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Maxwell Barber
Bulldog XXX  
Adam Tremadoc , Alberto , Darren Robbins , Jack Sterling , James Buck , Leon Steel , Mike Power , Natasha Porsche , Phil , Richard , Rick Hunter , Zander Ward
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Pretty depraved, if you ask me.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The DVD cover of Deviants! from the European Bulldog XXX range screams out "DEBAUCHED! DEPRAVED! DEGRADED!", setting the standard pretty damn high for some cock twitching fun. All the action takes place in a porn production office with a difference (the difference is swiftly apparent in scene one). So, does Deviants! measure up to its claim?

Bitch Ditch

The humorously titled "Bitch Ditch" is one of the most unconventional beginnings ever shot in gay porn. The "bitches" in question, about to get dick ditched, are none other than two female topless lesbians, Natasha and Porshe, whom we join mid-photo shoot with handsome bearded Alberto directing and shooting them.

Bulldog XXX Deviants
Bulldog XXX's Deviants
Also in the mix are tatted muscle shirt assistant Phil, who Alberto makes playful ass grabs at, and younger, boyish make-up artist Richard, all blissfully disinterested in the lipstick lesbian action taking place for the cameras. With his stylish leather jacket, shades and skinhead, Brit guy Jack Sterling (Scum! A Story Of British Sex Pigs) enters as one of the models girlfriends, but an argument and a slap in the face later and its all boys together.

Sterling accosts Richard in the men's loo, and the pair are passionately snogging by the time Alberto and Phil join them.

Some hot 4-way kissing later and Richard is the first to get exposed. He has a huge two hander, thick and uncut, and with 8 hands groping together it isn't long before his prick has company, springing out of some union jack boxers that Sterling wears. It's another nice cock.

Alberto, and finally Phil pull out their plonkers, and Alberto gets on his knees to suck the men (unsurprisingly choosing to start with that extra tasty huge knob of Richards). Phil gets down there too, performing some superior suction on Sterling.

They split into pairs, sucking and rimming ass, then regrouping when Phil's hole gets too greedy for just one guys' tongue. Bent over, Richard and Phil get worked open, from tongues to fingers and thumbs, and finally, from two hard cocks.

Sterling gets Richard's prize ass, while Alberto takes on Phil's hairy manhole.

Ultimately slutboy Richard gets back on his knees and takes all three loads on his mouth and tongue (and anywhere else their spunk splatters and drips), with Alberto finally returning the favor for the make-up guy.

Does getting fucked and spunked on in a toilet count as debauched, depraved or degraded? Hmm…

"Straight Fuck" is next on the menu of decadence, where stud man Mike Power (Hard As Wood), also sporting union jack undies – perhaps he borrowed them from Sterling - is packaging up straight guy porn mags and, well the pictures get him so worked up he decides to take a paid wank break.

He's caught almost white handed by sweeping cutie hunk Darren Robbins and a quick exchange of winks later they're both French kissing, Power playing with Robbins nips, hard-on protruding through said union jack.

The sexual tension gets stronger - Power lapping at Robbins armpit like a dog given water in a desert. Robbins gets on the ground and the couple trade intense sloppy blow jobs.

Fully naked now, the heavily inked Robbins gets on all fours and braces himself, his hot hairless hole wide open for his suitor. Power sidles up behind, spits, rims and diddles that beautiful ass some more (with a few slaps thrown in for good measure) and then we get a sense of just how massive Power is, as he drives his monster meat deep into Robbins, stretching him wide open. It's huge.

And Power takes an aggressively rhythmic ride in that rear, shifting Robbins all over the place to suit his needs, until he's finally ready to spew, which he does in/on Robbins' open mouth and all down his chin with a loud verbal orgasm. With a mouthful of seed, and no self-control left, Robbins creams his abdomen.

Does that count as degradation?

An array of ultra-masculine MEN have already accosted our senses, so it makes a welcome change of pace when we are introduced to the übertwink Rick Hunter (Rudeboiz 2 : Dirty Fuckers) with extra boyish looks and a certain innocent air about him, as he begins his new vacuuming job.

Aroused like Power by the straight porn strewn all over the office block, handsomely cute Hunter gets his long pierced thick curved tasty uncut tackle out (ok so this viewer found Hunter's cock exceptional), enjoying the ladies in print.

But here comes cropped stubbly Adam Tremadoc (UK Beef Bangers), his hot laddish looks accentuated with a football shirt and jeans, and Phil, carrying boxes through the corridors. Shock horror, they stumble upon Hunter and his exposed stiffie.

Deviants Adam Tremadoc and Rick Hunter
Adam Tremadoc and Phil sandwich Rick Hunter
The older guys tease the office boy into getting out his massively long erection again (did we mention Hunter really is talented in that department?) and some verbal jibes and slapping loosens the atmosphere.

The naked office boy is soon down on his knees in the hottest segment of Deviants!

Phil and Tremadoc are framed either side, and they pull out their huge hung pricks for boyish faced-Hunter to deep throat. In a wise move Barber the director pulls the camera up close so we can see every detail of this twink taking on two fat uncut cocks in that innocent looking mouth.

He gets the first one so deep it is covered in drool when it leaves his throat. The trio trade out loud oral, but at the end of the day, what is the cute twink office boy for but a good hard rogering?

Hunter's sweet smooth ass is spread on a table, spat in, tongued, fingered, slapped, and generally appreciated for what it is (equally as hot as his 10/10 cock). Phil gets up front and feeds Hunter's mouth as hirsute Tremadoc gets the boy wide open and ready for his cock.

Tremadoc rubs his exposed head all over Hunter's opening, while Phil's fat flesh fills his mouth. Tremadoc gets a rubber on and it's straight up that hot hole for a solid steady pounding.

Phil continues stuffing Hunter's mouth, and after trying out some more positions the tops trade places. With Phil's cock sliding in and out of him, Hunter loses his load on the floor, sandwiched spit-fuck style between them.

As every good office boy should, he then gets back on his knees and graciously consumes their cum.

"Packer Pervs" stars Leon Steel (Sweat!) and edible redhead Zander Ward. Since they're going through photographic proofs, the title of the segment can only refer to the fact that they're fudge packers.

Not even pretending they're into the ladies is this scene, Steel drops to his knees to proof-read Ward's uncircumcised erect fella. But Ward wants a second opinion, and he gets it from Steel's willing hairy hole which he buggers like its Armageddon. He takes him from behind and above before shooting the fullest of loads right inside Steel's willing orifice. The tables turn and Ward swallows a huge load himself.

Rick Hunter's Tool Box

The final scene is "Tool Box", and Barber thankfully returns to the hottest of models in this flick – Rick Hunter. He's got his head down in the workshop now, with his industrial sized co-workers, cover star James Buck, and hot guy Darren Robbins who both wear these imposing deep blue overalls, and smile ominously as they observe the lad.

He may be in the workshop, but Hunter remains the eternal lackey "Oi lad! Bring us the sander," demands Buck, who hasn't had his slice of the office boy yet. In a twist on dropping the soap the mechanics intentionally spill some screws on the floor and make Hunter scramble on all fours to pick them up.

Scrabbling on the floor with his office boy butt in the air Hunter doesn't know if he's coming or going, and he's soon taking a mouthful of mechanic Buck.

He's told exactly what to do down to the letter. He takes Buck's thick hard cock and well shaved balls to the hilt, all the way down his willing office boy throat. And Robbins saunters over to add a pinch of salt to the simmering sex stew.

The throat fucking from Buck is so sensually hot it appears slowed down… It isn't – it just looks that way because the chemistry between these guys stops time. Hunter, meanwhile, has globs of jism on his chin, hanging down in little ropes while the back of his throat continues to massage Buck.

Let's stick this one under depraved.

Buck gets a flesh coloured dildo and shoves the fuck out of Hunter's opening. Then it's the 4 finger salute like he's about to fist. Wet and drippy, whole section is a mess of hole and penis.

Buck now has Hunter and Robbins bent over, and three quarters of a hand up each. In the ultimate act of debauchery he shoves a huge dildo up either one, stuffing the bottm's full and forcefully.

This is loud in your face aggressive sex, and its hot as shit. Buck is like a maestro conducting a dirty duet.

At the climax of the scene Hunter cums with his legs up in the air getting fucked by Buck, then swallowing each of his new friend' loads with a face that screams out "feed me".

Pretty depraved if you ask me. So it's pretty fair to say that Bulldog XXX are not putting any false advertising on their box cover for Deviants! Debauched? Depraved? Degraded? Yup.

Extras on the DVD include scene access and a gallery of exclusive stills from the shoot.

Deviants! Photos:

Rick Hunter in Deviants
Rick Hunter
Zander Ward and Leon Steel
Packer Pervs: Zander Ward sucks Leon Steel
Darren Tobbins in Deviants
Darren Robbins drills Rick Hunter and James Buck

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