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Constructing Porn

Frank Parker
Factory Studios  
Adrian , Brett Holt , Joey , Kyle Warner , Marc Sterling , Rusty Samuels , Seth Handler
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Constructing Porn

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Factory Video Builds a Porn Set

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

New cars, jeans and shoes aren't the only things that need a good breaking in. Director and producer Frank Parker takes his horny Factory Video audience backstage with Constructing Porn, a pseudo-reality piece where Parker's new porn set gets constructed, painted and broken in by a bunch of cum-filled blue collars.

When director Frank Parker needs hammers put to nails, he employs Joey & Adrian (Almost Caught & Too Young to Care) to get the set.ahem.erected. With sawdust and scrap wood still on the floor, Parker politely requests that his two carpenters give it a test whirl with a regulation blowjob. They may be a bit flabbergasted at first, but Joey and Adrian are happy to oblige.

Parker does his best to make it all seem spontaneous by filming it shakily and candidly. But how many construction workers do you know that work indoors with no shirts on? Put that aside and you're getting a pairing between the twinkish brunet Adrian and the stockily-built Joey, both 20ish, with pale smooth skin and nice faces.

Constructing Porn snapshotWatch VOD
Joey sucks Adrian
Joey has the better body, but Adrian has the bigger cock. After some kissing and mutual sucking against spackled dry wall, the two get into more heated action, Parker zipping in and out of the scene taking still photos. Joey rims his buddy before slipping on a condom and bending him over a table saw. We are treated to some great camera angles and fantastic view from underneath the pair - check out the Adrian's furry ass crack while he's getting banged. The top in the scene has some luscious fat balls which dangle almost above the camera lens. These two finish off with a mutual j/o, spewing on each others' thighs.

Rusty Samuels is Constructing Porn

Need your new set painted? Redhead Rusty Samuels (Eager to Sleaze) and Marc Sterling have the tools to get it done. After a few moments of halfhearted painting, the two guys inevitably start painting each other (a porn fantasy stunt that's been done better in other films unfortunately). No matter - the sheer size and heft of Samuels's cock, topped with a fiery bush of crisp red pubes will make you forgive the cheesy sex set-up.

Samuels may steal the entire movie in this one scene with his nice smile and sexy swagger. Sterling, the taller of the two, naturally grabs onto Samuels' pale pink prick and milks it for all it's worth before putting his lips on it. Samuels isn't shy about returning the favor, sucking and groaning while his lean biceps (the kind with the vein running down the center) swell with the effort. Constructing Porn has no soundtrack, so every suck, smack and slurp jump right into your living room.

With nothing to hold on to, Sterling does his best to brace himself while good ole Rusty slides that red-hot poker in and out of his ass. Again, director Parker puts the camera achingly and tantalizingly close here, close enough so the viewer can appreciate Samuels' flawless shave job on this tight balls. The guys try out a number of positions - on the floor, scissor-style, Sterling riding it - before finding their groove and blowing cum. Sterling brings himself off with Samuels buried deep. Samuels treats his buddy to a messy facial.

Kyle Warner drops by with some window treatments for the fake set and gets so turned on by the thought of being on an actual porn set that he quickly asks permission to drop his beach shorts and wank off. Usually these kind of solos thrown in among the regular sex scenes are largely forgettable, but Warner is an attractive guy with a fairly nice cock.

While he's being filmed masturbating, a mysterious clear plastic sex toy appears for him to use. The thing oddly resembles a cock-size clear plastic accordion. This thing encircles Warner's cock and makes the nastiest crinkling sound as he's working this new toy up and down his prick. Warner also obviously loves to finger his hole while pounding his pole. He cums on his tan belly and licks the goo off his fingers for the camera guy.

Send in the Porn Stars

Finally the porn stars arrive - Seth Handler and Brett Holt. After Parker gives them some direction about their 'scene', he leaves them on the newly constructed set to create cinemagic. Holt's dong is a beauty, so heavy when erect that it just pulses against his thighs when buddy Handler admires it with his fingers, then his mouth. These two get into some heavy-duty 69'ing, Handler burying his nose against Holt's shaved puckerhole. He then rims him silly, inviting Holt to sit right on his tongue.

Handler has some interesting piercings underneath his shaved balls and also sports a nipple ring. All of it seems to get Holt's motor running; he's a big moaner/groaner all throughout the scene as he gets fucked every which way. Holt's cumshot is the film's best - he blows while riding Handler, Handler hoping to catch some jizz in his open mouth or extended tongue. When Handler takes his turn, Holt does get to eat some hot cum, finishing the best scene of the film.

Constructing Porn Photos:

Rusty Samuels and Marc SterlingWatch VOD
Rusty Samuels points to Marc Sterling
Seth Handler and Brett HoltWatch VOD
Seth Handler tops Brett Holt

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