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Desert Fire

John Travis
Studio 2000  
Alex Leon , Antonio Marquez , Cade Devlin , D.C. Chandler , Dick James , Jim Slade , Roland Dane , Sal Correlli , Tico Martin , Tino Lopez , Trent Atkins
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Desert Fire

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Antonio Marquez Is on Fire

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The beautiful scenery of the desert has recently emerged as a popular locale for filming sex movies. In the hands of a gifted director, the heat of the setting perfectly matches the sexual temperature. Both of these elements ignite together in Desert Fire, a story of a geology professor (Roland Dane) who takes his students to a fulfilling trip to the desert.

During the opening credits, their car breaks down, but they soon stumble across a farm house filled with muscular studs to give the travelers comfort.

Right now, Studio 2000 has a fantastic set of latino models playing in their movies as studio exclusives. These guys are true knock-outs. For example, there is Antonio Marquez (Fire Dance). Everything about Marquez is large - from his perfect pecs to the round globes of his asscheeks. Co-stars Tico Martin and Tino Lopez are also equally powerful latin lovers.

Trent Atkins and Antonio MarquezWatch Now
Trent Atkins tastes
Antonio Marquez
Hungarian Roland Dane isn't Hispanic. But his body is painted with olive Mediterranean looks and a smile that melts the glaciers in the Alps. Beyond this top talent, a quick look at the cast says there isn't a single bad apple in the bunch.

The first sexual scene begins with blonde Trent Atkins discovering a naked Antonio Marquez slowly washing his body in an outdoor tub of water. Rising up out of the tub, he stands tall, smiling at the blonde bottom who stands for a minute taking in what he's seeking. Soon, Atkins takes in all of what he just saw.

This boy can take everything the hunk can dish out. The moment Marquez slides his python into Atkins' hole will make the viewer gasp. Marquez works over the moaning bottom all over the tub. Later he lies flat on a table.

Marquez takes a moment to slurp on Atkins, which motivates the blond to sit directly down on Marquez's mast, pumping himself to orgasm.

In the next scene, the beauty of the desert inspires Alex Leon and jockboy Dick James into their own amorous adventure. Once his engine is started, James emits a continuous, very arousing stream of sextalk as Leon works him over on a table.

Holy Smokes! Watch Roland Dane

Roland Dane plows both of their butts.
In the third episode, Roland Dane walks up onto Sal Corelli and Cade Devlin, who are tasting each other's erections outside the house. They invite Dane inside for a energetic, wild three-way. Dane gets behind Devin, sandwiching him as Corelli stands at the other end getting his cock blown. Dane goes to town, and Corelli talks to them with a great sex-rap, urging them on.

(Corelli also nicely utilizes his arousing sextalk skills in The Backbone, in another great three-way) Dane gets through the scene only after plowing both of their butts, and they all let loose hot wads of jizz at the conclusion.

In the next scene, a romance has ignited between D.C. Chandler and Tico Martin, both tall lanky brunets with hefty hard-ons.

They engage in a nice flip-flop. Each seems to enjoy the other's versatility. Both open up their sphincters taking their partner's telephone pole sized erection to the hilt. They finish on an outdoor table, shooting out gushing money shots.

The last scene muscle-boyfriends Jim Slade and Tino Lopez (Still Untamed uniting in their bedroom. Lopez wins the muscle contest here. His dick is a nice size, unlike many of the other models who are so hung you would expect the tip to emerge from the bottom's mouth when fully inserted.

Lopez is a riveting top, who knows how to work his meat. They gasp and moan, gyrating as the veins bulge out on their foreheads. Slade is rewarded at the end with Lopez's love juice all over his face.

Light on story, but that's just fine. Desert Fire stacks five powerhouse scenes together making this one of Studio 2000's best releases of the year.

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Desert Fire Photos:

D.C. Chandler and Tico MartinWatch Now
D.C. Chandler behind Tico Martin
D.C. Chandler and Tico MartinWatch Now
D.C. Chandler kisses Tico Martin
Sal Corelli, Cade Devlin, Roland DaneWatch Now
Sal Corelli, Cade Devlin, Roland Dane
Jim Slade and Tino LopezWatch Now
Jim Slade sucks Tino Lopez

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