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Da Hating Game

Jalin Fuentes
Pittbull Productions  
Ace , Antoine , Cass , Element , JT , Juulz , Lex Laziruzz , Marcus , Mike
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Da Hating Game

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First there are kisses, then there are sighs.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Jalin Fuentes and Pittbull Productions continue their winning streak producing very hot blatino movies. Many people typically skip over the films that do not have their main star Tiger Tyson pointing off the boxcover, which often is a mistake. Case in point: Da Hating Game, a five episode movie starring New York City urban types, many completely new faces to film.

The movie's main player is a sweet number named J.T., a broad shouldered black guy with a big boy butt. Perhaps it is his hairstyle, but J.T. closely bears a very close look to Pittbull's earlier top dawg Supreme (Love of the Dick series). However there is one big difference between them. This sexy stud is a black powerbottom - his bootie gets pounded long and hard in both of his scenes.

J.T. meets up with the very tall and skinny "Ace", a cocky humongously endowed top, who always keeps his ball cap on his head. Fans of New York City urban porn will recognize Ace from his talkative interview and sex segment in Michael Lucas' Auditions Vol. 22, where he performs under the name Uncle Luc.

Ace sucks J.T.'s cock up until it's fully hard - an impressive piece of thick meat with a heavy foreskin wrapped tightly over the head. True to form, Ace mounts J.T. from behind, hitting his smooth, wide ass with eager thrusts.

Sporting a great tattoo across his upper back, J.T. is a very hot guy to watch get fucked.

After this comes a pair of dirty talking, scruffy faced guys (Antoine and Mike) who decide to give up watching tv for some sexplay. These guys seem to really turn each other on with every new action. Antoine turns into a total cat while bottoming, purring an endless stream of verbal encouragement, motivating Mike to ram him in even more positions. Mike uses Antoine as his cum rag.

Lex Laziruzz in Da Hating Game

After this we are treated to an encore performance from J.T., who knocks at the door of poet Lex Laziruzz just as he spins out some of his new rap lyrics. (You'll have to watch the film to hear the rap)

This is Laziruzz's first performance since Tiger Tyson "took him down" in the first episode of Take 'Em Down. Laziruss has had a good three years to resurrect his body, as well as grow his hair out to a pony tail. Laziruzz loves to kiss. He and J.T. make out at length before the dick sucking.

After some rimming and sixty-nining, Laziruss pins J.T. down on the couch, he feet pushed up high into the air. In arguably the high point of the entire film, Laziruzz shows off his top skills, moving the butch bottom through an around the world of anal positions. After taking it in positions all over the living room, J.T. cums while getting fucked.

Next, the light skinned Element talks the dark chocolate skinned Marcus into sucking his dick. Each guy kneels before the other and gets to work. Their impressive cocks blossom fully off of their curvaceous, smooth bodies.

A bit of ass eating follows, but these two guys really earn their pay once they start fucking. They move through a very energetic, frenzied flip-flop session, with each guy showing off their hotness as both topman and pig bottom.

Element's big ass impressively swallows Marcos' big thrusts. Fans of the guys' skin color contrast and versatile sex will dig this episode.

Juulz Serves Up Thug Porn

The movie ends on just as hot a note when Juulz discovers Cass hiding under his bed. Cass is very submissive, chowing down on Juulz' soda can sized meat pushing all the way to the back of his throat.

Juulz is a pretty small guy, whose rigid cock looks like a third arm curving up from between his legs. After a lengthy oral workout, Juulz drills Cas to the music of his audible squealing and gasping.

Cass ultimately takes it like a champ, the hottest visual showing him riding on top as Juulz slides the full length of his meat in and out of his oiled hole.

Da Hating Game is loaded with hot visuals with giant black cocks. J.T. seems to be a very impressive new bottom to watch, as well as soda can Juulz. You are not going to be hatin' on the sweaty sex these guys are doing.

Da Hating Game Photos:

Lex Laziruzz plays Da Hating GameWatch VOD or Naked Sword
Laziruzz sucks on J.T.
Da Hating Game snapshotWatch VOD or Naked Sword
J.T. rims Laziruzz
Element holds Marcus in Da Hating GameWatch VOD or Naked Sword
Element holds Marcus
Juulz above Cass in Da Hating GameWatch VOD or Naked Sword
Juulz above Cass
Mike and Antoine in Da Hating GameWatch VOD or Naked Sword
Mike and Antoine

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