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Michael Lucas' Dangerous Liaisons

Michael Lucas
Lucas Entertainment  
Bruce Beckham , Gus Mattox , J. , Kent Larson , Mario Ortiz , Michael Lucas , , Wilfried Knight
HunksHairy GuysDaddies / MenMen of New York CityMystery/Thriller

Michael Lucas' Dangerous Liaisons

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Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Leave it to porn auteur Michael Lucas to turn to French literature for inspiration. His take on the classic de Laclos novel is a sordid film about lust and betrayal. Michael Lucas' Dangerous Liaisons is expertly filmed, cast and directed by Lucas. He uncorks every stopper for this epic, delivering a product that goes well beyond your run of the mill fuck film.

All the plot machinations in Liaisons leave the viewer's head spinning, so this review focuses on the film's meat. Suffice to say that the story and dialogue framing all the gritty sex is executed with incredible style, a trademark of Lucas'. The first on-screen pairing is between muscular Kent Larson and Wilfried Knight, here playing suspicious lovers. Both of these studs look incredible - between Larson's luscious curves and Knight's smoky voice and sex vibe, it's impossible to know just where to focus attention. Take for example that moment when Larson leans back on his haunches to get head, putting his torso's weight on his considerable triceps. They pop to the surface along with dozens of other muscles in his upper body, a lovely sight indeed.

Knight, for his part, is no less stunning. (Note: This movie is on our list of best Wilfred Knight videos) Leaner and taller than Larson, he's an excellent complement to Larson. He feasts on Larson's hole heartily, putting his lover in the mood for some deep dickin'. The lust in the room is palpable, a nice change from so much by-the-numbers porn coming from so many directors. When Knight drives a finger into Larson's hot little ass, it's impossible to fake the intense moans and groans rolling out of Larson's throat. These guys are in the mood to fuck, regardless of the cameras in the room. Lucas also has quite a knack for using models that are sensually versatile, so when Knight takes a brief pause as a top, Larson seizes the advantage and puts his buddy on his back for sweet anal payback. This is an incredible and explosive start to the film.

Bruce Beckham Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD Bruce Beckham Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD

Bruce Beckham

After this, an exuberant Fox runs back to the guys to tell them all about his sexcapade. He still is in disbelief that Ramos has only been sitting around, not pursuing Vasquez. Ramos gets up and trudges off.

Seducing Kent Larson

At the office, punk-ass Owen Hawk takes full advantage of his boss's (Larson) fragile emotional state, shamelessly flirting and making a play when Larson is most vulnerable. All pretenses of fidelity fly out the window as Larson, a fashion executive, strips off Hawk's tight jeans and snacks on his asshole right there in the conference room. And Hawk has no compunction about returning the favor, burying the entire lower half of his face between Larson's muscular cheeks. Larson's asshole in close-up is scrumptious - slick, pink, and fleshy.

They don't break their stride when the janitor (Mario Ortiz - Pokin' in the Boys Room) crashes their private office party, wordlessly inviting him into their sex play. Ortiz quickly strips out of his one-piece work uniform, uncovering his dark-skinned, pumped up frame. Rather than watch the strip show, Hawk and Larson scoot around on top of the draft table and line their asses up side by side for Ortiz to sample in turn. And then, in a move reminiscent of the classic Weston/Stryker/Henson threeway in A Matter of Size, Larson piggy-backs Hawk, nastily stacking up their puckerholes for Ortiz to chow down on. When the sex starts, they bang in a number of interesting combinations, Ortiz making the most enthusiastic bottom of all three.

Seducing Wilfried Knight

The plot continues to thicken when fashion photographer Gus Mattox seduces Wilfried Knight (Lost) under the guise a work-related photoshoot. Mattox is notorious for sleeping with his models, and Knight doesn't appear to be all that surprised when Mattox concocts a threeway between himself and another unsuspecting model known simply as J. (Manhattan Heat). Once the pretense of actual work is thrown aside, the three guys can get down to the business of sucking and fucking. The highlight of this small get-together once again has to do with butt munching. Gus Mattox lets his two models lock lips while he ferociously attends to their asses. J. has got a particularly pretty butthole, smooth and slightly worn looking. For my money, he's got the most spectacular bod in Liaisons - chiseled arms, chest and a mop of dark brown hair that's perfectly styled. Be sure not to miss Mattox's enthusiastic cumshot. With Mattox's load still hot and running down the side of his face and neck, J. and Knight passionately kiss. Hot!

Anyone who caught Michael Lucas' Auditions 3 can skim past the pairing of Lucas with Owen Hawk (Buckleroos). While the scene has some legs, there's really nothing here that wasn't done more naturally in Hawk's audition reel. The story nears its tragic conclusion when Gus Mattox beds newcomer Bruce Beckham. Those of us who like their men meaty will throw a rod over Beckham's fleshy pecs and pretty face. It's difficult to say who has the upper hand in bed, Mattox or Beckham. Beckham seems to skillfully manage the session with his eyes and wicked grin, forcing a panting Mattox to do his bidding. But once Mattox gets in the driver's seat, he owns Beckham's ass, nearly bending him in half while he fucks.

Summing-up Michael Lucas' Dangerous Liaisons

All in all, Dangerous Liaisons is a tour de force. If this one doesn't make you a diehard fan of Michael Lucas, probably nothing will. The bonus disc that comes along with the Director's Extended Edit is an experience unto itself, packed with extra sex scenes (some of which are deliciously graphic), watersports footage and tongue-in-cheek interviews conducted by drag royalty, Hedda Lettuce. After the jizz has dried, this second disc is a nice diversion packed with faux celebrities acting silly. It also provides some peculiar insights into the models themselves.
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Gus Mattox
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Owen Hawk

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