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Cruising Budapest 2: Ben Andrews

Michael Lucas
Lucas Entertainment  
Ben Andrews , , Evan Rochelle , George Vidanov , Ludovic Canot , Marcel Schlutt , Mario McGabe , Michael Lucas , , Ted Colunga
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Cruising Budapest 2: Ben Andrews

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George Vidanov entertains the Americans

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Grinning and in continuous good humor, Lucas Entertainment super model Ben Andrews looks very much like a quintessential American tourist. At the beginning of his vacation chronicle, Cruising Budapest 2: Ben Andrews, he and Michael Lucas arrive at to a lovely gay-owned guesthouse in the Hungarian countryside.

Lucas' recent films from Budapest are rewarding in several ways. First, his filmmaking style works well taking on the hot guys of the former Austria-Hungarian Empire. Already very popular models, Lucas films them in ways different then local directors like Csaba Borbely or Roland Dane.

Second, Lucas hires models who have been producing movies for years, and coaxes performances from them that are truly over the top. This is especially the case with Claudio Antonelli and George Vidanov. Antonelli's and Vidanov's world-wide legion of fans should not miss their flip-flop power fuck in Cruising Budapest 2: Ben Andrews, arguably the high point of the movie.

After checking in, it takes little time for Andrews to get propositioned by loitering locals. He takes newcomer Ludovic Canot back to his room, quickly downing his pants to show him his big American dick.

Canot soon positions himself: on his knees doggie style taking the full girth of Andrews up his pleasure hole.

Canot is a hot bottom to watch. He stays hard, and jacks himself as Andrews tops him. To finish, Andrews pulls out, and goes around to shoot his cream over Canot's face and mouth. Canot easily jacks out his own load.

George Vidanov in Cruising Budapest Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
George Vidanov
Ben Andrews Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Ben Andrews
Next, Lucas relaxes in the back yard, where he gets hit up by Marcel Schlutt for a massage. Meeting in Lucas' room, the German gives Lucas a message for about thirty seconds, followed with Lucas messaging Sclutt's slit for the rest of the scene.

They sixty-nine, but Lucas spends his usual time on his new friend's ass. Lucas plays with it, and rims it.

Lucas starts his ass attack by topping him with full, downward thrusts coming from directly above.

Schlutt has done a number of movies for Cazzo in Germany. He has that intense bottom look which many German Cazzo models have, and his interview with Lucas on the DVD extras is informative and interesting. Also, unlike the Hungarians, his English was good enough that they didn't need a translator.

Lucas tops Schlutt all over his bed, culminating with a money shot that the bottom takes in his mouth. Schutt cums with Lucas' dick in his ass.

Ben Andrews fucks the Hungarians. The movie's subsequent three scenes turn the heat up significantly. These include all the popular Hungarian porn stars, all coaxed to new sexual levels by director Lucas.

Andrews sits in a blue tiled indoor pool area watching Evan Rochelle give Mario McGabe (Hostile) a sensual, nude rub down. This opener showing Andrews watching the other two enjoy slow, sensual touching makes for a great build up.

Andrews and McGabe focus their attention on Rochelle's humongous uncut cock. It gives Andrews' dick a run for its money, and we've never seen it photographed any better.

Andrews screws McGabe missionary until the bottom splashes his cum all over his own belly. Then, Rochelle moves in, topping McGabe in rapid fire thrusts doggie style. McGabe gets off a second time. This all finishes with the memorable visual of both tops' two hung cocks spewing gobs of cream onto each side of McGabe's face.

Hungarian Porn Star Titans Power Fucking

The movie's final two scenes pair up Claudio Antonelli with George Vidanov, and Rick Bauer with Ted Colunga. Whoever your favorite of these models currently is, that will probably be the film's high point. Both episodes sizzle, and the guys go all out doing it all.

Vidanov (Sinema) did a number of films around 2002 and 2003, but has held off lately. We are happy to report that he has matured beautifully, looking more handsome then ever. His smile can melt ice, and his ass is arguably one of the hottest butts on the planet.

Antonelli, who Borbely has very much overexposed comes off here with a completely new wave of energy. Both guys are also interviewed in the DVD extras, giving fans a nice view of their real personalities, which seem quite endearing.

They movie through a hot session of sex in which both guys happily flip flop. Vidanov sits his butt down on Antonelli, riding him in his lap while seated on a sofa. Moving through different positions, they kiss, moan and sweat up a storm.

The finish laying side by side, jacking out hot loads, leaving themselves and the viewers completely drained. Kudos to the director for going half way around the world to capture this lightening in a bottle for fans to enjoy.

In the final episode, Ted Colunga enters a room to discover a sleeping Rick Bauer. Both started their careers famously cast as bottoms. (Who could forget Colunga's mass gang bang in High Octane's Underground?)

Over the past four years, both guys are nicely matured. Bauer still looks beautiful. Colunga's shaven head makes him look even more dominating.

Without speaking a word, both guys do a fantastic job fucking each other. First, Colunga slams his humongous, fat cock deep inside Bauer. Bauer takes his turn, throwing a very energetic ass pounding to the bigger Colunga. The high point shows Bauer topping Colunga on the floor, balanced on his shoulders, legs fully spread apart. Bauer also shoots the hottest money shot of the film.

It's all 100% pure Hungarian beef, sizzling to perfection.

The Director's Cut DVD includes a second disc, which displays the signature Lucas penchant for watersports. The best part of this disc for us is the cast interviews. The series continues with Cruising Budapest 3: Lucio Maverick.

Lucas and Andrews really did make the trip for the Cruising Budapest movies. Filled with many of the elements of the Fire Island Cruising movies, they fill two discs with lots of tricking, hooking up and pouring the gold all over their new friends.

Ben Andrews and Michael Lucas are two wild n' crazy guys!

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Cruising Budapest 2: Ben Andrews Photos:

Cruising Budapest 2 snapshot Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Ben Andrews, Mario McGabe, Evan Rochelle
Claudio Antonelli and George Vidanov Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Claudio Antonelli and George Vidanov
Ludovic Canot and Ben Andrews Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Ludovic Canot sucks Ben Andrews
Michael Lucas and Marcel Schlutt Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Michael Lucas tops Marcel Schlutt

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