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Damon Blows America 6 - New York

Damon Dogg
Treasure Island Media  
Antonio Chimera , Buck James , Chris Jenkins , Christian , Donato , Hans , ill West , Jacob Fox , Jason Croft , Josh Porter , Joshua Reynolds , Kirk , Kurt Kaiser , Kurt Kaiser , Mac , Rick Leon , Rick Leon , Steed , Will West
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Damon Blows America 6 - New York

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Keeping the Art of Cocksucking Alive

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

I was stunned at how enjoyable watching this movie really is! Resident Treasure Island BadBoy Damon Dogg presents a new set of his freewheeling sucking adventures around the country: Damon Blows America 6. During the course of an hour and a half, the Doggster gets dozens of thick, creamy cumloads shot into his mouth.

The viewer grows to admire and love this guy as the movie progresses. Why? The star takes his cocksucking and cumeating rewards seriously while having a great time, which shows through the movie. Forget the old jingle Have a Coke and a smile. Damon Dogg steps from Beyond the Pepsi Generation, a new breed of guys who never waste a single valuable drop of the lava-like ambrosia flowing from cocks.

Blowjobs in the Taco Bell bathroom

What's a good thing to do to pass time on a weekend afternoon? Well go suck off some guys, of course! It begins with Dogg on his knees in a Taco Bell bathroom, taking the full length of his cute friend's cock (Jason Croft) down his throat. The fast food restaurant's piped-in Bob-format music plays in the background. The door to the lavatory audibly swings open and shut just as his friend shoots three big ropes of seed into the star's mouth. This cum eating quickie serves as a fine analogy to the rest of film which depicts Dogg chowing down on tons of additional fast food.

They hop on the interstate to go play in Palm Springs, however these open road moments inspire Dogg to jack his own cock. He sprays an impressive eight-spurt fountain up all over his bare chest, as the countryside whizzes by in the distance. The boys go check out Camp Palm Springs, a gay resort that apparently teams with horny guys. (Which has since closed)

First up, they suck each other off by the pool. Then Dogg takes on his first resort target, leaning against the door to his hotelroom. After this guy's big dick blows, Dogg cradles it in his hand like a valuable work of art. At this point, the movie is just ten minutes underway. There have already been five big cumshots.

Damon Blows AmericaWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
He then moves to service several other guests, who are daddies. One star shooter is Will West, a porno favorite. West cums into a hotel buddy's mouth, which Dogg licks out, as well as the missed drops which lands on their legs. Their afternoon is completed with Dogg slurping down jizz from eight other guys, and finished with Dogg and buddy Croft sucking each other off again to grinning climaxes.

That is just the appetizer! After this follows the actual movie, where Dogg travels to the Big Apple.

NYC friend Max Sohl surprises him with an ice cube tray of frozen treats from fourteen guys, which he mixes in with a Pepsi and chugs. Sohl explains his scheme as videotaped footage of the fourteen cocks spray their seed into glasses and ice cube trays plays. Our cocksucking cumhound shows that this drink it is Good to the last drop.

The Feed the Dogg Party

On his knees, Dogg takes on a roomfull of five horned up men. Many have their pants pulled just down to their balls. This group is slightly more New York City cuter then the Californians. Apparently a visit from Dogg on the East Coast is more of a special guest star appearance, which brings some succulent heavy hitters out of the woodwork.

Most are unnamed, but watching them getting off to the entire setting is fun. One scruffy faced guy with a beautiful uncut cock fills Dogg's mouth with a thick pool of white cream. Others fire in right on it sometimes splattering the outside of his face and eyes. After he gets this initial wave of men off, new arrivals appear needing service.

The next segment of the film is the component of the party with the anonymous guys. The opening shot shows Dogg working his mouth and hand around a baseball bat club of a dick. Framed by a black cockring, he milks all the seed out of this monster. It spits twice in quick succession. Then more studs arrive, so a shaved punk named Christian gets on his knees to help Dogg with the oral servicing.

One smooth guy wearing black Calvin Klein underwear pulled to his knees shoots a torrent of sperm, causing both Dogg and Christian to wrangle around underneath like hatchelings getting fed by Mother Bird. The two smooch afterwards. Later post party, Christian sucks off Dogg, who has a very hot looking cock of his own. He shoots a seven-spurt round of sweet love into Christian's smiling mouth.

Asoka, a hairy, musclestud porn star blows a big load into Dogg's mouth on an outside deck. And then Christian returns to help his newfound cumbrother take on buff Kurt Kaiser and superhung Josh Porter. One cutie from the Feed the Dogg party, Joshua Reynolds, returns for another blowjob. With the ability of one on one concentration, Dogg obviously realizes what a hot piece of meat this young kids has between his legs.

After pleasing two more good looking guys, it the trip, and the film, comes to an end. This modest little film shows the kinds of great fun people have with their mouths and cocks. These projects, all put together by Damon Dogg himself, are truly well made packages of amateur film. The DVD contains a cum-shot compilation that, when seen all at once, is intense.

Hats off to Damon Dogg, a self-described vigilante taking it upon himself to keep the art of cocksucking alive.

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Damon Blows AmericaWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Damon Dogg Blows Joshua Reynolds
Damon Blows AmericaWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Feeding Damon DoggWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Feeding Damon Dogg

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