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Descent (Collector's Edition)

Steven Scarborough
Hot House Entertainment   HH007
Aiden Shaw , Blake Harper , Chris Rock , Clay Powell , , , Marcus Iron , Mark Mason , Nick Moore , Rick Allen , Todd Gibbs , Zak Anders
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Descent (Collector's Edition)

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Aiden Shaw descends into his intense sexual journey.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Intensely erotic. Strangely surreal. Descent is probably one of most interesting gay porns ever made. Ingenious, wild photography, intriguing music and a first rate cast combine to made Descent the movie to mark in the new millenium.

It also marked the long awaited return of Aiden Shaw, a Steven Scarborough favorite from his Falcon days, even casting him in Hot House's very first film, On The Mark. The film marks a moody, highly conceptualized, visual voyage into Shaw's mind. [Note: This movie makes FriskyFans' Favorite Science Fiction Gay Porn Movies]

Marcus Iron and Aiden ShawWatch on - Watch VOD
Marcus Iron & Aiden Shaw
What we see is a dreamy wonderland of sexuality which could just as easily be heaven, earth, or hell. Add into this ample amounts of poetry, chants, religious symbolism and Salvador Dali-style computer graphics, and the viewer has one beauty of a film that will blow the mind.

Devoid of a narrative and surreal, describing the movie is tough. The movie opens with Shaw running down the street of an urban jungle. loneliness has overwhelmed him ... trapped between heaven and hell. (Shaw's isolated man character also returns in 2004's Perfect Fit from Hot House)

Shaw leaps into a dumpster that transports him into a eerie limbo. Eventually Shaw settles into a bright, white void where he is tied-up and given a buzz cut by Zak Anders. With him in the void are studly Chris Rock from Sex Invaders and Todd Gibbs. Soon Shaw's fine, thick cock goes to work as Rock gives him a full-throttle blowjob, in beautiful color.

During this, Gibbs, who also makes a well-received return to the screen, and Anders proceed to hammer each other wildly in a flip-flop screwing. This action is in black and white. Not to be outdone, Rock plants his fine ass onto Shaw's cock. The editing jumps between the two couples, and there is an obvious spacy lack of real time reality to everything. Ultimately, everyone unloads all over Shaw.

After a series of chants and narration, the movie goes to the famous coupling between Shaw and Marcus Iron, who are humping in a gigantic bed surrounded by whiteness. Iron appears more turned on here in this scene then in any other movie. They kiss and twist all around, sucking each others erections.

Iron does most of the oral work. His cock-sucking skills are a source of amazement as Shaw piston-pumps the brunet's mouth. When it is time for Shaw to top Iron, the screen melts. Shaw's topping skills are expert. The combination of his icy allure with Iron's manic energy creates an obvious tangible chemistry. Here they both come twice, making this an exhausting experience.

Blake Harper and Jason Branch Three Way

Later, Shaw is in a white room where he studies a clear light bulb which is filling up with yellow liquid. He begins pulling an a seemingly endless rope from the ceiling. Iron watches this on a television in another room.
Aiden Shaw in DescentWatch on - Watch VOD
Aiden Shaw
Jason Branch in DescentWatch on - Watch VOD
Jason Branch
This leads to a fantastic three-way between Iron, Blake Harper and Jason Branch. This is probably the movie's most conventional sex scene --- and it is ball-draining. They create a trinity of oral delight and versatility with topping and bottoming. They form an energetic daisy chain, and fans will delight seeing Branch's lengthy bottoming scenes.

The three sex machines end this sexual pyramiding with splashy orgasms.

Not to lose it's esoteric mood, down come a group of men in monkish robes and hoods, descending a staircase. After additional chanting and graphic imagery, the figures focus into the forms of Clay Powell, Mark Mason, Nick Moore, Damian Ford and Rick Allen. The men are naked on the roof of a building.

Moore sucks and bottoms for Mason. Mason gives a hard-driving ass pounding to Allen. The highlight of the sequence is cute Powell sucking Ford who tops him doggie and missionary style. The scene is edited specifically into short bursts, as opposed to smooth full length scenes.

Descent finishes with Shaw surrounded by the monks, digging his own grave, and lying in it. This is followed my a series of Christ-like images of Shaw. He eventually emits a roaring scream, breaking down the void's white walls, placing now in Paradise.

Here he and Iron frolic in the beautiful surf, and the two lovers exit into the sunset. Out of the hole of intense sexuality, our star emerges with a perfect fit.

Frisky fans will thrill to the provocative and intense sexual images of this movie. The DVD also sports a second disc of more material. Included is a eight minute piece of soft core material, all Gregorian chanting. There is also a whopping twelve minute cumshot compilation, and a great collection of high-quality photos from the movie.

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Descent (Collector's Edition) Photos:

Marcus Iron, Blake Harper and Jason BranchWatch on - Watch VOD
Marcus Iron, Blake Harper and Jason Branch
Aiden Shaw fucks Chris RockWatch on - Watch VOD
Aiden Shaw behind Chris Rock, Todd Gibbs sits on Zak Anders

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