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Cum Filled Manholes

Chad Ryan
Satyr Films  
Antonio , Erin , Mark , Rock Bottom , T.J.
Amateurs / First TimersBareback SexKink / SextoysLatinosStraight GuysRimmingCum Eating

Cum Filled Manholes

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A nasty creamy affair starring mask wearing Rock Bottom.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Satyr Films' Cum Filled Manholes exploits a variety of fetishes and as such will appeal to more than just the casual viewer. As the title implies there's some hot barebacking action, specifically concerning seed on, and in, holes as you might guess. Toy play abounds as well, so if dildos and assplay are your thing you will be well catered with this movie. And there's something different about the men in the movie.

With the exception of the bearded stocky mask wearing regular Rock Bottom (Porn Star Gang Bang - Alan Gregory) who acts as the top in all of the scenes except his own, the other men are all straight guys coaxed into hardcore perverted acts on camera all in the name of the greenback.

"Mark" opens with the camera panning over an array of sex toys on a bed, some long skinny dildos, a thick fat butt plug and a huge purple monster. We then meet Mark, a salt and pepper haired attractive Frenchman who, when interviewed on camera states that he is straight but willing to take anything up his ass for some money. He promptly bends over, opens his smooth peachy ass, and the fun begins.

Rock gets that hole well lubed up, inserting one, then two fingers, while instructing Mark to open himself up. He's soon sliding in one of the black lengthy dildos, not too thick but lengthy as shit, which Rock snakes up inside him. Well opened now, Mark takes inch upon inch of this dildo which gently caresses his inner manhood. Rock jumps on top, squatting over his protruding ass and sliding his uncovered prick deep inside him for a solid sloppy fucking. Rock wants him on his back now, and he gets Frenchie to spread his legs for his fattie of a cock.

Noticing how loose he's made Mark's hole already, Rock reinserts the dildo and then slides his own phallus back inside Mark's ass - really getting his money's worth out of this straight guy. He shoots a massively thick wad all over his butt, plays with it with his fingers, letting it dribble inside in one creamy ass climax.

"Erin" has a mildly hairy chest and a look of innocence about him and is also interviewed on camera (he's never had his ass played with before we discover) after we've spotted a huge collection of dildos in the room. Rock brings him a triangular support so his rump is sticking up for easy access. Rock is at full mast as he pummels this guy with a perfect pale hairless ass, using a handled object which gets in extremely deep into this moaning mess of a guy on the bed.

Rock's wide raw cock is next, wider than the dildo, and assaulting Erin with more force and veracity than he did with Mark in the previous scene. It slides in easy, and bad boy Rock cums inside Erin's hole and we watch his dick working the spooge in and out with a hot sticky close-up courtesy of directors Chad Ryan (Bareback Pornstar Gangbang) and Nick Cutts. Rock turns his manhole inside out and wiiide open. This is just as well considering whats coming next.

That grossly oversized dildo we were teased with when the camera first panned the room is now put to use. It is certainly one of the hugest toys on the market, and it's a miracle straight guy Erin agrees to have it used on him.

But used it is, and if you're a toy freak you've got to see this sequence. Erin's cries of pain are quite real and quite justified for something of that width and length, and he's rightfully hesitant when, having been fucked with it, Rock wants to take it out. Erin has been butt butchered and stretched beyond comprehension. There's a painful cry, the huge head plops out, and we see his wide open hole in all its glory. Rock talks him into spreading open his sore rear end, and he jerks out a creamy present for him, which lands right in the still winking cavern.

"Rock" is the bottom for the next scene, with a cute youthful Hispanic named TJ topping for him. Rock's camera interview reveals he has a girlfriend, which is why he wears the facemask in the movies he stars in. TJ bends him over on the bed and gets to work on his hole, with fingers, dildo and a large string of anal beads. Once Rock is supple enough, TJ pulls out the beads, lubes him up some more and sticks his cock in for a nice bare shag with his hard cut meat. Its back in with a dildo, and a tighter squeeze still when TJ sticks his prick back up there with the toy still inserted into Rocks crevice.

In one of the most depraved moments of the movie TJ reinserts the beads and shoots right on Rock's ass, reentering his now cummy hole. The beads are still up there and the toy string hanging out. TJ fucks all that cum back inside and its a nasty messy affair. The string is then pulled and out come those spunk covered balls, which TJ licks them one by one they leave Rock's manpussy.

"Antonio" is our next straight slut, a handsome Latino with feline paws tattooed on his chest, a nice looking cock and a cheeky smile framed in a short goatee. Antonio needs to pay rent, so here he is, bending over for a lube up from Rock in front of the cameras.

Rock works in a double headed dong for a short while, but Antonio is too cute for his cock to resist, so he pulls it out and gives introduces his new friend to something even better - his bare cock.

He gives handsome Antonio a full workout with his fat shaft, pounding him this way and that way and forgetting about the toys altogether. With Antonio back on his front, Rock loses his load (you can tell he likes Antonio the best) while still inside him, but as he pulls out a massive waterfall of jizz spews and drips down Antonio's ass. But Rock can't help himself and he keeps fucking away while he's still shooting, coating Antonio's manhole with juice inside and out. There's some excellent chemistry between this pair and it's a great scene.

Last but not least cute boy "TJ" returns from scene three in a role reversal with Rock. After some on screen questioning about his sexuality, Rock uses some lube and one of the handled dildos on the boy before sliding inside for a bareback pounding. Unlike the other scenes where toys do most of the work, its Rock's girthy cock that truly gets the smooth nip pierced TJs boybutt wide open, as he flips him from back to front again and again until his little hole is not so tight anymore - it's gaping.

Rock sees this as a chance to leave his mark on the boy, and he spurts all over his orifice, rubbing it in with his cockhead, and then tonguing at his well seeded bottom in a debauched end to the movie.

But if you're still not satisfied Satyr have laid on over ten minutes of extra footage PER model in their bonus section. So we get to see their asses worked with different toys that aren't in the main feature. We also learn something interesting about anal virgin TJ - he was given a safe word during shooting, and he used it during filming over twenty times! As well as these gems there are 7 hot Satyr trailers on the DVD.

Providing you're not adverse to Rock, who appears in every one of the scenes, and we can't see why you would be, Cum Filled Manholes is a hardcore nasty creamy affair to satisfy ass play enthusiasts, straight guy fetishists and bareback affectionados one and all.

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Rock Bottom

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