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Chi Chi LaRue
Rascal Video   RV1070
Brandon Lee , , Claudio Martin , Clay Maverick , , Jan Fischer , Jay Varella , Jeremy Jordan , Johnny Hazzard , Patrick Downs
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Eddie Stone Grabs for the Popcorn

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

It is strange. When adult movies tend to scale back to something simple and easy, as opposed to a big, lavish production, they often succeed so much better. Chi Chi LaRue's Deceived contains the standard Rascal set of models, it contains four simple episodes and it enjoys a single one word name enhanced by stock music and minimal graphics. On paper this is not impressive.

And in reality this movie is absolutely dynamite.

First off, Eddie Stone's bottoming for two guys in an adult movie theater is arguably one of his hottest performances to date. Another highlight is that Clay Maverick comes out of retirement, proving once again that he fucks like a studbull. Patrick Downs (Looking for Trouble) fires a wild, juicy cumshot while getting plugged. And Brandon Lee (Wicked) just keeps getting better. These and many other features make Deceived a winner.

Jan Fischer ... Tops!

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The first duet begins with Downs and Jan Fischer (Delinquents) making out in bed. Downs's own hot bootie is snugly revealed in a pair of black Calvin Kleins. Their underwear foreplay continues with some hot ass fingering and then some tasty cocksucking.

Fischer goes all out to show his topman skills, which he performs well since he is usually pleasuring his partners with his ass. (The best bottoms make the best tops) Downs looks really hot getting screwed, the highlight has his on his back missionary style with Fischer pounding away. As mentioned earlier, a memorable remote control moment comes with Martin cums a giant geyser, which shoots up coating his face and the bedframe beyond.

Fischer finishes by shooting out his own hot balljuice.

The DVD thermometer only rises up for the next scene, which begins with blondie Jeremy Jordan performing some excellent deep throating of Brandon Lee's big stick. Then they move into an equally exciting sixty-nine. Taking it orally right to the balls never looked better!

They are interrupted by the pizza delivery man, boxcover brunet Claudio Martin (Be a Man). Martin produces a thick, curved erection and he insists that they give him a tip.

Martin's beautifully shaped equipment gets to fully explore Jordan's round ass, but only after Lee takes his turn. Lee pumps butt with gusto and rhythmic energy that bottoms love. Great camera shots from above show sweat forming on Lee's temples as he bangs Jordan's jiggling buttocks. Perhaps the best scene of the DVD, their trinity ends with Jordan shooting out lots of his own bottomboy juice.

After this, red-headed Cal Jackson picks up Johnny Hazzard in an alleyway. Jackson plays the boss, pulling out his fat meat so Hazzard can chow down on it. After mutual sucking, Hazzard gets the opportunity to ram his dick up Jackson's buttcheeks. Then they flip-flop. Hazzard finishes by shooting a lot of cum.

Eddie Stone Grabs the Popcorn

The movie's final scene is a memorable setup in an adult movie theater. Newcomer Jay Varilla sits next to Eddie Stone, who reaches into his neighbor's popcorn box to find a long, pre-buttered stick. Varilla wields one of the neatest erections seen in awhile, long with the fat head making a quick down curve.

Stone wastes no time seeing how it feels in his mouth.

The adult movie theater venue is clever, because it allows a third guy, the great-looking Clay Maverick (8 Simple Rules for Doing My Son) to saunter up to them for some unreciprocated cockworship. Maverick carries the hallmarks of a straight dude who has ducked into a movie theater just to get his rocks off. His thick shaft ends with his big hairy balls, all of which loves attention.

The high point shows Maverick screwing the hell out of Stone, whose agility lets him lay in a theater seat with his legs and feet pushed completely back to his head. After Maverick screws him, Varilla gets sloppy seconds, and Stone's ass has no problem taking his wildly shaped monster completely.

As mentioned earlier, Stone's never put in a hotter performance. And their money shots are all noteworthy.

When Chi Chi LaRue is cooking, the pot often boils over. Deceived is an undeceptive collection of hot sex and hot guys that will augment anyone's movie collection.

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Deceived Photos:

Johnny Hazzard and Cal Jackson Watch on C1R - Watch VOD
Johnny Hazzard sucks Cal Jackson
Eddie Stone and Clay Maverick Watch on C1R - Watch VOD
Eddie Stone grips onto Clay Maverick
Jeremy Jordan and Claudio Martin
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Jeremy Jordan blows Claudio Martin

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