins. It turns out that Carlson, being the rich, smart doctor, has control issues. "I saw the way he was looking at you. He was fucking you with his eyes."

He flies off the handle in jealousy to an completely frustrated Rollins. Rollins returns the ring and says it's over. Carlson looks like he was stung by a wasp. So much for Doctor Carlson.

Cuddling in bed with his dog, Rollins contemplates his life. Later, a walk in the dog park presents him with the sight of all the dogs playing, having a good time with each other. The dogs were being playful dogs, but when he called him, he came right back.

Shane Collins meets Brett Matthews

The movie finishes with Rollins finding his way back to the colorful home of Brett Matthews. Rollins now feels like it doesn't matter what his dog does with other dogs, its what he does with him. A wise rationale that leads to the film's final sex scene.

Rollins and Matthews undress and kiss. Rollins blows him with his Tommy Hilfiger underwear pulled down around his balls. Standing up, Rollins wags his big cock around, ultimately throwing a satisfying fuck to Matthews.

Hot sex finishing with explosive cumshots ends this movie, and possibly starts their relationship, on a very satisfying note.

Doggie Style addresses many issues that gay men constantly deal with in their relationships, including the meanings of romantic love versus casual sex, commitment, possessiveness and jealousy. The name of the film itself makes an excellent point. Are all men dogs? Maybe that is not always a bad thing.

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Doggie Style Photos:

Derek Cruz tops Anthony MartinezWatch Now
Derek Cruz tops Anthony Martinez
Shane Collins tops Travis CarlsonWatch Now
Shane Collins tops Travis Carlson
Christian Owen and Brett MatthewsWatch Now
Christian Owen peers at Brett Matthews

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