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Dillon the One

Jalin Fuentes
Pittbull Productions  
C.J. , Dillon , Draygen , Fantasi Foreal , Joshua , Romello , Tre Xavier
BlackHorsehungThug LooksTattoos

Dillon the One

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Who's Your Daddy? Dillon the One.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

"Who's your fuckin' daddy? Did you think I'd just be baby-sittin' here?"

So asks the tough talking, ever hard Dillon, a top who seemingly fucks half of Upper Manhattan in the five episode glamour tape, Dillon the One. Armed with a tight body and big dick, Dillon is an excellent choice for Pittbull's favorite concept, which is to build movies around their power tops (as in the Love of the Dick series).

Dillon has four one on ones, plus director Jalin Fuentes has thrown in a nice extra scene with black stallion Romello and his buddy Fantasi Foreal.

According to the press notes, Dillon originally made a big splash in the New York/Rican magazine movie scene in the 1990s. Pittbull has scored in bringing him into their rowdy doghouse.

In the first episode, Dillon gets it on with his new roommate CJ. CJ, who topped in The Show, gets to take it up the ass here. He's plowed in an around the world series of positions by Dillon. This scene, and other parts of the movie could have been tightened up a bit by editing out several minutes. We aren't sure why the producers didn't avail themselves to this.

Sumptuous Bottom Joshua

The second episode is stellar, not only because of Dillon, but also because he gets to screw the cutest guy in the entire movie, a sumptuous bottomboy named Joshua. (Supreme gets ahold of him in Love of the Dick, Vol. 4)

Joshua's hot ass cheeks fill up both of Dillon's hands as he squeezes them together whilst plowing. It difficult to say whether this, or watching Joshua take it on his back with his feet in the air is the most arousing.

Dillon, who seems to like cumming on the bottoms' faces, happily does so here.

Next, we take a Dillon break, instead showing the sexual hijinks of the powerful stud Romello and his visiting trick Fantasi Foreal. Foreal wastes little time deep throating Romello's big, thick fuckstick. He plows Foreal in several positions on the bed, whose ass seems to be completely maxxed out to the limit with this titanic cock.

By now, Dillon wants a body massage. He lets his fingers do the walking, and dials up Pittbull regular Tre Xavier, who shows up with his special massage bench and some oils. Before long, Dillon has Xavier on his back, pounding him on his own bench.

Xavier has a hot bootie, which Dillon is happy to fuck.

Draygen Gets Fucked

The movie ends on a very high note. Draygen, a cute younger guy who first gave up his ass in an adventure with Enrico Vega, comes around for a place to crash for the night. His adventure with Dillon is just a wild. Dillon plows him all over his bedroom.

He has a nice ass. Draygen gets fucked in all kinds of positions. He is a great passive compliment to Dillon's active, tough talking, take control role. Ultimately, Dillon cums while screwing Draygen on his stomach, pulling out and shooting cum all over the visitor's ass.

Oh such the sensual romantic, Dillon exits to wash himself off in the shower, leaving Draygen alone in bed by himself to bust his nut. Pobrecieto.

Dillon the One makes a nice venue for reintroducing its star back to the world. Like its star, its a little rough in places. But no one said all porn to be neat and tidy.

Dillon the One Photos:

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Dillon tops Joshua
Dillon and JoshuaWatch Now
Dillon above Joshua
Fantasi Foreal bottomsWatch Now
Romello behind Fantasi Foreal

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