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Czech Is in the Male

Wim Hof
All Worlds Video  
Andel , Jirka , Martin Pravda , Pavel Dubcek , Pavel Korsakov , Tabor Schindler
Czech BoysSolos

Czech Is in the Male

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Richly Photographed Czech Solos

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

William Higgins, using the name Wim Hof, takes his creative ability to new heights in a beautiful collection of solos entitled Czech Is In The Male. Filmed in the Czech Republic, the film takes full advantage of the picturesque country and the beautiful men living there.

In this work, Hof gathers six European European types and allowed them to experience the joys of self-pleasure in a half-dozen leisurely solos, each of which is longer than typically found in USA videos.

In this case, none of the models overstay their welcome.

Pavel Dubcek Solo

The first scene features Pavel Dubcek, who is found in the countryside, going to the remains of a deserted stable. Dubcek casually slips off his shorts, sits down, and proceeds to make love to himself. A romantic, lush music underscores the mood.

His erection is instantly rockhard, standing tall through most of the scene. He leisurely works himself to orgasm, detouring to play with his ass.

The second man to perform is lanky brunet Martin Pravda, first seen in the boots, cammies and green beret of the Czech military. Strolling through what looks like a bombed out church, he stops to have a cigarette. He strips, first checking to make sure he is alone.

In not hurry to reach orgasm, he works on himself using a variety of rhythms and techniques. Wandering through the walkways, he stops now and then to jack himself, or toy with his foreskin. Eventually he settles in to finish himself off.

During his money shot, he stares directly into the camera.

The third episode features a beefy Czech named Milan, who also appears in uniform, strolling through the woods to a bluff overlooking a river. He also works the camera with piercing green cat eyes. His naked performance is perfect exhibitionism, and his money shot seems endless.

Next is the broadshouldered brunet Pavel Korsokov who is first seen barechested in workout pants on a ladder. Korsakov easily coaxes his meat to full mast. With his long legs spread wide, he divides his gave between his erection and the camera.

He works his erection, eventually moving to play with his ass, fingering himself to a copious money shot.

Andel Solo

The fifth sequence stars the popular Andel, seen here in a woodyard, plopping down on the woodpile. Soon he is naked, washing himself up at a nearby rain barrel. Like the previous models, he seems to enjoy not only plesuring himself, but also sharing the experience with the camera.

He works over his own ass, first with his fingers, and then with a dildo. His load flows out like lava.

To conclude the film, a wellbuilt, dirty blond named Jirka walks into a deserted greenhouse. His well-toned body matches his enticing face. Pulling his erection out of his khaki boxers, he whacks himself with a loose grip. Jirka strolls, stands, sits, stops, shows his ass, all with a full erection. He delivers a splattery money shot, and then wanders out as casually as he wanders in.

Wim Hof's eye for atmospheric images and delicious-looking men is fine. Viewers will enjoy the richness and serenity of Czech Is in the Male.

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Porn star Andel

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