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Crotch Rocket

Erik Rhodes
Mustang Studios   MVP107
Alessio Romero , , Brenn Wyson , Cameron Adams , Conner Habib , Drew Cutler , , Sean Everett , Sean Stavos
Daddy / BoyRimmingHunksHairy GuysCum EatingGarage Mechanics/Plumbers/RepairmenFetish: Jock Straps

Crotch Rocket

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Samuel Colt's an easy rider.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

In Crotch Rocket, pesky mechanical difficulties throw a wrench into Samuel Colt's afternoon of motorcycle riding, causing him to make an unscheduled pit stop at the garage. Frustratingly, the required parts for his bike must be special ordered. A swelling torpor drives Colt to a nearby bar where he quaffs beer and laments the unfairness of life.

Fortunately for our hero, everything shakes out just fine. Colt has become a fast rising porn star and it is easy to see why. The Mustang Exclusive, is a highly sexual, broad-chested muscleman with beautiful arms. (Currently Colt's officially a Falcon Exclusive)

As fortune would have it, this establishment is preparing to close so that they assembled guests can gang bang Alessio Romero. Gang bang Alessio Romero? Now why haven't we thought of that before? Romero performed high end stud work in Playing with Fire 4: Alarm and Mustang's earlier Laid Off. Throwing this sultry sex machine as a gang bang bottom is clearly inspired.

(See Tumblr: Alessio Romero becomes the center of attention)

Samuel ColtWatch on or Watch VOD
Samuel Colt: Easy Rider
Director Erik Rhodes perfectly captures him getting his brains fucked systematically by Colt, barkeep Brenn Wyson, and customer Arpad Miklos. Pulling down their pants, fortune has it that everyone assembled also just happened to wear hot jock straps.

After several glorious rounds atop a pool table, they close things with what is one of the hottest cum shots of the year: The guys all blast copious jets of white cream into the bottom's mouth and on his face.

With the bar closed to only the privileged few, plebeians Drew Cutler and Conner Habib (Fleet Week 2) are forced to throw their own private party in a nearby alleyway. Continuing with the motorcycle motif, they proceed to suck and fuck over a sunflower yellow Triumph sport rider.

Cutler looks very pleased standing over Habib feeding the bottom his meat, slapping it on his face. After this we see Habib perched naked, on his stomach, atop the bike, where Cutler is fast and furiously rimming out his bountiful ass.

The guys move into a flip-flop fuck. At one point, Habib bounces around Cutler's lap, who somehow keeps his balance on the bike's seat. Impressively, the guys do not accidentally topple it over. Cutler ends up coating Habib's face with his heavy, sticky cum.

A Tale of Two Seans

The third episode is a hot one-on-one between brunet Sean Stavos and Sean Everett, a very cute bottom. Both guys turn in a really hot fuck scene. Everett, in particular, is very hot to watch get fucked, which he does at length in a memorable standing doggie position.

Everett cums while getting fucked.

Colt shows up again for the final episode, in which he picks up his bike from the flirtatious Cameron Adams. (Black Balled 7: Jail Slammed) Honestly, this is the hottest thing we have seen Adams in yet. The kid's youthful charisma and eager to please ass is a perfect match for the bigger, take control actions from Colt.

Their enthusiastic foreplay is equally matched by rollicking anal action, which they perform in a full round of positions. The sex is punctuated by the bottom's steady steam of pleasure moans and everhard dick. Adams sprays his white cum all over Colt's perfect, hairy chest.

Motorcycles have always been a popular subject for gay porn. Erik Rhodes' setups work well, and his sexual direction certainly does the trick. Crotch Rocket is a strong entry to make the must-see list for all the fans of this genre.

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Crotch Rocket Photos:

Sean Stavos and Sean EverettWatch on or Watch VOD
Sean Stavos tops Sean Everett
Samuel Colt and Cameron AdamsWatch on or Watch VOD
Samuel Colt gets his motorcycle back from repairman Cameron Adams
Drew Cutler and Conner HabibWatch on or Watch VOD
Shut out: Drew Cutler drills Conner Habib

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