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Czech Boys Exposed

Roman Senko
Galaxy Entertainment  
Bill Blaster , Kenzo Kan , Paolo Cardani , Rohn John , Ronno Lenoa , Rossi , Sergio Normann , Thomas Black
Czech BoysHorsehungHunks

Czech Boys Exposed

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Hidden Screen Gems from the Czech Republic

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

One of my favorite things about this job is to discover a completely missed movie, and enjoy the opportunity to publicize it to porn viewers. Czech Boys Exposed is such a film. Czech movies are a dime a dozen, and of varying quality. Good ones are easy to miss, while bad ones with flashy covers often steal away attention.

Czech Boys Exposed contains a beautiful cast of models, many of whom have appeared together in High Octane and Tribal Pulse titles. Many of them also bareback with each other in the equally good HDK International dvd's like Hung Hotel. Here the models frolic in the rooms of a remote farmhouse, and all four action scenes are memorable. Thomas Black and Rossi (Boys Night Out) arrive early at their friend's house. Note, this movie was filmed during some chilly cold central European weather. Unknowingly, they are at the wrong house. After breaking inside, they avail themselves of a room, and have sex on an extended, comfy brown couch. A little reasearch on friskyfans yielded the unbelievable information that these two studmuffins have not had sex together, despite appearing together in the numerous movies.

Thomas Black tops in Czech Boys ExposedWatch VOD
Thomas Black tops Rossi

This tryst is worth the wait. Rossi slides down the couch so his beefy ass can swallow-up Black long pole sideways. Rossi's tight musclerump thrills to the pokeing and prodding. The lankier Black is a fiery top who drills him with gusto. They switch to Rossi sitting down on Black from above, who he rides happily at length. They both shoots heavy, gooey money shots easily from their pricks in rapid succession.

Next, Paolo Cardani and Kenzo Kan gets frisky in another room of the house. Cardini spreads his ass apart, revealing two welcoming buttcheeks as Kan fingers him. Kan impales his with his thick, curved cock, and many viewers will enjoy the tufts of black hair running down the top's ass, balls and legs.

Their doggie screw gives way to Cardani riding it up and down, his long lean legs in full view. Kan loves it so much he waits almost too long to throw the bottom off and pull his rubber off before ejaculating.

Czech Boys Exposed's Hottest Sex

The third scene is a sizzling sequence between boxcover stud Sergio Normann and Ronno Leona. Leona takes up the doggie position in a chair, bracing against a table. His muscular ass provides welcome entertainment to the tattooed Normann's thick shaft. The muscular Normann, with a swirling tattoo spinning down his right arm, is one of the hottest model discoveries out of the Czech Republic. His cock enlarges a bit and turns a shade more purple as he cums. Leona covers his own belly with hot jizm. This scene is arguably the high point of the film.

Do not count out the last scene though. Donkey-dicked Bill Blaster (aka Jiri Suchanek in HDK's Spellbound Cummandos) gets his schlong worked over by the cute Rohn John ( On the Road to Prague). Nice camerawork shows him lathering the towering prick.

John's own penis isn't tiny by any means. However Blaster spends most of his time burying himself deep inside John's hairy buns, up to his tight balls. After screwing in two positions, Blaster lives up to his name by raining hot seed down onto the bottom, who than finishes with his own nice money shot onto his muscular abs.

Czech Boys Exposed takes Shakespeare's penchant for characters enjoying the farce of mistaken locations to a new level. Here the boys have hot sex in the houses of complete strangers. The result is almost an hour and a half of hot action by some very attractive models.

Czech Boys Exposed Photos:

Czech Boys Exposed Sex SceneWatch VOD
Sergio Normann tops Ronno Leona
Paolo Cardani and Kenzo KanWatch VOD
Paolo Cardani sucks Kenzo Kan

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