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Costa Brava: The Wild Coast

Kristen Bjorn
Kristen Bjorn (Sarava Productions)  
, Justin Harris , Lucas Fox , Lucio Saints , Marco Salgueiro , Nacho Valente , Nathan Lewis , Nicolas Taxman , Pau Casserras , Raul Enguidanos , Ray Andres , Rob Nelson , Scott Carte , Tony Madrid
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Costa Brava: The Wild Coast

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Euroboys in the Sand

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Everyone loves it when the underdog unexpectedly wins. That's exactly what Kristen Bjorn's Costa Brava The Wild Coast did at the 2011 Grabby Awards, knocking all the giant kingpins aside to win the Best Picture award. Since setting up base in Miami, Bjorn has been industrious, carving out his own special niche in gay porn. A bit of a loner, and thousands of miles away from California's Porn Valley, his movies routinely get nomination nods at industry awards shows, but usually as a concession to his legion of dedicated fans. Nothing more.

Pundits were extremely surprised at the Grabby's when this film won the number one spot. However, simply watching the DVD easily explains how it's winning material. As a film, Costa Brava: The Wild Coast is a powerhouse of sexual entertainment, completely worthy of any and all awards. Filmed along the beautiful coastline of Spain, Bjorn proves he's still a fine director, sweeping together surf, sand and a dazzling collection of men who wash up onto the shore, naked, erect and sexually ravenous.

Lucio Saints and Nacho Valente Watch on - Watch VOD
Nacho Valente sucks Lucio Saints
The movie begins with a half naked Marco Salqueiro picks up two fellow hikers on the beach: the bearded Alex Marte and brown-skinned Latin Lucas Fox. They adjourn to a colorful patio where they hop atop each other forming oral sex pyramids. They face fuck each other with their fat erections. After that, Fox's pert, round ass gets thoroughly fucked by the other two. (Fox cums while getting fucked, too)

In a rousing encore, Marte throws his big Italian ass up high for a tongue bath. After this Salquero fucks him on his back, their bodies rocking back and forth in the couch until all three guys explode in another hot round of money shots.

An enticing teaser of nude male sunbathing starts the next episode: Nacho Valente (Jagged Mountain) and Pau Casserras enjoy relaxed naked chat on the beach. In an unforgettable visual, Venezuelan beauty Lucio Saints walks out of the sea carrying a full erection. (Tumblr Blog: Fuck yeah, Lucio Saints! He inserts himself between the two, motivating them to start a rollicking three-way in what is arguably the movie's hottest scene.

On his knees, Valente takes turns sucking on Saints' and Cassarras' beautiful penises, taking them to a first round of orgasms. After a lengthy episode of butt eating (and all three possess fine butts), they start fucking. Watching Saints getting his big ass fucked from behind might be too much to handle in one sitting.

Topman Valente plows Saints until he cums. After this, the guys turn their stuff cocks into Casserras' hole, who takes it rather uncomfortably on a wooden dining table. This does not stop them going through several rounds, punctuated with the bottom's face showing dramatic unease when accepting Saints' nine inch fuck pole. Their sex culminates with another one of Saints' gushing cum shots. Whew!

Fucking in the Boat

Next up, we hop on an anchored boat where love blossoms in the form of a rocking four-way between Scott Carter, Nicolas Taxman, Rob Nelson and Nathan Lewis. Nelson is the familiar face here; a prolific Hungarian bottom whose performed in a lot of hot movies, like the hot football High Octane porn movie Score! He's looking good and a great counterpoint to Carter. (He's oddly also standing fully naked on the DVD boxcover - looking hot, but peculiar as his role in the film is relatively minor. See blog, Why's Rob Nelson on the boxcover of Costa Brava: The Wild Coast?)

The guys take their time enjoying foreplay, slowly removing their pastel-colored clothes: shorts and preppy shirts with upturned collars. Lewis unleashes Taxman's stiff, brown cock, uncut with pubes shaven. Kudos to Bjorn for successfully filming this scene of outdoor Mediterranean sex. This hasn't been captured so well since Csaba Borbely showed the Hungarians going wild in St. Tropez in Sunstroke.

After this suck fest, the guys go indoors where they fill a large shower with naked bodies. After a full sudsing up and cleaning, they hit the bedroom for a double time four-way fuck. Taxman plows Nelson while Lewis drills Carter. Getting it from behind doggie, the bottoms stay pointed toward each other so they can touch and share their own intimate moments. The bottoms blast while getting fucked, followed by more cream from the tops.

Naturally, after all of this, these four still aren't finished. They move to the couch where Lewis gets double fucked by Taxman and Carter, his mouth stuffed at the other end by Nelson's fat Magyar dick, all leading to more hot climaxes. Fans will enjoy watching Taxman and Carter continuing their sexual exploits in Kristen Bjorn's Sex City in 2011.

Ray Andes and Justin Harris Watch on - Watch VOD
Ray Andes and Justin Harris

Group Sex -- Bravissimo!

The fourth and final episode starts small: Raul Enguidanos and Tony Madrid getting frisky in a pool. It begins on a tender note as the two guys take turns sucking each other's erections while balancing them atop the water. It's charming, and both Spaniards are very easy on the eyes. This scene quietly climbs into another fine four-way taking the movie to its big climax, this time alongside Ray Andres and Justin Harris, an extremely alluring Romanian making his film debut here.

Fucking Justin Harris astride
a giant silver exercise ball.
Wearing work out tank tops, Andres fucks Harris over a large silver exercise ball. (This creates yet another one of the movie's memorable visuals) They switch over to an exercise machine where the cock-hungry Harris hoists his legs high up in the air, culminating in two splashy money shots.

Poolside, Madrid spreads for Enguidanes, who slides in from behind continuing their lovemaking from before. After a round of cumming, all four guys hook up poolside where there's more poolside dick-sucking. The guys shoot hot wads of sperm onto wet faces.

Still unfinished, the guys move inside so that everybody (viewer included) is treated to the sublime Harris and the horsehung Madrid trading off riding two dicks at once - another one of the movie's spectacular double penetration scenes. This packed, final scene contains eight money shots, little wonder it also won the Grabby Award for Best Group Scene.

Believe it or not, Costa Brava: The Wild Coast represents a slimmed-down Kristen Bjorn. Rather than six, eight or ten episodes spread across a double disc, the movie packs is fourteen-man cast into four episodes. Each one contains enough to be different, not repetitive, it illustrates how well-edited this movie is. On Costa Brava, we say Bravissimo!

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Costa Brava: The Wild Coast Photos:

Marco Salgueiro tops Alex Marte Watch on - Watch VOD
Marco Salgueiro tops Alex Marte, Lucas Fox above
Nacho Valente, Pau Casserras, Lucio Saints Watch on - Watch VOD
Nacho Valente, Pau Casserras, Lucio Saints
Raul Enguidanos and Tony Madrid Watch on - Watch VOD
Raul Enguidanos and Tony Madrid
Marco Salgueiro and Alex Marte
Watch on
- Watch VOD
Marco Salgueiro and Alex Marte, Lucas Fox below
Lucio Saints bottoms
Watch on
- Watch VOD
Nacho Valente, Pau Casserras, Lucio Saints

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