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Cruisemaster's Road Trip 5

Keith Griffith
Cruising for Sex Videos  
Aaron Cumming , , Brent Everett , Chase McKenzie , Chris Neal , Jack King (CFS) , Sean Williams
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Cruisemaster's Road Trip 5

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Bo Knight takes a road trip

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Cruisemaster Road Trip 5 is a surprising little film given that webmaster/director Keith Griffith is working without the benefit of top-notch production values available to studios like Falcon or Titan Media. This particular volume in the Road Trip series packs some star power as well. Bo Knight, Brent Everett, and Chris Neal have all lent their considerable sizzle to this project, helping Road Trip 5 rise above the pack of amateur flicks.

Griffith takes his camera to all kinds of little known hot spots for meating men, then filming what unfolds cinma vrit style. The pickins are top drawer along Georgias Augusta Canal. Powerhouse Bo Knight (Knight after Night), a gargantuan with more than a few bareback flicks under his belt, is jogging along one of the Canals pathways when he comes across Aaron Cumming, a bone fide Augusta-style twink. (Cumming's big wish cums trus on film thanks for CFS in Aaron's 19th Birthday)

The attraction seems to be mutual, despite the fact that Knight is quite literally two times the size of Cumming. Its the meat hanging between Cummings legs thats got Knight in a dither, and the pair head off into a thicket to get it on. The entire session has the feel of being filmed on the sly, as if any moment, the pair could be busted.

These two get pretty worked up blowing one another, but its when Knight bends over and exposes his jog-sweaty hole to Cumming that the session really picks up steam. With a condom handy and a little bit of lube to ease the way, slender Cumming penetrates Knight on the ground doggie-style. They get surprisingly noisy for such public sex, but its all part of the thrill of the scene.

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Brent Everett bends over for Chase McKenzie

Brent Everett and Chase McKenzie: Nototious Toilet Tramps

Big-dicked Brent Everett and Chase McKenzie are up next in a vignette titled Notorious Toilet. Any gay dude with a penchant for cruising knows at least one such toilet. Likewise, anyone whos visited Griffiths website knows that hes familiar with several hundred such places to get a little anonymous action. This particular tearoom is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, a long way to travel to film on-the-fly sex.

The opening shot shows McKenzie, a hot-bodied 20-something redhead, leaning provocatively in the corner, his shirt completely open, his eyes partially obscured by a baseball cap. When Everett arrives to empty his bladder in a very filthy urinal, he cant resist McKenzies come-on. The two start things off by some tentative groping, then graduate to furiously jerking off together, all without the benefit of exchanging first names.

They eventually swap blowjobs, the reeking toilet mere inches away. Moving to another part of the deserted restroom, McKenzie greases up his stiffie and slides it home. Unlike more mainstream porn where one minute theyre sucking cock and the very next theyre fucking, Griffith makes a point of filming the transition, slender Everett taking time to get used to McKenzie meat up his assand all that meat does take some getting used to. While McKenzies hot load runs down the back of his thigh, Everett spunks on the bathroom floor, then watches while his bathroom buddy takes a piss. (Viewers can watch these same two barebacking in a now classic episode of Barebacking Across America)

The final encounter in Road Trip 5 takes place in what looks to be an actual gym steamroom, not a constructed set. The sex looks all too familiar to anyone whos spent any time to working out in a gay-friendly gym. It all starts with Sean Williams pleasuring himself between Chris Neal's thighs (Raw Ass Fuckers), both men keeping a watchful eye on the steamroom door for intruders. They even get into some smoky rimming before theyre interrupted by Jack King.

Quickly wrapping their towels back around their waists, the two men play it cool until King throws out a signal that he too would like to play. The floodgates open, the three men come together and drop their towels. Williams gets back to the business of sucking Neals tattooed prick while getting familiar with Kings meaty dong. The whole thing snowballs into a free-for-all, coming to a head when Neal whips out a condom and fucks Williams ass.

Later on, King tops both men, first Neal then Williams. And like the first two public sex outings in Road Trip, its amazing how much Griffith is able to film on the sly. The end result is an amateur product that makes for some excellent viewing.

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Cruisemaster's Road Trip 5 Photos:

Cruisemaster Road Trip snapshotWatch Now
Sean Williams between Jack King and Chris Neal
Jack King tops Chris NealWatch Now
Jack King tops Chris Neal
Aaron Cumming sucks Bo KnightWatch Now
Aaron Cumming sucks Bo Knight

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