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Cream Filled Twinkys

Doug Jeffries
All Worlds Video  
Brock Armstrong , Cameron Marshall , Chris Robinson , Christian Romero , Danny Arnez , David West , Jeremy Lange , , Phillip Aubrey
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Cream Filled Twinkys

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Cameron Marshall Spikes the Cupcakes

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

All Worlds Video presents a delightful amuse bouche starring their relaxed and handsome porn star Cameron Marshall. The blond Channel One exclusive has matured nicely enough over the past year and a half to play his best role ever in this film.

Marshall, who performs in two of the film's sex scenes both topping and bottoming, gets a crazy idea when finsing an ad for magic Spanish Fly potion in a mail order catalog. He decides to spike the cupcakes at the bakery where he works with it, ultimately winning the day with the customers and his boss (Brock Armstrong).

Director Doug Jefferies presents everything nicely thanks to a good on-location bakery set, as well as a cast of true blue American boys who should place Cream Filled Twinkys in the award category for Best Twink Film of 2009.

Cameron Marshall fucks Jeremy LangeWatch Now
Cameron Marshall fucks Jeremy Lange

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Marshall first spies the advertisement whilst visiting a trick (Jeremy Lange from Brent Corrigan's The Big Easy). Lange proves to be a fantastic cocksucker, letting Marshall face fuck him at length. Afterwards, Marshall spreads apart Lange's ass cheeks, driving his tongue inside to taste his delicious buttered scone. It's a first class rim job.

Cameron tops the grinning, happy-faced Lange. At several points, their action is augmented by their reflections in a convenient wall mirror which director Jefferies includes at various points. They cum by lying in bed side by side, Marshall nicely jizzing on his flat tummy.

It is during the post-orgasm afterglow that Marshall, left alone in Lange's bedroom, picks up a magazine, and stumbles upon an advertisement for "Love Potion #69." Getting a crafty idea, Cameron decides to split, stealing his trick's magazine. (Yet another lesson, kids: don't leave your tricks alone in your house for even a minute)

At the bakery, Marshall spikes his first batch of cupcakes and tests it on two customers, gay for pay porn star Kurt Wild and Danny Arnez, a nicely built young latino with a high and tight haircut. To Marshall's surprise, his experiment works! And after a few idle bites, the guys excuse themselves to the men's room for an impromptu sex session.

Their sex gets pretty heated. "Do you like that? Kick ass!" exclaims Arnez when Wild sucks his dick. Wild's tongue is still marked with the blue food coloring from the magic cupcakes.

In a nice turn of events, Arnez bends over to receive the love from Wild, who tops him doggie style over the vanity. Wild later explains in the DVD's extras about his recent national outing just a day earlier on the "I'm Gay for Pay." broadcast the Tyra Banks Show.

Whatever the reason, Wild fucks Arnez silly several hot positions, and finally drops a big load of hot cum onto the latino's brown stomach. Was it all the national news? Or was it really the magic cupcakes?

Cream Filled Twinkys Orgy

Later, the crafty Cameron serves his special cupcakes to a room full of guys, which causes an orgy to break out. Fortunately the boss has left him alone in the place, and no other pesky customers interrupt by walking in.

Headlining the orgy is the super-sexy Christian Romero and his uncut torpedo cock. Boytoy David West (Hot House Backroom, Volume 9) works over Romero's tool while just a step away blondies Chris Robinson and Phillip Aubrey go to town on each other.

For a while, Marshall participates in their action, strutting around with his stiff erection as the guys lick frosting off of it. The result is a frenzy of eager deep-throating and dick sucking. Romero performs a deep rim job to Aubrey's ass, who just happens to be wearing a black jock strap.

Cameron Marshall gets fucked by the boss. In a hot sequence, the brunets top the blonds, followed by a delicious round of flip-flopping. The real star out of this group is the goateed Romero, whose versatile sexual energy is visibly palpable. We eagerly look forward to seeing more of him in future films.

Laying on his back, West gets covered in everyone's cum.

Brock Armstrong penalizes his staff

The movie ends with Marshall using the special confections to convince his boss that he should stay employed at the bakery. Armstrong, a nice looking bald daddy-type (Tread Heavy), throws an enthusiastic fuck into Marshall, who proves that he is equally as a good a bottom as he is a top.

With a cute storyline and sweet cast, Cream Filled Twinkys is a perfect sugar-rich dessert to be enjoyed after any meal.

Cream Filled Twinkys Photos:

David West in Cream Filled TwinkysWatch Now
Surrounding David West
Phillip Aubrey in Cream Filled TwinkysWatch Now
Rimming Phillip Aubrey
Kurt Wild fucks Danny ArnezWatch Now
Kurt Wild behind Danny Arnez
Brock Armstrong fucks Cameron MarshallWatch Now
Brock Armstrong behind Cameron Marshall

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