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Cover Boys

George Duroy
Bel Ami  
Adam Cartier , Claude Cocteau , Jason Paradis , Johan Paulik , Lukas Ridgeston , Max Orloff , Oleg Vronski , Sebastian Bonnet , Tim Hamilton
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Cover Boys

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Max Orloff (Pavel Novotny) goes to Bel Ami!

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Max Orloff (Pavel Novotny) becomes a Bel Ami cover boy

Coverboys mixes a delightful soup of old Bel Ami favorites with a group of new generation faces. We see can monitor how our old favorite Bel Ami actors Lukas Ridgeston and Johan Paulik are maturing, which happens to be very nicely. Bel Ami fans will notice the in Cover Boys the appearances of longtime Bel Ami veterans Sebastian Bonnet and Oliver Krist.

Like all Bel Ami titles, the actors are smooth, twinkish, posses great bodies and folic through their sex in a light-hearted, just-having-fun manner.

At the beginning, Sebastian Bonnet and Johan Paulik are watching a video of Johan's acceptance speech at the GayVN awards. Bonnet flips through Howard Roffman's photo book of Paulik. Bonnet asks how he can become such a star.

Paulik answers, "If I fuck you in front of the camera, the whole world will see." A great announcement, especially to Bonnet, who typically only tops! (as in the Personal Trainers series.)

Johan Paulik and Tim HamiltonWatch on

Johan Paulik behind Tim Hamilton

Bonnet begins by sucking his friend. Paulik has a very pretty dick. It looks great as the foreskin slides up and down over the head, while Bonnet licks it with his tongue and lips. Paulik sucks Bonnet until he comes large spurts of his boy juice onto his stomach. At that point, Paulik moves down to his ass, slowly licking it. Soon, he's sliding his cock into Bonnet. Johan, who always fucks like a rabbit, gives him an energetic fuck missionary style until he shoots. Afterwards, the two boys sit in bed playing with their hard cocks, jacking off. They beat their meat until both come. Paulik comes first and then Bonnet shortly thereafter all in one camera take. Bonnet consistently seems to win the contest for big cum spurts, but who is really keeping track?

The next scene is a peek into Lucas Ridgeston's dream. We immediately go the floor of a room which is writhing houlder-to shoulder of trim, tan muscle twinks all sucking each others uncut cocks. After they all blow each other, the boys cum.

In the next scene, Paulik is in the bathroom with newcomer twink Tim Hamilton. Hamilton's floppy blonde bangs and round bubble butt is irresistible for the Bel Ami veteran. Paulik quickly takes the boy back to a comfortable-lookinng bed.

Paulik bangs Hamilton on his side, while kissing and licking his face and cheek. Hamilton has one of the smoothest asses seen in awhile. Duroy shows lots of shots of his ass getting plowed by Johan's cock. Soon he pulls out and shoots cum onto the boy's lower back.

In the next scene is our first good look at Ridgeston. He has obviously worked on his upper body, his shoulders and chest. Hunky Claude Cocteau goes down on Ridgeston's thick hard cock. After some good sucking, he fires a signature multi-spurt power cum shot. Ridgeston then returns the favor and we see that Cocteau, who was crouching down earlier, has a nice cock too.

We soon see Ridgeston's hard cock pushing into Cocteau's hole. He pumps in and out with the bottom's legs high in the air. Lucas fucks his doggie style at length and finishes with a seven-spurt cum shot.

The film then moves to Greece, where Duroy took a bunch of Bel Ami models for a two week filming. In the morning, Lucas awakens and plays with muscle-friend Max Orloff, who ultimately went on to become one of the biggest Czech porn stars of all time under the name Pavel Novotny (Czech Point). He's pretty buff for Bel Ami, a big guy and he sports a cock bigger then Ridgeston's. They jack off side by side, touching each other, and both explode nicely.

Max Orloff fucks Oleg VronskiWatch on
Max Orloff behind Oleg Vronski

Max Orloff and Oleg Vronski

Next, Oleg Vronski and Orloff are blowing each other against an amazingly beautiful background of a deep azure-blue lake. After some great oral footage, Orloff and Vronski take turns cumming on each other's shoulders. Then the outdoor sex continues with Orloff fucking Vronski over a rock. Orloff has a dick of death. It is mesmerizeing.

The next scene takes place under an outdoor veranda where Lucas and twink Jason Paradis are getting it on. The twinkish Paradis sucks Ridgeston for a long time. Lucas returns the favor by firing a signature 7-spurt money shot. After sucking off Paradis, Ridgeston tops him standing up, from behind, both hands holding the bottom's ass cheeks firmly. Next he's on his back, and we see Ridgeston his manhood pushing in and out. Paradis is a hot bottom! Definitely Ridgeston's best scene so far, and casting the two together is nicely done. Paradis cums on his stomach and Ridgeston quickly substantially adds to the white shower.

Labeled a "bonus scene," we see Johan and Lucas have a three-way with skinny blonde Adam Cartier. They first test his hole with dildos of their own penises. Now this is by itself pretty hot to watch.

Afterwards Ridgeston gives him the real thing while Paulik kisses him. Then Paulik fucks Cartier some more and they all cum. This is a pretty hot three-way because all three boys look like they are having a really good time.

One minor complaint: The movie background music is getting a little old. This same music played throughout the Lukas Story trilogy. Score some new music!

Cover Boys Photos:

Bel Ami Cover Boys

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