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Cruisin' Prague

Alex Schnegr
Man 2 Man  
Jan Piachy , Ladislav Sladky , Lukas Kohl , Mario Lukas , Robert Vrany , Stano Marek , Tomas Novotny
Czech BoysEuro-Muscle GuysTwinks, International

Cruisin' Prague

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Karel Rok and John Paolo? Yes please!

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Man2Man has imported an eyebrow raising Czech morsel, one of the many morsels which make it likely to be missed in the porn flood. On the whole, Cruisin' Prague is a pretty good film. It does not reach superlative levels as some others filmed in Prague, but it is a great showcase for several drop-dead gorgeous models whose faces alone are instantly recognizable.

At the top of this list are boxcover models Stano Marek and Ladislav Sladky. The brunet Marek is more widely known as Rok from the now defunct website Rok's World, or Karel Kohlicek from Hung Hotel. The grinning, happy go lucky blond Sladky has uses a myriad of names for different studios, like John Paolo in Czech Inn.

They are always a treat apart, so watching them together is especially nice.

Cruisin PragueWatch VOD
Ladislav Sladky

Photos of Rok and other Czechboys
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The movie's four sex scenes begin with a setup showing two guys hooking up somewhere in the capital city. Some might find this overly long. Actually the low point of Cruisin' Prague begins with its first scene. Two tanned fellows, Robert Vrany and Jan Plachy connect in the dressing room of a men's clothing store.

Not only to they make their apparel purchases, but they meet later at Plachy's flat so that he can give up his ass to his new tall friend. Both guys are handsome, olive skinned and have nice equipment, but their sex is pretty mechanical. Vrany screws Plachy wearing his black shirt, and ends up cumming a lot. Plachy appears to be a pretty hot bottom too.

After this, Sladky gets an impromptu ride in Marek's red sports car. Back home Marek performs a hot sequence of cocksucking on Sladky's cute upturned cock. Marek, whose body looks absolutely perfect, easily gets his fat, uncut dick hard, which he shoves in to Sladky's appetizing ass.

They perform a lengthy anal sequence, nicely showing Marek's cock pumping the blond on his side, on his fours and on his back. In a hot ending, Marek screws him, pulls out and rips off the condom. Marek shoots a big money shot during which Sladky blows simultaneously.

Another good film to see Marek's topman skills in is High Octane's Fly Boys.

The movie's heat continues with Lukas Kohl hooking up with Thomas Novotny on the street, whilst walking the dogs. (How gay!)

Novotny is an attractive new face with close cropped hair and a very big cock. Kohl energetically sucks and kisses him, showing lots of passion with his new buddy. Kohl always turns in hot performances ( Tad Harrison Sex & the Tourist and Oldrich Smidl in the bareback Spellbound Cummandos).

The broader, more muscular Kohl looks hot taking the taller Novotny's huge cock. Director Alex Schnegr captures some hot close up of pumping at this point.

In an impressive finish, Novotny finishes with a first class, multi-spurt money shot that hits the bottom's smooth stomach.

The movie finishes on a hot note with the return of blond bottom star Sladky, who hooks up with the handsome Mario Lukas. Lukas is another one of Czech porn's best kept secrets, usually performing as Chad Driver (Suite Service). Driver, who typically plays bottom gets to show off his topman skills here. It's hot.

Everyone gets to fuck bottomboy Sladky, which is certainly one of Cruisin' Prague's best selling points.

There is an excellent close-up sequence of Lukas's cock pumping Sladky doggie. And once again, we are rewarded with nice creamy money shots at the scene's end.

As mentioned earlier, some Czech movies enjoy some sweatier performances, but really all one ought to do it just fast forward past the first episode. The remaining three will engross the viewer with images of the studs Sladky, Marek, Kohl and Lukas.

Cruisin' Prague is playing right now online, just click the WATCH NOW button on this page and treat yourself to some real hunks.

Cruisin' Prague Photos:

Mario Lukas tops Ladislav Sladky in Cruisin PragueWatch VOD
Mario Lukas tops Ladislav Sladky
Stano Marek tops Ladislav Sladky in Cruisin PragueWatch VOD
Stano Marek tops Ladislav Sladky

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