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Decameron: Two Naughty Tales

Lucas Kazan
Lucas Kazan Productions  
Alberto Ventura , Eric Flower , , Leon , Marco Sisto , Ricky Martinez , Wilfried Knight
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Decameron: Two Naughty Tales

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Eric Flower blooms in Decameron

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Lucas Kazan's Decameron may not play well with some audiences. My friend who watched it complained that the movie is too artsy and slow. True, it is not a hard driving all-sex tape. The film instead has a classical European look, but that differentiates it in ways that should attract an entirely different group of viewers.

Many Americans may recall reading The Canterbury Tales in high school, an English collection of stories from the Middle Ages. Years earlier, an Italian named Giovanni Boccaccio wrote an assortment of one hundred short stories, many quick moral lessons or humorous teachings, named the Decameron. Gay director Pier Paolo Pasolini filmed a famous version of Decameron back in 1971, which received an X rating in the US at that time, much like Last Tango in Paris.

Kazan's Decameron moves through much of the same ground: someone must hide out when his lover's boyfriend returns home early, a man seeks to play innocent as a deaf-mute, workers wait for inspiration. The stories are all here, but only retold in director Kazan's hardcore homoerotic style.

Eric Flower and Jean FrankoWatch Now or
Eric Flower blows Jean Franko
One of Decameron's remarkable features is its incredible collection of cumshots. Not since Kristen Bjorn from ten years ago has there been such attention to not only copious orgasms, but their imaginative filming which is truly memorable.

The first episode shows the deaf-mute peasant played by bodacious musclebottom Eric Flower from Backstage), who is pulled into sexual activity by gorgeous brown-skinned hunks Jean Franko (The School for Lovers) and Marco Sisto. There is a memorable opening visual with Flower seated as he attends to their curved cocks pointing into either side of his face.

After some oral attention, Franko blows two fantastic money shots here. Flower sucks his cumslick dick immediately after he gushes his first load. Then the action moves to the bedroom where Franko and Flower engage in a potent flip flop session, leaving the viewer breathless.

Franko is an incredible sexual animal, captivating both as a top and a bottom. After bucking his manly ass in Flower's lap, he stands so that he can hose down the deaf-mute with a remarkable long distance five spurt orgasm.

Wilfred Knight's Sexual Infidelity

After this, Franko observes his boyfriend, played by British import Wilfred Knight from Dangerous Liaisons, cheating with the tall and lean Leon, his best friend. Hats off to Kazan, because we've never seen Knight look so good. (Note: This movie is Essential Wilfred Knight)

Knight and Leon lock together in a sixty-nine which culminates in round of appetizing cumshots. Then Knight gets a romantic plowing stretch out on his belly. In full view of a convenient mirror, he grips the bedsheets with both hands.

Jean Franko pulls Eric Flower into a torrid three-way sex scene. Leon's almost paints his cumload onto Knight's ass, like an artist brushing a canvass in broad strokes. Actions of betrayal and jealously heighten as boyfriends seek to catch each other in the act.

Farmer Alberto Ventura finds Flower wandering naked on his property. In a memorable visual, they embrace outdoors as Ventura spreads and pulls apart the voluptuous buttcheeks of Flowers with both hands.

For the sex, it is Flowers who screws Ventura's hot ass, but we found the intimate ass eating of Flower's lovely inside region the true highlight. And staying consistent with previous ones, Flower's cock shoots out a hot jet of jizm onto his thigh.

After this the betrayal continues as Franko exchanges passionate moments with smooth Mexican Ricky Martinez. The long blowjob of Franko as Martinez lays with his bare ass on enticing display is picture perfect. Franko proceeds to plow Martinez, who cums while getting plugged. Meanwhile Leon stands quietly outside performing his own enticing masturbation solo.

It is in Leon's mind that he imagines another round of Franko topping the passive Martinez. This explosive duet ends with another one of Franko's high powered geyser money shots, shooting out that it may have almost hit the camera lens across the room.

The story ultimately shows how this web of boyfriends decide to get even, and live together.

It is fun seeing the old tales redone in a gay sex venue, something that Pasolini would have thrilled to do himself if he'd lived thirty-five years later.

Decameron DVD Extras

The disc contains a nicely done fifteen minute documentary. The models speak actual stories about themselves to the camera. Unlike other thrown together scenes, watching this is a treat. The slideshow systematically runs through the models as well.
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Leon and Wilfried KnightWatch Now or
Leon and Wilfried Knight
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Jean Franko and Ricky Martin
Leon in DecameronWatch Now or

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