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Doug Jeffries
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Benjamin Bradley , Jan Fischer , Johnny Hazzard , , Nick Mazzaro , Scott Swann , Tommy Blade , Tyler Riggz
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Jan Fischer and Tommy Blade do some serious penal time.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

In the ambiguous world of Delinquents, there are no good guys. Everyone casually breaks laws for their own benefit in this world of nihilism, alienation and orgasm. Playing the lead is the voluptuous German, porn star Jan Fisher (Lookin' for Trouble), who amazingly does not appear on the boxcover, despite the fact that he carries the film in numerous sex scenes from beginning to end, including a carefully performed episode where he hallucinates having sex with himself.

The opening credits show images of Fisher robbing dark apartments, stealing from people on the street, thieving jewelry, shoplifting, smashing through the locked doors and windows of automobiles, and, our absolute favorite, loitering in a cemetary.

After that, he conspires with Scott Swann to slip an intoxicating white powder into Matt Cole's drink, making him succumb to their sexual desires, as well as quietly robbing him of his cash. Cole leans against a pool table getting sucked by Swann. Perhaps one of the hottest visuals comes next as Fischer, his back to the camera, removes his shirt revealing his slender naked body with only some jeans hanging halfway down his ass.

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Jan Fischer

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Swann, a frequent Doug Jeffries collaborator (Raw 2), enjoys plowing Fisher's ass doggie style. After that, Swann distracts Cole with a heavy tonging of his ass, which allows Fisher to steal their prey's money. But Cole finishes the scene giving an outstanding topman performance the missionary sprawled Swann. Cole really knows how to use that cock of his, once again adding credibility to the adage that all the best bottoms are the best tops.

Jan Fisher Gets Busted

Next the thief Fischer receives his comeuppance: He gets caught smoking pot with his buddy Tommy Blade ( Brawlers) by the fuzz. Naturally the cops are as amoral as everyone else in this jaded world. And, the resulting four-way between the two uniformed officers Tyler Riggz and Nick Mazzaro is memorable.

The boys swallow the cops' big erections jutting out from the unzipped flys of their blue uniforms. Then, Riggz and Mazarro simultaneously plow Fischer and Blade draped over the hood of their police car. Watching this transpire is fantastic, plus this is the first time we've noticed that Blade is one really hot number. This is also the first of several instances where the famed nightstick from Hole Patrol comes out of the woodwork.

So after the outdoor sex with the police uniform fetish including the nightstick, what could possibly be left? It's time for Let's tie up Tommy Blade to a big tree buck naked. Hats off to Blade for this, as well as performing some acrobatic sex on the hood of that car, which really could only be pulled off by a real pro.

Later, at the police station, Fisher is interrogated in the pokey. Ross Cannon, in a nice non-sexual role at the tough sargent, forces Fischer to see prisoner Benjamin Bradley reformed from dirtyboy to clean-cut blond.

Bradley, who Channel 1 is heavily promoting now, sports some fine assets: not only his hot ass, but a very pretty dick along with a nice, round scrotum.

After a long sequence of Bradley's hairless hole getting explored by the night stick and Hazzard's fingers, the delinquent gets the honor of topping Hazzard.

The movie finishes by genuinely delving into unexplored territory: Sargent Cannon injects Fischer with a hypodermic, causing him to hallucinate an extensive sequence where he lays helpless on an examination table, and he looks down to watch himself dressed in a lab coat sucking him.

After this comes the anal beads and a dildo the size of a wine bottle.

Fisher jacks off here, followed by Cannon promising him that his will and desires can be broken. So can they? This ending actually leaves the viewer wanting for more.

The second disc doesn't have any additional action scenes on it either. But it includes a nice thirty minute documentation of the filming. Once again, this documentary is intriguing, but the viewer is left with a sense of wanting more.

On a thematic note, Delinquents wants to say too much in too little time. But at the end of the day, viewers will mostly want to see some hot sex mixed in with some kink and uniform fetishes. In that department, Delinquents works pretty well. Director Jeffries consistently makes science-fiction / surreal movies on a high entertainment standard, plus the atmospheric, spare music in the film and credits complements everything nicely.

Perhaps the biggest crime presented here is the omission of Jan Fischer from the boxcover. He puts in a genuinely strong performance from beginning to end, and makes a convincing face for this interesting project.

Delinquents Photos:

Delinquents Four WayWatch Now
Jan Fisher below Nick Mazzaro (back)
Tommy Blade below Tyler Riggz (fore)
Benjamin Bradley and Johnny HazzardWatch Now
Benjamin Bradley and Johnny Hazzard
Matt Cole and Scott SwannWatch Now
Matt Cole and Scott Swann

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