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RudeBoiz 5: Council Trash

Simon Booth
Rude Boiz  
Anthony Thomas , Anthony Turner , Ashley Ryder , Ethan Thorne , Grant B. , Kyle J. , Leo Southcott , Mikey B. , Sam Barclay , Will Jamieson
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RudeBoiz 5: Council Trash

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Anthony Thomas wallows with the council trash

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

An England flag draped over a low rent high-rise estate swings in the breeze to pounding techno music. Grainy landscapes filled with cheap accommodation and high rises scroll past the camera lens, and the smell of sex is in the air. It can only mean one thing - director Simon Booth's RudeBoiz are back with more nasty-ass Council Trash.

As is customary for Rudeboiz we watch voyeuristically as baby faced cover model Anthony Turner visits a London block of flats and traverses the lift up to a waiting Will Jamieson (a studly UK football player in Eurocreme's World Soccer Orgy). Cute boy Turner doesn't know what he's letting himself in for as he shoots a semi-smile at the camera whilst wearing a sport outfit and a cap covering his euro-twink babyface. Hung hunk Jameison, already famous for appearences in movies like World Soccer Org,y is ready for Turner, and practically pounces on him when he enters the living room, sticking his tongue down his throat and gripping his peachy rear end.

Anthony Turner and Will JamiesonWatch VOD

Anthony Turner below Will Jamieson

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Some mutual nipple licking causes the fellas' members to swell, and Jamieson's protrudence is soon calling for Turner who gets down on his knees for a closer view. Sliding his curious fingers over Jamieson's encased penis, Turner positively drools when it flops out right in front of his youthful face. He licks on it for a few seconds, and his hungry lips wrap tightly around Jamieson's bisexual shaft. Jamieson helps his head to bob up and down and soon he's rock hard.

Giving his mate a little suck action in return, Jamieson enjoys his new friend's uncut hard on while wanking his own wad-wand. But a subtle kiss to confuse his bud, and he changes back the game, guiding his friend back down to his slick wet shaft for some more oral action before bending him over and licking his boyhole nice and wet for an impending entry.

Turner's ass isn't shaved, but his barely legal status means he has nothing more than fuzz on his pale posterior. He sits on Jamieson with abandon, and shows that he's not just got a cute face - but owns an insatiable boycunt too...

And he takes Jamieson's shaft with wanton lust, bending over with pain and pleasure spread across his face, as his butt spreads open. His cheeks redden as his tattooed top continues to use him. Finally, the duo jerk off together sitting side by side on the couch. Taylor's sweaty face, adorned with jangling earring, finally looks peaceful as he spews absolutely reams of cum all over himself. When Jamieson spunks up, little Turner leans over and drinks it all up like the good boy he is...

Then it's back to the techno music and high-rises as we zoom in on our next horny Chav. Muscle shirted Leo Southcott walks the high street to Ethan Thorne's pad who is already so up for it he's playing with himself in his chair, literally pushing and pulling at his trouser-snake.

Southcott knocks on his door and is welcomed by a Londsdale wearing fella. No words are spoken, the soundtrack vanishes, and all that's left are the bodily sounds of two lads in lust.

Thorne is quick to get to cock level, and he does just that for a tantalizing second before returning to the couch with his friend. After some kissing and light making out, Thorne pulls down Southcott's track suit bottoms revealing a pert pulsating prick of porn-star proportions which he readily chows down on before offering his own up for a suck job.

With taste buds aroused Thorne gets right in his new friend's hairy young hole with his tongue, before slipping on a sheath and shagging the hell out of it from behind, jamming his John Thomas into Southcott's tight little teasehole with a slap-slap-slap.

Southcott has one foot up on the sofa and groans with pleasure before spreading wide open and squatting down on his pal to take every morsel of meat that he can.

As the lusty lads reach a climax Southcott shoots all over himself before devouring Thorne's spunk which platters in his mouth and all over his face... Nice one, boys.

Cut to punkish beanpole Grant B (Garcons Dans Le Foret) next, who sits on his couch, lights a smoke and waits for his cutesy hookup Kyle J to arrive. Kyle J heads up the stairs to his mate's council flat, wearing a white ballcap and short-as-hell football shorts (and that face isn't at all bad either)...

When Kyle J does arrive, it's straight to the living room, and kissing, licking, rubbing and shirt pulling are the order of the moment, at least until some mutual through the clothing masturbation causes Grant B to mong down on his guest's choker of a hard-on.

Swapping bjs back and forth, and at one time Kyle J assumes the sub role, on his knees, gazing up at his host with a mouth crammed full of council cock.

But he gets underneath, rims his host, and then offers up his dick for some squatting action. Grant B's hard-on swings left and right as his mate affronts him from behind, slapping his ass as he pounds away with purpose.

He gets him on his back and the pair climax in a sticky sloppy spunk-up on Grant B's torso.

Council Trash snapshot
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Grant B opens for Kyle J
Anthony Thomas, the smoldering cover star of Bulldog XXX's Hung! Uncut Filth Edition jerks his meat through his track suit with the excitement of promises to come. And it's the brown-skinned Mikey B, sporting and England football shirt and an attitude to boot, who comes to relinquish those promises.

Downing a beer he gets comfy with Thomas, allowing some nipple squeezing and body exploration until their stiffening members are straining at their Umbros.

Both have huge uncut penises, which are mutually cravenly consumed. Thomas' meat is of the extra thick variety, and Mikey B loves that...

The beer has worked its magic, and its no surprise when Mikey B starts working his huge brown meat up Thomas' carnivorous cavern. He bobs his way up and down, around and around, as his partner's eyes close with sensuality.

In a tasty council cock climax, Mikey B spooges his jizz all over Thomas' smooth chest, and Thomas shoots a wad worthy of the combined efforts of the West Ham football team.

Ashley Rider Goes Down It

The final head-to-head stars Ashley Ryder, who receives a visit from taller pal Sam Barclay. Straight into French kissing without a word spoken the music fades out as their cocks expand under their sports gear.

Ryder's sculpted torso sinks to the ground and his mouth engulfs Barclay's absolutely beautiful prick. And man can Ryder sure give head!!! He deep-throats it down to the root, soaking it with spittle and causing groans of excitement to emit from his friend.

There's some hot camera work going on here as this pair make beautiful chemistry together. With finger's diddling his friend and a hard-on from hell ready for some hot ass, Barclay mounts him and gives him the fuck of his life.

It's supercharged, and noisy, and once Ryder is fully opened up that fat-ass cock is replaced by a super-long dildo. And then dirty bottom slut Ryder is double fucked by plastic and cock at the same time in an anal arrangement that will get the most flaccid cock standing to attention.

Switching out positions Ryder next takes a super-huge super-thick black toy like his ass needs punishing.

Barclay jerks off into his friend's compliant mouth, shooting reams of seed all over the place. With that supersized dildo still inserted, and his handsome face splattered with juice, Ryder shoots out a huge stream of white, his ass still twitching and his Chav dignity well and truly lost...

And that, in a nutsack, I mean nutshell, is Rudeboiz 5 - Council Trash. Who can resist a bit of cheap? We certainly couldn't... A fine successor to the Rudeboiz lineage if ever we saw one... Guaranteed to please, like a Chav with an assfull of cock...

Included on the DVD are exclusive action shots, trailers for the first four films, and best of all interviews with the Chavs themselves, who give their feelings towards the sexy little shoot... So have a little English pride and grab a copy of Council Trash - RudeBoiz 5 As soon as your dole money comes in...

RudeBoiz 5: Council Trash Photos:

Council Trash snapshotWatch VOD
Anthony Thomas rides Mikey B
Anthony Thomas and Mikey BWatch VOD
Anthony Thomas rides Mikey B
Leo Southcott and Ethan ThorneWatch VOD
Leo Southcott rides Ethan Thorne
Sam Barclay and Ashley RyderWatch VOD
Sam Barclay sucks Ashley Ryder
Council Trash BottomWatch VOD
The End!!!

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