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Cruising Budapest 5: The Mangiatti Twins

Michael Lucas
Lucas Entertainment  
Fabrizio Mangiatti , Fernando Mangiatti , Flavio Valentino , Jack Laurel , , Michael Lucas , Peter Shadow , , ,
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Cruising Budapest 5: The Mangiatti Twins

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Europa and the Ass Pirate Twins

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Fabrizio and Fernando Mangiatti are real life twins who have made a big splash appearing together in gay adult movies across the continent. In many situations like this, the guys get hired out of desperation by the studio desperately seeking a marketing angle. But the Mangiatti twins are notable for being both attractive, sharing a close set of looks and a willingness to perform as top or bottom.

These two really are difficult to appropriate. Most of the time the only way to distinguish them while naked is by examining the tattoos on their arms. The guys have performed under a vast array of aliases: the "too loose" Lautrac brothers in Bel Ami's Flings 2, the Lynch brothers for High Octane (Swim Meat 2: Twin Towers and as the Lacroix brothers in Studio 2000's Twin Devils).

During the past year, the guys' surname somehow finally settled on Mangiatti, hence all the recent buzz regarding "The Mangiatti Twins." For this installment of the Cruising Budapest series, Cruising Budapest 5, Lucas scores big with not only this pair, but also by casting numerous top notch sex machine Hungarian models. (Powerhouses like these were noticeably absent in the last Cruising Budapest movie)

Everything begins as Peter Shadow is forced to drop everything after falling under the spell of Rick Bauer's beautiful ass. Bauer lays in bed, flat on his stomach. His perfect butt screams for attention through his tight white underwear.

Fucking the Mangiatti Twinks Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Michael Lucas and Steve Hunt
top the Mangiatti Twins
Flavio Valentino and Jack Laurel Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Flavio Valentino tops Jack Laurel
Shadow, a sexy shaven headed top with a dick that sticks straight up in the air like a space needle, rouses Bauer awake, and they they trade hot blowjobs via a sixty-nine. Shadow also seems to relish having his ass eaten. And he certainly has no complaints when Bauer slides down on his cock.

As always, Bauer looks fabulous getting fucked, particularly while riding him so that his beautiful inner thighs remain spread for the camera. Once finished, they lay shoulder to shoulder to shoot their white, milky loads.

Welcome Back, Jack Laurel!

After this, Lucas keeps things humming by filming a one on one encounter between Jack Laurel and Flavio Valentino. Now, Laurel has always been under appreciated, often lost to other more prolific tops and bottoms in Hungary. This scene will be a real treat for Laurel fans, starting with the cute smile he flashes Valentino to invite him over.

Laurel is one of the generation of models that Csaba Borbely uses frequently, but has since stopped. He arguably looks better, and more real then his days on the boxcover of Chisled.

Flavio Valentino, sporting signature wavy brown hair, is a perfect match to Laurel. Both engage in sex that is very masculine and very generous, and so seamless that they effortlessly segue from sucking each other to fucking each other in a wonderful flip flop.

Laurel in particular gives a hot pounding to Valentino's hairy ass. He finishes by milking a heavy load of cream onto Valentino's shaved chest.

Steve Hunt is a prolific sex performer, sexually adept at anything. A short guy, who answers in his model interview that he is gay, Hunt has one of the best looking cocks in the entire cast. (His four way where he and Lucio Maverick top the American tourists in Hostile is unforgettable.

Hunt has his hands full working over the stiff cocks of the Mangiatti twins, as well eating both of their assess alternately. After reaming them simultaneously with a black double ended dildo, Lucas arrives to help out the overwhelmed Hunt.

The twins lays together in the center of the bed, intertwined, facing each other, as Lucas and Hunt enter their rear ends. The guys enjoy dual fucking on the bed, where things look a little cramped, but they manage. Their four way continues with Hunt getting fucked as well until everybody cums.

Julian Vincenzo and Enrico Belaggio

The movie ends on a great note: Julian Vincenzo pounds the smaller Enrico Balaggio's man ass into pieces. After lots of sucking, as well as total top Vincenzo's asshole getting eaten, Belaggio lays back to get his brains hammered out by Hungary's wildly popular, seemingly indefatigable top man.

Despite coming in at the end of the movie, after the appearances of all the films stars, this arguably is the high point of the movie. Leaving the bottom's hole gaping wide open, Vincenzo never seems to disappoint.

Which one of the Mangiatti twins uses steriods? The extras disc for the movie contains twenty two minutes of interviews, plus a toilet pissing scene involving the Mangiatti twins. Model interviews are always something to look forward to in the Cruising Budapest films. They can be a surprising resource for learning more information about these models, particularly here where they live half a world away. For example, right off the bat one of the twins admits to using steriods in order to make his body larger. (Of course, remember this is in Hungary where the laws for such things are more relaxed than in the United States)

Still, we wished a little more time and thought had been put into the interviews for this disc. There's dogs running around. Everyone looks distracted and tired. How about some ages, birthplaces, etc? Many of these models have large bases of fans, judging just by their Yahoo fan groups. So this would be the models' first opportunity for any kind of candid interview conducted in English, and much appreciated by their fans.

Despite this last criticism, this visit to Budapest is one that will leave the viewers' Hungary appetites adequately filled.

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Cruising Budapest 5: The Mangiatti Twins Photos:

Rick Bauer bottoms Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Peter Shadow in Cruising Budapest 5 Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
The Mangiatti Twins and Michael Lucas Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Fabrizio and Fernando Mangiatti surround Michael Lucas

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