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John Travis
Studio 2000  
Alex Fuerte , Ben Campezi , CJ Madison , Damon Phoenix , , Jake Havoc , Nick Mazzaro , Scott Wilde , Troy Moore
Daddy / BoyPrison / JailUniformsHunks


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Nick Mazzaro lives in a construction worker fantasy.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

With each successive scene building upon the one before, Copped is a great example of a film that has to be seen in its entirely to be fully appreciated.

Don't let the title fool you, though. Copped has less to do with bad-ass policemen and more to do with blue collar types like Italian hotrod, Nick Mazzaro (Delinquents). The viewer will be hard pressed to find a favorite scene out of the four, as each really has plenty to rave about. But the film's conclusion, Damon Phoenix coming face to face with the mighty arm of the law, certainly gets my vote.

With one eye on the clock and the other on his boss's crotch, blond Troy Moore (Boot Boy) is eager for the 5 o'clock whistle to blow. Equally impatient is the boss himself (Scott Wilde), sending his work crew away on an errand so that he can dive into Moore.

What makes this hook-up work has less to do with their imagined work relationship and everything to do with their chemistry, both men more than a few steps beyond their twink years. Wilde is especially luscious here, a nasty 30-something who brings a few years of experience to the table, especially when topping Moore right there in the company woodshop. Moore definitely holds his own with his scene partner, but this sweat-soaked opener is really Wilde's show from start to finish.

Nick Mazzaro fucks Alex FuerteWatch Now
Nick Mazzaro behind
Alex Fuerte
The foreman isn't the only one fucking around on the job. Hired hands Ben Campezi, Nick Mazzaro, and Alex Fuerte indulge in a long smoke break, right at the mouth of the freight elevator.

Alex Fuerte (The Hard Way), a model on loan from Hot House, steps up and takes the lead here, quickly putting his colleagues into sexual service. Fuerte sets himself up as the pivot point for the ensuing threeway, putting himself directly between his buddies, swallowing Campezi's prick while letting Mazzaro make a feast of his hole.

Whether it's Fuerte's meaty ass or Mazzaro's flirty tongue action, this is absolutely the most erotic rimming sequence in Copped. Fuerte eventually decides that what he wants is Mazzaro's cock buried up his chute, and Mazzaro comes through with his gruff, no-nonsense style.

Moments later, he switches it up and decides that what he craves is a piece Campezi's gay-for-pay butthole, topping the fleshy model mercilessly. In the end, it seems that he prefers bottoming, lying on a filthy warehouse mattress and whimpering while Mazzaro fucks the cum out of him.

Damon Phoenix takes in a movie

A fourth crewman, Damon Phoenix (Ari's Place), completely misses the grueling fuckfest when he's charged with running an errand. Playing hooky, he makes a pit stop at the local adult movie-house, shyly toying with his growing stiffie while watching Eddie Stone and Jake Havoc have unapologetic foreplay a few rows over.

And just as he's about to join the party, the theatre is raided. Phoenix is hauled off the clink while Stone and Havoc conveniently manage to zip themselves up in the nick of time. Mere moments after the fuzz cart Phoenix away, the two are back at it, turning up the heat and indulging in full-on public sex. This scene is really all about Stone's efforts to accommodate Havoc's monster prick in every way possible. Havoc's meaty dong is a beauty, whether Stone is slobbering over it or trying to breathe while Havoc crams it up his asshole. Fans of Stone will not walk away unsatisfied – there's plenty of camera shots of his pink pucker, handsome face and lean body to enjoy here, even enough for repeat viewings.

Meanwhile in the joint, Damon Phoenix is verbally assaulted by his on-duty warden, CJ Madison (Bar Trade). Madison makes it clear that it's easier to go along to get along, and the quickest route to freedom comes by way of Madison's uniquely-shaped cock.

Phoenix makes the most out of the situation, wrapping his pretty lips around Madison and giving the film's most erotic blowjob. Madison gives as good as he gets, but Phoenix really shines when he's made vulnerable, forced to blow the cop or when bending over to get fucked.

The climax of the scene (and of the entire film) are the money shots in the finale, Phoenix blowing huge wads of spunk on Madison's face, then squatting down so that the two can share the load while kissing. It's a spectacular finish and the place to start for fans of cum eating. Don't miss Phoenix's adorable antics in the DVD's blooper reel.

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Copped Photos:

C.J. Madison and Damon PhoenixWatch Now
C.J. Madison and Damon Phoenix
C.J. Madison fucks Damon PhoenixWatch Now
C.J. Madison and Damon Phoenix
CoppedWatch Now

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