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Cornfed Boyz #2 (Sports & Recreation)
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W A T C H  Y O U R   F A V O R I T E    P O R N

Cornfed Boyz #2

Sports & Recreation  
Andrew , Bradley , Brice Deutcher , Christopher , David , Matt Faulkner , Nate Bater , Taylor
Amateurs / First TimersOutdoor SexModel Interviews

Cornfed Boyz #2

Corn Fed Boys

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The Cornfed Boyz series from Sports & Recreation Video is a treasure trove of corn-fed, white-bread youths playing at their favorite sport, and it isn't baseball. These movies have a genuine authentic feel to them, mainly because they are filmed with one camera, the scenes are presented with little editing and there is no soundtrack.

The guys are not the unobtainable dream- models you would see on a magazine cover. However, they are all cute, young guys, much like what you would find cruising online any particular night in a local chatroom.

Cornfed Boyz #2 contains five solos and two duets. First up is Brice, a boyish, cute guy who strips and hops into the shower. He soaps himself up to a full erection while using his second hand to touch his slim, toned body.

He finishes his handywork out of the shower, lying on a beanbag. Legs spread apart, his hole smiles back at the camera in full appetizing view. Like most of the models, he has bodypiercings. Brice finishes by milking out a hot load, as his balls pull up towards his body.

After this arousing opening is a complete sexual duet between two laid-back guys, the brunet Bradley and boytoy Christopher. This versatile pair could just as easily be living out a nice afternoon trick in an apartment complex near you. After sucking each other, the boyz take turns humping each other's ass in three separate rounds. First Christopher tops Bradley, then they reverse. Then they switch again.

From Cornfed Boyz #2
Hottie Christopher from Cornfed Boys #2
Christopher looks great as a bottom, both with his legs apart and when he's doggie on his fours. After several flip-flops, and going through numerous condoms, Bradley shoots with Christopher still inside him.

Following this, visor-wearing, dyed blond Andrew puts on a hot show in a kitchen. He pulls his pants down revealing a long cock crowned with a P.A. After removing his Abercrombie shirt, it turns out both of his nipples are pierced as well.

Using butter as lube, he leans against the counter and pumps his stiff rod until it spits.

Next the virtually hairless brunet Taylor works himself outdoors on a towel. A good-looking, go-teed guy, he stands up so the camera can fully capture his hand movements from underneath. After shooting, he jumps into the river for a cool dip.

Next is an encore coupling with brunet Matt and redhead Nate, who appeared in the first Cornfed Boyz film. Standing naked by the same river as earlier, the two make out passionately. Matt goes down on Nate's thick tool, and his pale ass before rolling on a condom and topping him doggie style.

This is all very picturesque, because the river flows by them as a backdrop. Plus, Matt is a hot looking top. After they both come, their straight buddy David undresses and releases his own pent-up pleasures in a solo session. Apparently watching his gay friends have sex just drove him wild.

Because of its cute, laid-back cast, and its real-time look and feel, Cornfed Boyz is a great set of films for those looking for hot, amateur action from white-bread America.

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  • Cornfed Boyz #2 Photos:

    From Cornfed Boyz
    Taylor from Cornfed Boys #2

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