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Deep Attack

Alexander Pictures  
Alef Carvalho , Denis Torres , Eloi Alves , Erico Pires , Esteban Paes , Estevam Lobo , Fabiam Oliveira , Joam Jorge , Jorge Roiz , Marcelo Sousa , Pascoal Coelho , Renato Moraes
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Deep Attack

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A top-noth Brazilian entry from Alexander Pictures with five fantastic sex scenes.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Alexander's new stuff coming out of Brazil is so hot to watch, it'll have everyone dancing the bossa nova.

The director has enjoyed a great run of movies starring by doe-eyed dynamo Tommy Lima, who actually is Argentinean, not Brazilian. Can Alexander continue filming his new Brazilian movies without Lima? Judging by the movie Deep Attack, the answer is definitely yes.

From the beginning, Alexander's movies have essentially been episodic all-sex collections, sometimes anchored in a single place like a cruise park, a bath house or football stadium. Most of the scenes here are filmed in the same hotel in Rio de Janeiro. But don't be fooled with the lack of amenities -- the guys and their fuck scenes are sexually breathtaking.

First, Deep Attack introduces us to a model who may be Alexander's next major model, porn star Renato Moraes, the DVD boxcover bottom from Black Drillers. Moraes is another sweet faced latino, very easy on the eyes. Going from his mop of raven black hair, down to his colossal uncut cock, he's a beautiful Brazilian boy. {Blog: Renato Moraes) Furthermore like Lima, Alexander likes to show Moraes off in bottom roles, taking guys who are equally (or almost) matched in penis size.

Renato Moraes attacks Pascoal Coelho

The movie starts with Moraes quickly getting naked with the slender Pascoal Coelho. Standing entwined around each other, their dicks jutting out at right angles like huge branches. Touching and nuzzling, the guys move through a flip-flop fuck that practically sets the room on fire.

Coelho fucks a little rougher than Lima, planting sudden loud slaps on the butt he's poleing. They end up trading off over a chair, with Moraes standing up only to sit back down Coelho's brown, curved cock. Moraes frequently flashes smiles to the camera when he's getting fucked.

When it's time for the money shots, the boys stand up and shoulder to shoulder blow their loads onto a glass table. Naturally, the cameraman films the splattering looking up from below.

Big Brazilian Dicks

Fabiam Oliveira snapshot Fabiam Oliveira Marcelo Sousa snapshot Marcelo Sousa Denis Torres snapshot Denis Torres
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After this, the movie marches on in a throbbing rhythm, this time showing titanic dicked Esteban Paes getting dutifully worked over by muscle bottom Alef Carvallo. Paes' carries arguably the biggest dick of the entire cast. Folks, this thig is huge! Carvallo's bending over and taking it will be many viewer's favorite moments.

We found Paes' disengaged "service me" persona detracts from his amazing penis size. Paes performed similarly in Tommy Lima in Brazil 3: Soccer. He's total trade.

Carvallo finally finds that sitting on it and riding in the top's lap works pretty well, followed by getting fucked on his back. Both guys shoot gooey, white cum loads.

Things really take off when we see three buddies returning to a new bedroom set for some friends-with-benefits action. The trio's brilliant enthusiasm rises out of a new model named Fabiam Oliveira, whose effusive face beams with pride when he drops his pants to reveal his giant standing erection to the others.

Listen for the sound when everyone's jaws drop, both on screen and off. The boyish-looking Erico Pires proves to be a good, willing bottom. The third member of this remarkable triad is Joam Jorge, one of Alexander's regular top performers who first appeared in 8 Inches from Brazil back in 2006.

The guys let Pires take his time sucking on their serpentine cocks. Meanwhile the star of the show here is Oliveira. He's a fantastic fucker who effortlessly makes this arguably the highest moment of the entire film. Let's please see more of this Brazilian fuck machine in future films! The tops leave Pires as their cum rag.

Marcelo Sousa'a Ass Attack

After this, the attack continues unabated with a top notch one-on-one. Another favorite stud from Tommy Lima in Brazil 3: Soccer returns, the remarkably thick Marcelo Sousa to sow his masculine lust over the boyish Eloi Alves. They have an enjoyable standing doggie fuck against the wall, followed by some deep ass drilling atop a desk.

Alves' round boy butt looks sweet, which he keeps enticingly perched up and out for easy fucking. Sousa shoots a ton of sauce on the bottom in several big blasts.

With one scene left, can the movie possibly get any hotter? Amazingly, yes! Saving his biggest guns for last, Alexander brings back another cherished stud bull, Denis Torres. (Tommy Lima in Brazil 1: On the Beach) Paired with him is the smooth Estevem Lobo, who turns out to be an electrifying bottom. Still wearing his windbreaker jacket and ball cap, Estevem Lobo gives Torres a fantastic blow job.

Their oral action gradually continues so the guys are fully naked. Torres punctuates his enjoyment by occasionally pulling his dick out of Lobo's mouth, slapping his face with it. Lobo finally presents his sumptuous ass to his friend who proceeds to fuck him in long, balls-deep thrusts. In an inspired bit of sex accessorizing, Torres keeps his heavy necklace on (seen on the DVD boxcover) while fucking.

Torres is a fine top, throwing all his manhood into Lobo who takes it all with gritted teeth. Torres and Lobo's spectacular fucking take Deep Attack to its photo finish, including a great money shot from the bottom while getting plowed. After this comes a long awaited solo from Jorge Roiz, who is nice to look at and all smiles, but its very difficult to follow the preceding five acts before him.

With Deep Attack, Alexander once again effortlessly aces the game of gay Brazilian porn.

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Deep Attack Photos:

Renato Moraes and Pascoal CoelhoWatch Now or Naked Sword
Renato Moraes attacks Pascoal Coelho
Deep Attack Three-WayWatch Now or Naked Sword
Joam Jorge, Erico Pires, Fabiam Oliveira
Estevem Lobo and Denis TorresWatch Now or Naked Sword
Estevem Lobo services Denis Torres

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