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Cum in My Hole Boss!

Dino Phillips
Tipo Sesso International  
Aiden , Casey Woods , Eric Estrada , Justin James , ,
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Cum in My Hole Boss!

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Erec Estrada insists: Cum in my hole, boss!

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

"Cum in My Hole, Boss!" We have all heard this verbal request at least once in our lives. So it naturally makes a perfect subject for the folks at Tipo Sesso to wrap an exciting new film around.

Director Dino Phillips, who seems to have been coaxed in the bareback porn by Sean Storm (Feeding Frenzy: Storm Chronicles 4, shows a workplace dominated by tools, monster cocks and power bottoms. This sexy spectecle is augmented by the casting of numerous popular bareback models, such as porn star Erec Estrada, ravenous bottom boy Orion Cross and the aptly named Casey Wood. If it were not for the poor video quality of the last scene, this film would go down as easily as Tipo Sesso's groundbreaking movie Barebacking Across America. We will get that that in more detail shortly.

Fortunately there is a lot to like about all of the other episodes.

Phillips casts impressive newcomer Justin James in the first scene with barebacking veteran Luke Cross. (Asses Full of Cum) Sitting in the boss' chair, James motions him into his private office where Cross gets on his knees. He works James up to a very impressive length. James, a New Yorker, will certainly have a nice long career with that dick.

Erec Estrada points to Orion CrossWatch Now
Erec Estrada points
to Orion Cross

After James sticks it in and fucks him for awhile, the full, impressive beauty of James' full body shines. His muscular ass gyrates back and forth to the music of Cross' encouraging moans. After this, he plows Cross on the couch.

True to the title's promise, James pulls out and starts cumming. He sticks it back in so that lots of cum gets inside. Cross loves every minute of it, ordering the top to stay in and keep going, which very quickly brings him to erupting his own torrent of jizz from his pierced dick.

After this, Erec Estrada seems to be whacking his meat to porn while on the job. Now, Estrada's extensive work history has been the source of many great films. [Erec Estrada's Workplace Saga Friskynews Blog] He has one more job for employee Orion Cross, and it starts with a blowjob.

Estrada leans back looking very happy to have his dick sucked, it grows very big. Cross bobs on it to the point of gagging. Estrada's best film moments tend to revolve around him bottoming, so it is a very pleasant surprise watching him pound the daylights out of Cross.

Their sex together, spearheaded by Estrada's quiet yet intense fucking skills is one of the film's best moments. At one point, Cross cups his cock and balls with one hand while he slides up and down in Estrada's inviting lap. Cross gets to enjoy his boss cumming in his hole, and as in the first scene, very easily gets himself off immediately afterwards, dousing his belly with a copious multi-spurt money shot.

Justin James bosses around Aiden

James seems to be on a workplace rampage. Later, he discovers Aiden mucking about in the back room, where he decides the best use of his time on the clock should be spending it lathering his cock. Wearing his jeans, his prick pops out of his open zipper.

After sucking on Aiden, he wags his penis around in the air, drawing the blond's mouth to it like a Divining rod. Great camera angles show him slurping on it.

James spreads apart Aiden's butt cheeks and sticks his tongue deep inside. After this delightful rimming sequence, Aiden gets the full length of his boss' cock rammed into him.

His body almost completely hairless, Aiden balances himself up between the warehouse shelving so that James can throw him a real acrobatic fuck. Wearing nothing but a gold medallion dangling from a necklace, these naked boys put on another one of the film's fine shows.

During this scene, the unforgettable image shows Aiden spread wide, pubes shaved and erection swinging in circles to the beat of James on his backside. And if that is not enough, there are extensive views from directly underneath, as well as more of Aiden sprawled naked atop some storage boxes. These shots make finishing this episode in one sitting very difficult.

Aiden has a very worked over and wet hole by scene's end.

As mentioned earlier, the last scene unfortunately looks like the camera filming was improperly configured. In a grainy sequence, Estrada returns to get his latin ass reamed royally by Casey Woods' eleven inch cock. Woods has been working out his cock in many bareback movies lately (Jarod Steele's Buckets of Cum).

Estrada deep throats his snake with vigor, making it really long and fat. Then Estrada sits down on Woods' lap, stuffing it inside using his own hands. His ass stretches out easily enough, bucking up and down the full length.

Woods tops him in several positrons until he blows an internal cum shot into him, pulling out to show Estrada's cum oozing hole.

Even with the grainy photography, watching Erec Estrada bottom is incredibly hot. All in a day's work. We hope to see more movies of Estrada's upside down employment saga, replete with loads of cum and more wild barebacking.

Cum in My Hole Boss! Photos:

Justin James nails Luke CrossWatch Now
Justin James nails Luke Cross
Justin James nails AidenWatch Now
Justin James nails Aiden
Erec Estrada and Casey Wood Watch Now
Erec Estrada and Casey Wood
Justin James in Cum in My Hole Boss! Cum in My Hole Boss! Office Antics
Justin James carries Aiden

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