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Steven Scarborough
Hot House Entertainment   HH043
Alex Collack , C.J. Knight , Francesco D'Macho , Jason Ridge , , , Marko Hansom , , Max Schutler , , Tony Mecelli , ,
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Francesco D'Macho cleanses his body in Communion

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

In Communion, Hot House returns to the familiar dark, fantasy environment depicting new heights of mansex. Turn down the lights, forget about the pressures of the real world, and go put on that leather jock strap. It's time to cleanse.

Director Steven Scarborough uses some of the religious elements first seen way back in 1999's Descent, such as priests in robes and Gregorian chants, and goes much further. Add lots of smoldering incense and a cast of anus fixated, strapping male powerhouses, and that's Communion.

Francesco D'Macho fucks Jason Ridge Watch on - Watch VOD

Francesco D'Macho behind Jason Ridge

Standing on the box cover like the holy trinity are the studio's super models Francesco D'Macho, Alex Collack and leather top Vinnie D'Angelo. These hunks are all true blue dynamos, arguably the hottest in house stable of the major studios.

A Communion typically involves taking the flesh inside the body in order to cleanse it. The film achieves this via five chapters of intense leather worship as well as a bonus ass play episode on the second disc.

Ceremonies start with Nicolay Petrov and Marko Hansom standing before C.J. Knight and Max Schutler. Leather pouches cover the male manhoods before them. A few nuzzles and kisses persuade the tops to uncover themselves, simultaneously producing their erections out of their leather jocks.

Fierce cocksucking leads to a sweet display showing both couples engaging in hard fucking. Both commanding tops, Petrov has since jumped ship to strut his top man skills at Jet Set. (Code Violators)

Petrov makes Schutler eat out Knight's ass before he plows it. Hansom (Full Throttle) gets sloppy seconds, as Petrov moves his throbbing attentions over to the passive Schutler. Schutler (Bang That Ass) is one of the most exciting little fuck toys to appear in 2007.

In a hot double your pleasure, double your fun Doublemint TV moment, the bottoms ride separately in the laps of the tops. Schutler cums while fully impaled on Hansom, licking up the seamen overflow from his finger. The tops finish by spewing seed onto the bottoms' smooth chests.

Next comes an electric interchange between Francesco D'Macho and Jason Ridge (The Missing). Clad in their shiny leather straps, they take turns presenting their asses to each other, spreading their cheeks apart with their own hands, winking their holes. Sweet anticipation builds as Ridge softly commends D'Macho to unveil his hard cock. (There are no soft penises anywhere in this ritualistic movie) Sexual tension builds as the guys talking to each other, showing off, egging the other on.

Francesco D'Macho slides in his cock. D'Macho finally tells Ridge to suck it. He get on his knees to blow the Italian's beautiful cock. This is followed by D'Macho giving an extended and very wet rim job to his partner's ass. The ass feast only wets his appetite. First, he leisurely works over Ridge's ass with a black dildo.

This gets replaced by D'Macho's cock, who fucks him furiously like a rutting dog. Afterwards, the two effortlessly flip-flop with Ridge pounding him on his back.

Do not expect to see much facial reaction - the camera stays focused on the backside insertion view. Scarborough emphasizes the top's balls slamming against beautiful asses throughout.

Why is this? This movie is all about the men pounding each other's butts.

Ridge finishes by climbing back on his partner's dick for a finishing ride. Everything culminates with Ridge ejaculating all over the black dildo, which he sits on. Bravo, guys!

Vinnie D'Angelo's Leather Sex Communion

After this, a completely new scene opens with the striking visual of Steve Cruz hanging in a seated sling, his hands stretched up gripping handholds while his ass hangs off the edge of his seat.

Vinnie D'Angelo moves into view sporting a riding crop in one hand, and the fully erect Matt Cole in tow. At the direction of D'Angelo, Cole feeds off Cruz like a hungry animal. One of the best fuckers on the planet, Cole grips the hanging Cruz, pounding him with his famously big dick. Their breathless fuckfest is replete with taunts and moans. D'Angelo also gets a piece of the bottom's fuzzy hole, but the real prize is when he points his cock and shoves it directly into Cole's bullseye.

These three blue ribbon sex pigs turn in another of Communion's first rate performances. Everything ends with the bottoms kneeling down before the standing D'Angelo, unloading their money shots on his boots.

After this, D'Macho returns for an encore worthy of a standing ovation. Tenderly playing with Tony Mecelli's nipples, they caress and worship each other's bodies. Nuzzling against Mecelli's leather wrap instigates another of the movie's eye-popping penis unveilings. D'Macho chows down for a long suck fest on his tube steak.

Mecelli facefucks D'Macho before plowing him. They enjoy a rough sex session highlighted by D'Macho, legs up in the air, masturbating his own hard cock and crowing "fuck you!" to the top man inside him.

Mecelli literally douses the entire side of D'Macho face in his hot Italian cream leaving the bottom gasping, breathless.

Communion: Disc Two

The DVD's second disc includes all of the edgy stuff the studio loves to load into its leather films. A robed priest moves through the set of bound men, wafting a smoldering smudge stick over their bodies. Eventually, Josh Weston, Alex Collack and Kent North are unleashed to cleanse themselves via a sexual communion. For much of the scene, Weston's open hole stays exposed and open, in full hungry view for the camera.

North and Collack take turns screwing him, all to the sounds of his noisy cat calls. Ultimately, they throw North into a sling to take turns filling his capacious hole. A barrel of dildo emerges to alternately plunge into North's and Weston's asses. The scene ends with Weston's face getting drenched on both sides.

The hardcore scene, available just on the Director's Cut DVD, essentially concludes the play between the guys from the fifth episode. It starts with Weston hopping into the sling. Weston looks absolutely thrilled at finding his favorite device free, and he makes complete use of it with the handy help of Collack and North. North gets his turn by sitting himself down onto the doubled-up arms of Weston and Collack. It is Weston who steals the show, ultimately getting himself off while impaled on a thick bone white dildo.

Communion works extremely well because it does not capitalize heavily on exploiting shocking religious taboos, which is such the fad nowadays. Scarborough wisely combines mystic elements purely to create a hypnotic mood. This inviting background allows the viewer and film models to both succumb to their intense carnal fantasies and earthly pleasures.

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Communion Photos:

Nickolay Petrov tops in CommunionWatch on - Watch VOD
Max Schutler rides Marko Hansom (background)
C.J. Knight rides Nickolay Petrov
Nickolay Petrov and Marko Hansom standingWatch on - Watch VOD
Max Schutler rims C.J. Knight
Nickolay Petrov and Marko Hansom observe standing
Jason Ridge and Francesco D'MachoWatch on - Watch VOD
Jason Ridge below Francesco D'Macho
Kent North fucks Josh WestonWatch on - Watch VOD
Kent North, Josh Weston, Alex Collack

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