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Cruise Control

Christian Owen
Hot House Entertainment   HH075
Blake Daniels , Cameron Foster , Christopher Daniels , Craig Reynolds , , , , , Rick Van Sant ,
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Cruise Control

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Matt Cole and Christopher Daniels are looking to hook up.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Christian Owen directs this sweaty Hot House video, an enjoyable diversion featuring many of their hot models fucking each other in a atmospheric den. Is this a warehouse, or the downstairs of a sex club? Perhaps it's the waiting area for Hot House models' casting calls. Let's see who's prowling the depths of pleasure: First up, we find Drake Jayden by himself stroking his fat, hairy dick. The bald headed daddy attracts the attention of a younger squire, the effervescent sex kitten Parker Perry. Perry excitedly peels off his clothes, throwing his naked body into his new friend.

Well, almost naked. Perry makes it a point to put his black leather boots back on before he jumps up and starts face fucking Jayden. The sexual energy builds, hitting a peak when Perry decides it's time to fuck himself on Jayden's erection, bucking up and down spread wide in the top's accommodating lap. Perry continues to dazzle as Jayden turns him into a position with the bottom's open butt pointing directly up into the air, getting fucked and creamed.

Topher Dimaggio and JR MatthewsWatch on - Watch VOD
Topher Dimaggio behind JR Matthews
After this explosive opener, things stay heated when the butt-naked Matt Cole (Matt Cole interview) captures the attention of Craig Reynolds, another sexy stud whose been happily banging about Hot House's dungeons for awhile now. Finishing his cigarette, he starts rubbing his crotch.

"It's about time somebody hot showed up around here, " exclaims Cole. Reynolds proceeds to smoke Cole's pole. If you've never seen it, you're missing out on a beautiful phallic sculpture, wide shaft, big head and ringed tightly with big balls.

What does Mr. Cole do? He fucks him! He was a fine top in earlier Hot House videos like Trunks 2 and Full Throttle, and he's a fine top here. Cole's dick is the key that unlocks Reynolds' capacious butt, automatically setting the perfect combination of man sex.

After getting fucked doggie style, Reynolds sits on it. This squat thrust dance in Cole's lap causes the bottom to visibly sweat, palpable moves that push the scene's energy to its ultimate climax - Reynolds flat on his stomach with his ass receiving the top's full thrusts, followed by his juicy, hot cum load.

Sparks Fly between Topher and JR

Fans of the picture perfect Topher Dimaggio will rejoice watching their hero hook up with another sexy stud. It's a first rate episode featuring brunet on blonde action, starting off nicely by showing the guys move in closer, faces touching. Will their intimacy lead to kissing?

Dimaggio looks strapping in his yellow v-neck shirt. In mere minutes, Dimaggio is standing tall, getting his dick sucked. His sexual partner, J.R. Matthews, is an exciting bottom. (Check him out in Trunks 6, too) Dimaggio's enthusiasm grows at the sight of Matthews' reddish blond pubes, leading him to give a very good blowjob.

That ass is so nice! Dimaggio fucks him over a barrel. Literally. His man meat appears very happy to have found a new home, at least for the next ten minutes. Great underside shot of Dimaggio's thrusting buttocks, throbbing lower back. Both guys end up dropping their loads onto the barrel. Gasping together in post-orgasm breaths, they kiss.

Who Fucked Cameron Foster?

After this we meet the dirty blond on the DVD boxcover, porn star Cameron Foster, a fetching gay for pay bottom who got his video start at He arrives here carrying a skateboard, putting it down so that he can hook up with Chris Daniels, who promises to never tattle to Foster's girlfriend what he's doing after hours.

Foster braces himself against the stairs, holding himself straight while getting fucked from behind. What do you think of those lips? Daniels has his way with him, topping him in several positions, Foster ending up on the same, now upright barrel that was used in the previous episode.

The movie finishes on a high note - porn veteran Blake Daniels appears wearing military fatigues and dog tags, attracting the attention of the enormously endowed Rick Van Sant. (Reckless) The scruffy Van Sant wields a beautiful penis which many will find intimidating, long and thick with a sharp downward point past the head.

They trade blowjobs. Finally, Daniels presents his hot backside to Van Sant's erection, who is happy drilling him with his long, pointed dipstick. One of the hottest elements of this episode is the loving attention both Van Sant and director Owen pay to Daniels' fantastic ass.

Both guys are true fuck machines whose sexual prowess makes it all look so easy, all they have to do is turn on the cruise control. You won't be able to take your eyes off the road.

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Cruise Control Photos:

Craig Reynolds and Matt ColeWatch on - Watch VOD
Craig Reynolds sucks Matt Cole
Matt Cole behind Craig ReynoldsWatch on - Watch VOD
Matt Cole behind Craig Reynolds
Chris Daniels and Cameron FosterWatch on - Watch VOD
Chris Daniels tops Cameron Foster
Rick Van Sant and Blake DanielsWatch on - Watch VOD
Rick Van Sant tops Blake Daniels

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