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Cumsloppy Buttholes

Paul Morris
Treasure Island Media  
Andrew Saks , Axle Powers , Big Vinny , Billy Fosh , Connor Madison , Deek Manning , Jesse Otoole , Joe Sarge , Jynx , Lee Clifford , Marc Hamilton , Peter Parker , Robbie Wood , Rod Fulton , Ross X , Sean Storm , Steven Trotter , Troy James , Wade Stone , Zak Raven
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Cumsloppy Buttholes

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Sean Storm and Dawson get cumsloppy

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Treasure Island Media films are not porn, philosophically speaking. In many ways, they fall into the category of art. Porn is viewed as titillating adult entertainment. However this studio's releases are better defined as projects, like an art project. The producers begin with what-if scenarios: Let's see how many loads a guy can get in a weekend. Let's see a boy eat cum all day, in as many creative ways possible. Etc.

Cum Sloppy Buttholes fuses the dirty mindedness of porn, taking it to a never before seen height of thrilling excitement. Paul Morris and gang go to Chicago's ILM LeatherFest to document what happens when two blue ribbon pigbottoms are unleashed. The movie marks the return of Dawson, who wowed everyone in Dawson's 20 Load Weekend. He is a true convert to the world of cum junkie.

If anyone speculated as to whether he satiated his seamen appetite in the last film, that question is answered here. The fact of the matter is, once you start, you cannot stop wanting more and more. Like the girl vampire evilly said: I want more. In an exciting crossover, porn bottom Sean Storm teams up with Dawson, really giving him a run for his money. Storm's bubblebutt happily takes all cocks, and it has the working ability to draw cum of them easily.

Basically this DVD shows these guys in heaven. The movie is filled with memorable moments from beginning to end. In its opening shot, topdawg Jesse O'Toole (Legendary Studs: Jesse O'Toole) screws Dawson against the high-rise window of a hotel, out in the open hallway. The city of Chicago moves outside. At one point a hotel guest emerges from the elevator and approaches them. Everyone is giddy and having a great time.

The movie is just starting and before the top even sticks it in, Dawson's ass is already full of cum. O'Toole's meat is visibly coated with creamy jizz from other guys, some of which runs out to the carpet.

Sean Storm and Dawson bareback gang bangWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Sean Storm and Dawson take all cummers
The first scene ends with O'Toole taking Dawson into a guest room where he works his magic on Dawson's ass one-on-one. O'Toole is quickly building up a big following. He can wield that big thick cock like a pro. He cums a lot, and he knows where bottoms want him to shoot. First Dawson sits down on it, but mostly O'Toole works it missionary, enveloping the bottom with his big arching body and thrusting hips.

He blows a big load in him, making Dawson's cumsloppy hole even sloppier.

The next scene is a condom free four-way with O'Toole, Storm, plus Marc Hamilton and Zak Raven, who are real life lovers. The participants easily follow a division of labor here. Hamilton, a scruffy faced dishwater blond, deeply inhales O'Toole's cock in long slow movements. Raven lathers Storm's upturned hole on the adjacent bed.

Storm, a whirling dervish, who always has happy-go-lucky grin on his face, is a real acrobat. He stands with his ass level for any required position. Raven and O'Toole have equally hefty cocks, and they both drill the bottoms side-to-side. The tops turn and kiss, the bottoms turn and kiss. It is easy to fast forward to the main orgy scene, but actually this is a fine time to watch in great detail some hot butt pounding.

Raven carries a big sack of balls on him, and they slap down on Storm's cheeks, lube running out. Storm gets Raven's hot injection in full up his ass. He then sucks more of the cum off the top's dick. Finished, the two gather around O'Toole and Hamilton. O'Toole cums inside Hamilton, whose boyfriend is standing right there.

The next sequence, Public Stairwell Fuck, shows Dawson in his quest for seed at IML. Filmed literally in one of the hotels' public stairwells, Dawson gets pounded first by a taller, moustached guy. The top is replaced by Vinny, a burly daddy with a carpet of hair on his chest and stomach. He screws him with his big, uncut tool, pausing from time to time to sniff poppers.

He dumps inside Dawson. Next is a brief, but hot blowjob scene. Apparently Marc Hamilton needs more cum, so he blows Damon Dogg, who stands shirtless with his pants down to his ankles. Dogg shoots a big multi-spurt load into Hamilton's hungry mouth. This is a brief, enjoyable appetizer for what follows.

All Day Bareback Gangbang Party

The film's "piece de resistance" is Sean Storm and Dawson's all-day bareback party. For the movie, the screen is divided in half. Two independent threads from the two cameras run simultaneously. One is the Storm side, and the second is the Dawson side, although there is lots of co-mingling.

The end result is a scene the magnitude of which has never been captured on film. The bottoms take guy after guy, load after load. It is a marathon event. For a full twenty six minutes, the camera records Storm and Dawson getting slammed all over their hotel room. Cum flies everywhere, what doesn't go into their asses and mouths. In a memorable moment, Storm opens his creamed ass to the camera, which is frothing with spooge. It's running down all over their balls and hips.

The sequence is edited highlights of a day long event, so the double-threaded finished product packs a finely edited punch. Apparently some of the tops returned later in the day to blow loads a second or third time, and the bottoms are delighted to accommodate repeat customers.

Each twenty six minute thread plays by itself in full screen on the DVD extras, making just the EXTRAS of the DVD an astounding fifty-two minutes of bareback orgy action. This orgy scene must be seen to be believed.

Sean Storm meets Jesse O'Toole

Just when the viewer is left breathless, the DVD ends with a one-on-one finale. Sean Storm finally gets solitary screen time with Jesse O'Toole. Storm clearly relishes the opportunity to get his hole worked over by the pro. After some sweet kissing, O'Toole cock visibly oozes pre-cum at the prospect of filling Storm's drain. On his back, legs in the air, Storm quakes and moans as he feels O'Toole working around inside him. Another hot moment shows Storm's bubblebutt swallowing O'Toole's meat as he sits on it, taking it to the balls. When O'Toole orgasms deep inside Storm, they both visibly experience the force.

In an unrelated DVD extra, the Treasure Island team invades Man Country, a local bathhouse, where Dawson and Storm happily get more hot cock from several faceless guys. All-out, wild, uninhibited sex capped with spewing seed into butts: this is a riveting sport. The cast here are total pros. Watching them playing at full tilt makes for remarkable filmwork, appearing on screen for the first time with accuracy and clarity.

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Cumsloppy Buttholes Photos:

Jesse O'Toole barebacks DawsonWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Dawson rides Jesse O'Toole
Jesse O'Toole barebacks Sean StormWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Sean Storm takes Jesse O'Toole
Sean StormWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Sean Storm presents his cumsloppy hole

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