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Current Affairs

John Rutherford
Falcon Studios   FVP116
Brennan Foster , Brian Daniels , Jean Rivera , Jeremy Penn , Kyle Becker , Marco Antonio , Mike Branson ,

Current Affairs

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Jeremy Penn and Mike Branson are the cream of the crop

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Falcon Studios's Current Affairs includes a fine cast that was the cream of the crop in 1998.

This includes the real-life Argentine lovers Marco Antonio and Jean Rivera. Brunet studmuffins Brian Daniels and Kyle Becker, hot blonde bottom newcomer Brennan Foster and stunning Marine Rod Barry also appeared. And then there are the two Falcon superstars, bombshell Jeremy Penn (Hot Wheels) and glamour-god Mike Branson, who literally topped off the movie.

The result is a slick, glossy production full of great pairing and sizzling moments.

Porn Star Jeremy PennWatch on or Watch VOD
Porn Star Jeremy Penn
Current Affairs begins with boyfriends Kyle Becker and Marco Antonio (Steal the Night) in bed playing a game of true confessions. The first confession comes from Becker, who describes an awesome encounter he had with Mike Branson.

Flashing back, Becker drools over the resting giant, who is wearing a skimpy blue and white bikini that barely hides his big bone. Branson awakens, and asks Becker if he would like to see it. Naturally Becker agrees.

Becker soon is licking and sucking the tool as best he can. Branson is a studly jock with a perfect body, who it turns out is a warm and affectionate top as well. Branson teases Becker by slapping his tool on the bottom's ass, which soon is stretching wide taking Branson to the hilt.

Becker finished by bouncing up and down on it, resulting in their mutual unloading of hot, white cream.

Marco Antonio's Love Dream

Next, it is Antonio's turn for a true confession. He describes watching Jeremy Penn and Brian Daniels (California Kings) getting frisky behind a barn. Watching these two gorgeous guys is something else. Daniels feasts on the delectable Penn, who moans with delight. Penn stretches Daniels' hole with his fingers, shortly followed by his own nice dick.

Penn tops his both missionary and doggie style. The ravishing, yet limited, Penn is a perfect match for the insatiable, pouty Daniels.

After trading stories, Antonio and Becker pretend to fall asleep. They independently sneak out for some side action. Antonio hooks up with Jean Rivera and Brennan Foster in a scorching three-way. Antonio and Rivera, real life lovers display high sexual energy, and the addition of Foster adds to the sexual heat.

Their sex is intense and loads copious, indicating that they clearly mean it.

Dominate me, Rod Barry!
Meanwhile Becker goes to get a ride from Rod Barry. He teases Becker by shoving his crotch in his face. Then Barry shoves a buttplug up his own ass, making Becker literally beg for it. Soon, the horned up Becker licks the sweat off Barry's face, and the stroke themselves to climax.

This is a fascinating scene juxtaposing Barry's forceful dominance with Becker's willing submission.

Eventually, Becker and Antonio tiptoe back to bed. They clearly are in the mood for sex, not slumber. The two then take turns topping each other in a sensuous, passionate episode, finished by splashy, big loads.

Every available ounce of sexual energy is squeezed out of this superb cast by director John Rutherford and his able crew. In the case of the Falcon films, when they combine a fine cast with a nice script, they always stand out.

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Current Affairs Photos:

Mike Branson behind Kyle BeckerWatch on or Watch VOD
Mike Branson behind Kyle Becker
Jeremy Penn over Brian DanielsWatch on or Watch VOD
Jeremy Penn over Brian Daniels
Kyle Becker sucks Mike BransonWatch on or Watch VOD
Kyle Becker sucks Mike Branson

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