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Sao Paulo - Collin O'Neal's World of Men

Collin O'Neal
Collin O'Neal Productions  
Alexandre Senna , Andre Santos , , Daniel Marvin , David , Junior Panavelo , Pedro Andreas , Renzo Dicaprio , Tiago , Tito
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Sao Paulo - Collin O'Neal's World of Men

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Pedro Andreas and Daniel Marvin Share Their Bedroom

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Brazil, as well as Argentina, has for years been a well kept secret for casting beautiful men in macho for gaucho flicks. Kristen Bjorn has been filming down there for years. Around 2000, the independent studio Marcostudio released a series of hot movies featuring Brazilian bodybuilders - headed by the powerfully cocky Julio Vidal - and others. All Worlds imported a number of videos directed by Julio Kadetti.

Collin O'Neal decided back in 2005 to head down to the Southern American continent, cameras in tow, and see what he could capture for his new WorldOfMen movie line. The result is Sao Paulo - Collin O'Neal's World of Men. Not only has O'Neal rediscovered some favorite models from this area, but he also struck pure gold by putting the openly gay, bombshell power couple Daniel Marvin and Pedro Andreas.

Pedro Andreas and Daniel Marvin Watch VOD
Pedro Andreas & Daniel Marvin
Pedro Andreas & Daniel Marvin Bareback Blog
O'Neal starts where every erotic film journey to this region starts - in the locker rooms of a gym or bathhouse. (Anyone remember Marcostudio's Back to the Baths?) It is here that big, bulked-up Junior where shaved-headed Andre Santos is horny, flashing his ass at him by pulling down his jeans.

The power in these two comes from their massive brown bodies. Their skin is shaved smooth and their dicks are uncut. After some ass eating, Santos is bent over in the locker room getting Junior's meat stuffed up his butt. In this nice opener, they move through several nice positions until they blow their loads.

After this, we move to the hot tubs area where director O'Neal seems to have found himself in a three way with two mononamed guys - the broad bodied David and Tiago, who has a beautiful, long cock with a strong curve. O'Neil sucks on them both.

Tiago is fucking hot, but he seems content at just watching O'Neil banging David's behind. David seems a bit overwhelmed but fortunately O'Neill is an expert top, who handles him well. Tiago does urge O'Neal on, kissing him and pushing his thrusting body into the Brazilian. All three guys shoot very nice money shots.

Alexandre Senna Returns!

The movie next travels to Rio de Janiero, where in a pleasant surprise we run into Alexandre Senna, a superhot muscle bottom who has worked in a number of earlier good Brazil porn productions, such as for director Julio Kadetti in Brazilian Heat

The beaches of Copacabana look as beautiful as always, but Senna seems intent to hooking up with Renzo Decaprio, a muscular stud with beautiful pectorals. Senna seems to get Dicaprio going by sharing a glass of SKOL Brazilian beer.

Soon, Senns is bent over showing off his assets in his white underwear. Decaprio licks it and slaps it. His dick is not at all massive, but that only seems to make him pound Senna's ass harder, and to the bottom's constant moaning and verbal urging in Portuguese.

Balancing his body atop some tables, Senna hangs his big ass off of it where Decaprio pounds him until he cums. The top follows with his own nice money shot.

Alexandre Senna moans in Portuguese when he gets fucked. The movie's piece de resistance is the final scene where we officially meet what has become gay porn's most infamous power couple - Daniel Marvin and Pedro Andreas. These guys were living in Sao Paulo for a long time, which we presume is where they met O'Neal. The guys begin with a visit to the amazing Iguazu Falls on the border of Brazil and Argentina.

They eventually return to the bedroom where they begin to rub their naked bodies together, plunging into passionate kisses. Their bodies are amazing to watch as O'Neal films them before a bright bay window background. Cleanly lit with deep colors, they share long blow-jobs, nipple kissing and joyful sexplay.

Marvin gets Andreas' cock shoved inside him for a heated ass fucking, following by the two studs flipping roles. Andreas lands on bottom as Marvin screws him silly.

No wonder Bjorn afterwards included the couple in his big Western sexual ranch movie El Rancho, followed by even more exciting films. (See Daniel Marvin when Collin O'Neal returns to Argentina)

World of Men: Sao Paulo emphasizes the traditional film style of this region's bodybuilders and muscleguys in movies. It leaves us wondering if perhaps O'Neal has discovered the hottest men on the planet.

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Sao Paulo - Collin O'Neal's World of Men Photos:

Andre Santos and Junior Watch VOD
Junior above Andre Santos
Tiago in Sao Paulo Watch VOD
Collin O'Neal fucks in Sao Paulo Watch VOD
Collin O'Neal tops David
Alexandre Senna bottoms for Renzo Decaprio Watch VOD
Alexandre Senna bottoms for Renzo Decaprio

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