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Cross Country

Chris Steele
Falcon Studios   FVP161162
, Andrew Bryant , Benjamin Bradley , Brad Patton , Dakota Rivers , , , , Ethan Hunter , Ethan Kage , Franco DiMera , Joe Sport , Jon Valentino , Kane O'Farrell , , Maxx Diesel , Mike Power , , Peter Morales , Roger Beresford , , Trey Casteel , Tyler Marks
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Cross Country

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Erik Rhodes and Matthew Rush aren't looking for hobbits in New Zealand

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Rest assured, any project that Falcon Studios undertakes is going to be epic. In the spirit of ambitious two-parters like Taking Flight, Drenched, Deep South and Out of Athens, their latest epic, Cross Country is so packed full of sex and mischief that it simply wouldn't pass muster as a single film. Filmed on location in New Zealand, Falcon spared no expense with this one, pulling out every single stop for their faithful viewers. The end result is an expansive and gorgeously filmed flick sure to thrill.

Cross Country Part 1

The story revolves around the retrieval of an artifact, a wooden tiki idol that fuels a remote sex cult. Roman Heart enlists the help of competitive pals Erik Rhodes and Matthew Rush and turns the hunt for the idol into an It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World-like race game. Rush and Rhodes accept the challenge and quickly fly to New Zealand. But of course, like all tales of espionage and intrigue, Cross Country has plenty of hidden twists and turns.

Ethan Kage sucks Matthew RushWatch on or Watch VOD
Ethan Kage sucks Matthew Rush
Dean Monroe (Heaven to Hell) has Roman Heart in his bed and under his thumb, and with Heart's pals off on a goose chase, he exploits the opportunity, putting Heart through the sexual wringer. Monroe clearly has the upper hand, putting Heart into subservience with a nasty rim job, slathering his hole with spit until it's soaked through.

He then slowly peels down his crisp white Calvin Klein briefs, freeing his tidy cock. These lads sixty-nine and show off their versatility by banging each other in turn. Alas, anyone who's seen Monroe perform as a bottom knows that when he's getting fucked, he's a scene stealer. It's hard not to have a soft spot for Dean Monroe, and he looks particularly good here.

Deep in the forests of New Zealand, Matthew Rush stumbles upon a local, Ethan Kage. Kage is quick to warn about the dangers within the forest, including a notorious sex cult. He then seizes an opportunity to seduce Rush, barely batting an eye when he uncovers Rush's monster of a cock. As it is, Cross Country boasts two cock monsters - Rush and Brad Patton. Kage doesn't seem to mind having his hands full, sucking then grinding his hips against Rush like an anal pro.

Erik Rhodes is also meeting the locals, having unwittingly stumbled on the island sex cult. They use a native berry to drug Rhodes and immediately put him into service. Rhodes for his part makes quick work of blowing both Maxx Diesel and Alex Rossi at the same time. We get some aggressive verbal action from Rossi, especially when he's directing Rhodes on how to suck cock (as if he needs instruction). In fact, Rossi turns out to be quite the aggressive top man, barking orders with what sounds like a Brooklyn accent. For those of us who get off on dirty talk, there's plenty coming out of Rossi's mouth.

Cross Country Kingpin Throws a Sex Party

Roger Beresford, an untraditional model for Falcon, plays a 40-something kingpin and the mastermind behind the entire plan to retrieve the tiki idol. Taking a break from being an understated bad-ass, he entertains himself with a private bevy of endowed houseboys ( Benjamin Bradley, Jon Valentino & Andrew Bryant), at one point lining them up on the settee, then going down the line, giving each youthful stiffie his full oral attention.

The three pups provide an excellent contrast to Beresford's more mature, hairy body. When he's done blowing all three, he arranges them with their asses out, then samples some smoky hole. For my money, the fantasy of an older guy being serviced by three 20-somethings is one of the thrilling highlights. Bradley, with his clipped, manicured cock bush is one model to watch.

And what would a fantasy flick be without a fantasy threeway? The finale is a peek at the sex cult in full swing. Matthew Rush dreams of exotic Peter Morales, here wearing a full tribal gear, getting it on with blondies Pete Ross (Hot Properties) and Brad Patton. Morales has an appealing prick, but once Patton pulls out his massive dong, it's impossible to focus on anything else. Both Ross and Morales take deep breaths and open wide for Patton's thick monstrosity. The anal sex is filmed particularly well here.

Part 1 ends with Aussie hunk Joe Sport holding a very sharp looking Bowie knife against Erik Rhodes throbbing juggler. Will buddy Matt save him in time? Will the idol be snagged and delivered to the crooked art dealer? And will we finally get to see Rhodes sitting on somebody's cock? All is revealed in Cross Country: Part 2.

Benjamin Bradley in Cross Country
Benjamin Bradley enjoys the party

Cross Country Part 2

Tyler MarksWatch on or Watch VOD
Tyler Marks erupts
When his pals fail to return from their mission, Roman Heart begins to feel more than a little guilty. He enlists the help of the local law enforcement (Kane O'Farrell and Trey Casteel) to help locate his buddies. O'Farrell and Casteel are more than willing to accept a sexual bribe for expedited footwork. Kane O'Farrell can set of sparks without lifting a finger. But put Roman Heart's cock in his mouth and it's impossible not to be in complete lust with the Irish bloke. Like Dean Monroe, he's a scene stealer. When he straddles the back of the sofa and puts his delicious hole out there for worship, he creates porn magic.

After an uninspired threeway with Dakota Rivers, Tyler Marks and Ethan Hunter, the film gets back on track. Rivers is truly wasted here. It will be interesting to see if he's a one-shot wonder or if Falcon Studios uses their new hot property to its full potential. He's tall and lean with unassuming good looks and shines brightly despite his lukewarm scene partners.

No Falcon epic is complete without a signature orgy, and it's difficult to imagine a more captivating centerpiece than humpy Erik Rhodes (Super Soaked). There's many good reasons why this stud currently graces so many DVD covers. In many ways, he's the quintessential high school jock quarterback.

He's also a horny bottom slut, opening his ass for all takers. Here, he's surrounded by four members of the island sex cult - Maxx Diesel, Joe Sport, Alex Rossi and Derrick Vinyard (The Velvet Mafia)- who excitedly paw his quads, bulky shoulders, pecs and abs. The orgy is filmed in late afternoon sunlight and everyone looks great, prime and ready to fuck. Cross Country comes to its inevitable climax when Rhodes invites the group to gangbang his ass. Rhodes really is the hottest constant in both Part 1 and Part 2, and is more than worth the price of admission.

Throw me the idol, I'll throw you the whip!

The idol is eventually captured by Rush and Rhodes, but discarded when they decide their love and friendship is more important. Dean Monroe's mischief comes to an unfortunate end when cops O'Farrell, Casteel and handsome rookie Franco Dimera uncover his greed and arrive to haul his slutty ass to jail. He makes many an unsuccessful plea, even bartering sex for freedom. The resulting fourway is glorious. We get more of Monroe's horny bottoming, O'Farrell's aggressive cocksucking, and plenty of verbal play all around. This scene is, without a doubt, the best segment of Cross Country: Part 2. I'd start with this scene, and work through the rest of the film later.

Matthew Rush, Erik Rhodes and Roman Heart take a sexy getaway on the open water.
At this point, the plotlines are nearly sewn up. Rush, Rhodes and Heart decide to take a getaway on the open water. Director Chris Steele obviously sets this threeway up to be the sexual highpoint of both installments, but coming on the heels of the previous scorcher, it doesn't quite hit the mark.

Don't get me wrong - there's plenty here to get excited about, including Erik Rhodes accommodating his biggest cock to date, none other than his buddy Matthew Rush. Fans of outdoor sex will revel in the scenery and sun, both of which are truly spectacular.

In the end, all is well - the cult sleeps off their hangover, the bad guys go to jail, the idol is returned to the unseen sex gods, and a threeway friendship materializes into something more permanent. Cross Country often tangles itself in its plot and cheesy dialogue.

But the studio heads at Falcon have cleverly given the viewer the option to view their two-parter in three ways - a story, a story with sex, or just an old-fashioned fuck flick. But no matter how it's viewed, between the scenery, the videography, and stunning models, this is a must have for any hardcore porn junkie.

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Cross Country Photos:

Erik Rhodes, Roman Heart, Matthew RushWatch on or Watch VOD
Erik Rhodes, Roman Heart, Matthew Rush
Brad Patton kisses Pete RossWatch on or Watch VOD
Brad Patton kisses Pete Ross

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