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Devil Is A Bottom

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Devil Is A Bottom

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Jeremy Tucker and friends make a faustian pact with Blake Harper

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Jeremy Tucker Strikes a Faustian Bargain

Devil Is A Bottom, a clever take on the Faust legend, is a delightful little gem. Three friends, Hans Ebson (Hollywood Marine), Scott Lyons and Jeremy Tucker, make a pact with the devil. It begins,
Have you ever wanted anything so bad you would do anything to get it?

These three would. With the leadership of Tucker, they summon the Prince of Darkness (Blake Harper) by reciting the Lord's Prayer in a mirror. In a flash, the Prince appears looking suave and diabolical. He grants their individual wishes and disappears. (See related blog)

Devil Is a Bottom cast Watch Now
The cast makes a deal with the Devil

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First up we meet blond Scott Lyons from Dream Team, who is a miserable guy with "a little peanut dick." Lyons awakens the next morning to his new whopper. He bounces around his bedroom like a kid just getting a most-sought-after toy. Lyons gazes in wonder as he jacks himself, tries to suck himself, and plays in front of the mirror. He gets himself off after displaying lots of charm and heat.

We next go to the short Germanic Ebson, who is hopelessly in love with his straight roommate Gregg Rockwell. Ebson slips a love potion into Rockwell's protein drink. He can't even finish his shower without attacking Ebson with his mouth and lips. Ebson kneels and goes down on Rockwell, who then responds in kind. Soon Ebson is really getting what he has been craving, feeling his straight roommate pushing deep-inside his ass. They go at it with Ebson bottoming until they both climax and relax gazing into each other's eyes.

Jeremy Tucker asked for great wealth, and he's received it. He picks up a hustler on the road and explains that he "just made a killing on the Internet." Tucker now wears a large gold chain with a giant dollar sign amulet. He takes the hustler (Gabe Rivers) back to his ornate Hollywood Hills crib, where after doing some coke, they go at it.

Tucker tops Rivers and pulls out a roll of cash to pay. Tucker, who expects something more, only gets a cool response from Rivers saying, "Thanks, but this is just a job."

Blake Harper collects his debt

In the final scene, the Devil (Harper) arrives to collect his debt - the trio's immortal souls. Going through the nexus to the other side, they are on a giant bed where Harper informs them, "The Devil is a bottom."

The three service Satan, and soon they trade around positions on each other. A very hot four way ensues, where all three do get to fuck the Devil. While the flames of eternity blaze around them, each of the friends take turns on the Devil, and on each other. Harper, a powerbottom, takes all of them no problem.

After they all get off, a Christ figure appears (Mickey Skee) in a flowing robe and a crown of thorns, offering the boys salvation if they give up with the devil has granted them. Two take him up on his offer, but one of them maintains that, in the end, the devil is more fun.

The cast shines throughout. It also is one of the best movies done by now-retired Jeremy Tucker. Devil Is A Bottom is a witty, clever very hot film.

Not only Devil Is A Bottom, but also the Wash West movies Technical Ecstasy and The Hole are on FriskyFans' Top 10 Science Fiction Gay Porn Movies list.

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Hans Ebson and Gregg Rockwell Watch Now
Hans Ebson sucks Gregg Rockwell
Scott Lyons Watch Now
Scott Lyons loses his peanut dick
Gregg Rockwell fucks Hans Ebson Watch Now
Gregg Rockwell tops Hans Ebson
Scott Lyons in Hades Watch Now
Sucking Scott Lyons in Hades

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