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Comrades in Arms

Kristen Bjorn
Sarava Productions (Kristen Bjorn)
Alexei Gromoff, Joska Tenta, Lajos Magyar, Marko Nagy, Sasha Borov, Arpad Miklos, Rezso Farkas, Attila Sipos, Akos Matyas, Krisztian Simon, Janos Balczik, Nicolai Otov, Boris Otov

Marko Nagy proves to be one of the best tops

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Comrades in Arms

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Kristen Bjorn Lifts the Iron Curtain

Filmed in Hungary (largely before today's large-scale amounts of production in that country), Comrades in Arms looks on the simple story of Russian soldiers returning home from duty in the area they occupied before Communism's collapse.

Each of the participants have a juicy memory to recall.

The film starts in a train station where Alexei Gromoff remembers with a glowing nostalgia about his comrades and years of service. His friends Lajos Magyar and Joska Tenta, both dark, beautiful guys, meet Russian border guard Marko Nagy (Hungary for Men) along a wooded path.

(Nagy fans may know that he continued a prolific career in straight porn under the name Anthony Hardwood.)

Nagy towers above the two. Inviting them indoors, Tenta and Magyar tempt the blonde Russian with cock and open ass. Nagy responds by stepping across the room and literally walking into Magyar's waiting sphincter.

It's a luscious descent that expertly captures the sensual mood. They are surrounded by hunting trophies, and the two savvy soldiers take turns on Nagy's thick, uncircumcised cock. This incredible three-way moves from the table to the sofa where Nagy continues to plow away at his new friends.

Tenta and Nagyar bottom with sheer looks of pleasure, easing from one picturesque position to another. They come repeatedly, but Nagy wins the contest with five money shots.

Each of their blasts are thick and copious.

Porn-Ster Arpad Miklos' First Movie

Later on, pretty boy Sasha Borov (The Anchor Hotel) is picked up by civilian Arpad Miklos. At home, Mikos offers the soldier money, but he refuses. This starts their own sensuous lovemaking between the business suit wearing Miklos and the uniformed youth.

Rolling around a huge bed, they suck each other's big tools. Mikos tops the baby-faced Borov with slow, deliberate humps, paving the way for an inviting, personal view of what too often is impersonal sex.

Next, narrator Alexei Gromoff arrives with his comrade Attila Sipos to a famous underground club. Here, soldier Krisztian Simon gives head to buddy Janos Balcsik along a red brick wall. Their curious friends observe with a growing lust.

Bartender Akos Matyas and sailor Rezso Farkas seduce the two newcomers. During this, Krisztian Simon's big rod enjoys a primal plowing of Balcsik. The fourway continues simultaneously. Farkas eats and then tops Gromoff's mucular barge-like ass doggie style.

Sipos tops the bartender and Gromoff slurps on Simon's big meat. Matyas and Gromoff lift and lower Balcsik onto Farkas' own large cock, followed by Sipos gushing a tremendous climax.

This wild encounter ends in a cloudburst of come.

Seducing Alexei Gromoff

Retuning home to Moscow, Gromoff pumps iron with Nagy. He daydreams a pair of identical twin bodybuilders (Nicolai and Boris Otov) enjoying an encounter in a Turkish bath. They wrestle in the water, and finish the scene standing side by side, as if in a mirror, jacking their cocks to identical blasts.

This wet dream turns to reality as Nagy seduces Gromoff. First on a red flag, then in sixty-nine. They end up on a weight bench. Nagy's steel pole is swallowed by Gromoff's muscular ass easily, and they two screw endlessly.

Nagy again works overtime, shooting four times with the stocky youth spread before him.

Comrades in Arms clearly is one of Bjorn's best. The amazing cast is an assembly of male perfection, finely tuned into sex machines. Through all this heat remains a bonfire of passion, sparked by the urgency of the sex acts.

Each actor delivers his best, but special mention should be made of Marko Nagy. One of Bjorn's finest discoveries, he is the perfect identity of a topman.

Kristen Bjorn's new relaunched website,, now offers rotating movie scenes to members, as well as discounted DVDs and new web videos. It's very nice. Fans can also download the movie and watch it on demand.

Marko Nagy in Comrades in Arms
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Marko Nagy (center)
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