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Deep Plunge

Doug Jeffries
Studio 2000  
Alessandro Bellina , Angelo Fuentes , Bruno Braz , Christophe Blanc , Jason Houston , Lucas Foz , Luis Casas , Marcelo De Fuego , Marco Montana , Rafael Carreras , Ricardo Benny , Richard Ramos , Tico Martin , Victor Campos
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Deep Plunge

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Matt van Dorn Vists Casa de Hombres

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Studio 2000 continues rolling out great videos featuring an overwhelming set of hispanic talent. This time, porn star-turned-director Doug Jeffries takes the camera to beautiful Majorca, Spain for a glorious intercourse of passion, cock and ass. Behind all these gorgeous guys are picture postcard perfect views of a most-beautiful vacation spot, combined perfectly to make this one of our all time favorite Studio 2000 movies.

Deep Plunge is the first starring role for South African porn star Matt van Dorn, a golden haired beauty of Afrikaans descent. Van Dorn's tall, lean look, plus his available ass make him an instant hit at the Casa de Hombres resort.

The film's first sexual scene transpires on the hotel patio. Angelo Fuentes, a sexy latin with nice tufts of dark hair on his body, is passionately entwined with Victor Campos. Hotel Manager Rafael Carreras steps outside to discover the two - his boyfriend and his brother respectfully - sucking each other.

Simultaneously angry and aroused, he joins them for a searing three-way. Campos and Carreras rim and finger Fuentes. The two brothers turn their family's innate topman screwing skills onto Fuentes' ass. They take turns on humping this butt, which is their mutual object of desire.

Matt Van Dorn bottoms for Rafael CarrerasWatch Now
Matt Van Dorn receives
Rafael Carreras
They go to the bedroom where they form a connecting joy-chain. Fuentes sticks his dick into Campos, and Carreras drives his tool into Fuentes.

Their latino passion culminates with all three shooting heavy white loads. Finally, a rejected Carreras spits on Fuentes' back, and storms off.

Explosive latin passion is alive and well at the Casa de Hombres.

Sex seethes all around the resort. Van Dorn unpacks his travel bag, and goes out to his balcony for catch a view. Below in the pool area, a five man orgy is in full swing.

Cazzo regular Christophe Blanc rims the smooth butts of Bruno Branz and Marco Montana. To the side, boyishly cute Ricardo Benny sucks the humongously equipped Richard Ramos. Then Benny impresses the viewers by taking it up his ass. Meanwhile Blanc uses his dipstick to test the tight pleasure walls of Branz and Montana.

During this, hotel employee Marcelo de Fuego surprises Van Dorn on his balcony. Confused, de Fuego bends the blond Achilles over to lap at his pink hole. After slurping on Van Dorn's perfect uncut prick, they switch so that the hotel guest can suck on the friendly native.

On the bed, Van Dorn raises his legs in anticipation. De Fuego directs his uncut meat inside the boy. Moans escape from his pretty face, while the spaniard plows away.

They switch to sidesaddle. De Fuego's perfect ass rises and falls to their mutual pleasure. Their unhurried coupling finishes with Van Dorn riding on top, where he blasts a thick gob of cream onto his own belly.

Meanwhile, the pool orgy has never stopped. Lucas Foz, Alessandro Bellina and Braz await butt-up on their separate deck chairs. Montana, de Fuego and Blanc eat their tasty butts. They simultaneously flip their bodies over for a session of oral service, which soon gives way to all-out anal sex.

Over at the resort, the pool orgy hasn't stopped.
Foz tops Montana missionary. Blanc gets another piece of Braz's butt. Bellina sits his pretty body down on de Fuego. Foz shoots twice during the action. Spurt after spurt of hot white seed shoots out of everyone bringing a fine finish to the outstanding orgy.

Matt Van Dorn Eyeballs Tico Martin

The next morning, Van Dorn gets ribbed by the other guys at the Casa de Hombres as their new slut bottom. Although he shouldn't be ashamed of this label, he is. Stealing away to the countryside, alone and upset, Van Dorn spys an early morning trist between Tico Martin and Luis Cassas.

The two spend good time orally working over their hefty uncut cocks. Martin eagerly deep throats Casas while peering up at the standing Spaniard's eraserhead nipples.

Casas gets on his knees and does a great job going down on Martin, who has one of the biggest dicks in the film. After exploring Casa's lubed hole with fingers, Martin plows his prick into the latin's anal canal for complete pleasure. Standing against a tree, Martin slams his long dick inside, going all the way in.

With butt cheeks audibly slapping, they work out their manlusts with primal perfection. This exquisite scene rises even higher when the two flip-flop with Martin getting the other's love stick shoved inside him.

Casas shoots like a firehose all over Martin's back.

Afterwards, Martin approaches an entranced yet lonely Van Dorn. The cunning matchmaker promises the South African that if he ventures to the lighthouse, he'll find what he seeks.

After wandering through the beautiful area, Van Dorn is approached by Carreras.

He starts by nibbling on the blond's nack and ear. The two begin a lengthy, engaging love session. Carreras' foreskined erection has never looked bigger. Van Dorn lathers it with attention.

Standing and in control, the latino guides Van Dorn so that his butt is available for ass eating and hard plowing. He gives it a rapturous drilling.

Van Dorn finds exotic love in this incredible pool of gorgeous guys. Can or will Carreras stay faithful to his new object of affection? Was it just a passing thing? Many continuously shy away from relationships because they can truly be a deep plunge.

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Deep Plunge Photos:

Rafael Carreras and Angelo FuentesWatch Now
Rafael Carreras under Angelo Fuentes, Victor Campos standing
Casa de Hombres OrgyWatch Now
Orgy at Casa de Hombres

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