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Jeremy Penn bottoms

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Falcon Studio's Defined will go down in the annals of filmmaking as the movie where Jeremy Penn bottoms. Viewers have to wait until the last scene though, before Penn publicly crosses over into the realm of versatility.

In total, Defined contains five loop scenes. There is no plot or setups. The first scene starts with Falcon lifetime exclusive porn star Matthew Rush touching and making out with muscle bottom Joe Foster. The al fresco scene takes place outside, next to this classic old truck that's sitting in an old garage. The film's models, including Rush and Foster, are all presented Falcon-style - perfectly groomed, shaved and sculpted from head to toe.

Joe Foster and Matthew RushWatch on or Watch VOD
Joe Foster & Matthew Rush
Foster is an attractive, broad-bodied muscle-bottom, who ends up taking Rush while bending over a tractor. Fans of Matthew Rush will no doubt enjoy this new peek at their favorite sex machine. Foster shoots his load while Rush is still inside him.

The next scene chronicles a spontaneous three-way that erupts at a gym. Eric Leneau cruises bald muscleman Addison Scott (Bad Behavior) as he lifts weights. Soon the handsome Arpad Miklos walks in, and Scott starts to orally service his brown, uncut cock, which is pushing out of his gym shorts. Miklos looks great, if not better than in his early Kristen Bjorn days.

Leneau squeezes into the middle of all this. Scott and Miklos plug the gym boy at both ends simultaneously, and he's soon rewarded with their hot loads raining down on him.

Jeremy Jordan gets his butt banged

The third scene is another outdoor scene that could have been filmed at the same bucolic farm the Rush/Foster scene took place. Jeremy Jordan (Head Games) spies big mucleman Robert Bliant playing with himself while seated in the driver's side of his truck.

Jordan is one bottom who obviously knows how to turn the situation so that his butt gets banged in the time you can count to ten. After sucking on Bliant's tool, Jordan is ass-up in the bed of the truck taking it. The pairing of the big, dark Hungarian muscleman to the skinny, blonde, twink-wonder works well. Blaint is not the most expressive of guys, but he obviously must have enjoyed thrusting into Jordan's ass because he finishes by spraying an expressive six-spurt money shot all over the bottom's hole.

Jeremy Penn bottoms - who performs the honor?
The next scene is great because is includes the adorable Jason Law, who never has made very many movies. Jason Law is having a drink at a deserted bar, where he is interrupted by leather jacket-clad Austin Larsen.

After kissing and groping, Larsen throws an energetic pounding into the sexy, alluring bottom. During the sex, they talk to each other using some arousing dirty talk. Law is taking it, sprawled out on the top of the bar as Larsen says, I own that hole.

In a great turn of events, the two flip-flop, switching roles. Larsen takes Law doggie style while continuing his rap of great sex talk, modifying it to now fit his bottom role. The hot match-up concludes with Law sitting on Larsen's face, who clearly is in pig heaven as he strokes himself to climax.

The final scene unveils the long-awaiting on-screen deflowering of Jeremy Penn. European stud Roland Dane happily does the honors. Dane is one of the sexiest men on camera. He never fails to light up the scene with his beautiful smile, piercing eyes and perfect, smooth body.

It is no surprise that if Jeremy Penn was to be persuaded into bottom, it would be for Roland Dane. Penn looks good. He's filled out since his early years, but he's still boyishly good looking and possesses that ripe, meaty ass.

After chowing on Penn's backside, Dane soon is going where no man has gone before. As Dane tops him, Penn looks like he's unsure whether he's in pain or pleasure. He tells Dane, Slower! Slower!

After rutting in several positions, the boys soon deliver their money shots, and the film is over.

Defined has lots of good moments and great models, crowned with Jeremy Penn's long-awaited personal grand opening. Here, Falcon has lifted the sex act into pure fantasy.

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Defined Photos:

Jeremy Penn bottoms for Roland DaneWatch on or Watch VOD
Jeremy Penn bottoms for Roland Dane
Robert Bliant munches Jeremy JordanWatch on or Watch VOD
Robert Bliant munches Jeremy Jordan
Porn Star Jason LawWatch on or Watch VOD
Falcon porn star Jason Law

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