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Cum on My Face

Keith Miller
Studio   HX08
Andrew Smith , Brendan Bond , Brian Shelton , Derek Holmes , Jacob Daniels , Jonathon Starr , Joshua Knight , Rick Cyr , Sebastian Cole
OrgyTwinks, AmericanCum Eating

Cum on My Face

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Twinks insist: Cum on My Face!

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Where do they want you to cum? Helix Studios's eighth release explores the answer to this timeless question in their new twink flick Cum on My Face. Most of the sperm spewed here goes facial, and a good bit of it is swallowed as well. The producers have lined up nine enticing models, all eager bottoms and spunky tops.

After four one-on-ones, the movie culminates with a great four way episode which is inarguably the climax of the film.

The all-boy review starts with two new faces: Cure brunet Joshua Knight and blondie bottomboy Jacob Daniels. Daniels sports a near smooth body capped by shaved pubes and a round ass that is ripe for pumping. Their hottest position has him getting it on his back with Knight panting over him. After this, Daniels rides it on top. Knight then delivers the first of the movie's cum facials.

The second scene introduces another set of newbies: Brian Shelton and Andrew Smith. Shelton is yet another pasty white bottom. Smith is a cutie who gives it to him missionary style, pumping hard and kissing him. Shelton gazes up, holding his mouth open and Smith stands over it announcing his imminent release of hot balljuice. Getting a nice mess everywhere, this is probably the hottest cum shot of the movie.

Jacob Daniels underneath Joshua KnightWatch on HelixStudios
Jacob Daniels underneath Joshua Knight
The next scene begins with boxcoverboy Jonathon Starr rolling around the bed exposing his butt through a pair of 2(X)ist underwear. This draws the attention of Brendan Bond, a lean, mean fucking machine first introduced in Twink Juice.

They suck on each other's lovesticks. Bond takes control by putting him flat on his stomach and nailing his ass to the bed. Bond gets the award for the Helix pornstar with the biggest balls. The high point has Starr getting slammed from the side, as he holds his leg up high stroking his hard-on.

Then as if things couldn't get hotter, they flip-flop so that Bond can lose his on-screen cherry. Starr, who seems to be equally as home topping as bottoming, is very hot to watch. He shoots while getting pounded, and then sucks Bond off with his big load going all over his face and down his throat.

Brendan Bond can cum on my face

The next scene beings bottomboy blondie Jacob Daniels out for an encore. He is worked over by brunet Sebastian Cole, who sucks his long cock before screwing him. Cole buries his hefty pole inside, while Daniels stays rock hard throughout. They hump in several positions. Daniels easily cums while riding his partner. Cole then cums on his face.

The movie's grand finale brings four studlets together for a rollicking sex session. There is bad boy Starr and Bond from earlier, coupled with Derek Holmes and perennial Cuban top Rick Cyr (Twinkalicious). The guys are arranged on couches watching straight porn when Starr takes it upon himself to suck all their dicks. After that, he presents his own big hard-on as thunder dramatically crashes just outside the window.

The boys all start kissing and sucking each other. Then, in an homage to Dueling Banjos, Cyr and Bond sit side by side and Starr and Holmes bounce up and down on their dicks. The break-out mega bottom here ends up being Holmes, who is a real cutie. All of his friends bang him. In fact they all get so carried away that everyone ends up bottoming for each other, except for Cyr, whose hole must be exit only.

Starr cannot stop sucking Cole's big long cock after he cums. Holmes laps up the jizz off the head of Starr's cock, at least the creamy portions which did not spray up onto his face. Kudos to Helix for capturing a down n' dirty twink four way to film. It ends up being a rich and satisfying dessert after a most enjoyable full course meal.

The DVD also contains a number of hot previews.

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Cum on My Face Photos:

Jonathan Starr works Derek HolmesWatch on HelixStudios
Jonathan Starr works Derek Holmes, Brendan Bond and Rick Cyr
Joshua Knight blows Jacob DanielsWatch on HelixStudios
Joshua Knight blows Jacob Daniels

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