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Argentina: Collin O'Neal's World of Men

Collin O'Neal
Collin O'Neal Productions  
Adrian , Andres , Ariel , Augusto , Bruno Bordas , Daniel Marvin , German , Juan Blas , Sebastian
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Argentina: Collin O'Neal's World of Men

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Daniel Marvin introduces us to his new sqeeze.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Two years after Collin O'Neal his sex movie in Sao Paulo, the globe trekking gay adult movie director returns for Argentina: Collin O'Neal's World of Men. Filming in Argentina began much more recently compared to the vaster gay adult film history of next door Brazil. To compare, the men here clearly posses a less tropical vibe compared to Brazilians.

Argentina seems much more prominently as a nation of immigrants and one look at the models clearly reveals deeply engrained Spanish and Italian looks. O'Neal mines this rich vein of talent well.

Bruno Bordas and Andres Watch VOD
Bruno Bordas sucks Andres

Daniel Marvin Blog
Collin O'Neal's Argentina - The Truth Is He Never Left You

Contrasting to the unique established director styles of Alexander or Kristen Bjorn in this area, watching O'Neal's filmed activities is like enjoying a tawny port and a fine cigar, a rich and satisfying experience with fine latin men.

Everyone will be talking about the movie's first scene, when Daniel Marvin introduces the world to his new boyfriend Juan Blas. By "introduce" we mean "screw the Hell out of." Marvin, whose on-screen performances with Pedro Andreas rocked the world with earthquakes of orgasmic fury, performs on par here.

Like his predecessor, Blas is slimmer then Marvin. He exudes a youthful vigor with hints of charm. They pull their clothes off and start soaping up each other's beautiful bodies. Blas turns to reveal a picture perfect ass sloping up from his trim torso. Marvin's penis points up at it patiently awaiting his turn.

Their shower foreplay features ample kissing and sucking, a tantalizing introduction of what's about to come. Dried off, and in the bedroom, Blas takes a hunched down position so Marvin can delicately start opening the doors of his full buttocks. Using his thumb and finger like poised utensils, he works his tongue into the keyhole, opening it slowly, revealing the tender meat inside.

Marvin offers an astonishingly elegant, tantalizing rim job. Then he wraps a condom snugly around his shaft and fucks Blas at length, beautifully filmed from close underneath to show a wealth of facial expressions amidst rutting bliss. O'Neill simply cannot find an unappealing angle to film these entwined two.

Getting through this extended, multi=positioned sex scene may take several sittings and it will be worth reviewing over and over again. Everything finally reaches its crescendo when Blas orgasms all over himself while still getting fucked. Marvin pulls out and beats himself off to his own lofty climax, taking them both, briefly up to the same place.

What can possibly follow-up this? In a nice surprise, two complete newcomers (German and Adrian) go at it in a one-on-one that stands up quite well. These light skinned Angentines must have been told that they are going to be following Daniel Marvin on the DVD, so "just let loose." Both are fit, long haired dudes - German's tied in a small pony-tail - and they have very nice looking uncut cocks that bend lazily off the one side.

German knows how to use his dick too. He eats Adrian's ass before fucking it. Adrian on his fours turns out to be a very hot guy to watch get fucked. His full erection wags around in the air like a propeller while getting rammed, often sinking his body back into the top to meet his thrusts. Doing it at the top of the stairs, they put on a great show.

Everything's still really cooking when we find the hunky Sebastian in the kitchen, naked except for an apron. Now in most cases, Sebastian, with his cool water, muscle-bottom looks would be enough food for this episode no matter who his scene partner is. However, the surprise here is the hypnotic, tall Andres who seduces Sebastian (and us) away from the cutting board and over to his extended carrot.

Andres plays the voyeur, touching his chest and crotch, quietly enjoying the chef's exposed tenderloin rump. When they connect, it's a fantantc tango. Andres' fucking skills combined with Sebastian's willing butt is a feast of masculine pulchritude. The incredibly well photographed anal action climaxes in the kitchen with sugary white money shots.

Wonderful sex performed by some of Argentina's most beautiful guys. After this comes a one on one shower scene with another pair of new guys, Augusto and Ariel. Their sex scene is the weakest link in the chain, putting in a respectable fuck scene. Ariel has a nice looking ass, and it would be nice to see more of it. He rides Augusto's veiny cock as long as he can, but they both look uncomfortable.

Andres and Bruno Bordas

Fortunately, O'Neill holds back another first-rate scene for the movie's end, spearheaded with a welcome encore performance from Andres. Here he tops Bruno Bordas (aka Martin Soto) at the foot of the stairs. (Bordas, a handsome Argentine of German descent, appears along with Marvin during Roman Heart's vacation to South America.)

Andres is an extremely easy man to worship. With his long dick buried in Bordas' butt, he takes pauses holding it inside. Moving through several positions, Andres' nuts stay tightly close to his dick. Watching him fuck is mesmerizing, all the way up to his shaky orgasm that takes film to a heart pounding ending.

Argentina: Collin O'Neal's World of Men is an impressive look at the sexual pleasures from Argentina's more beautiful creatures. Daniel Marvin's riveting opener unquestionably is one of the year's true sex highlights, followed by the surprisingly impressive sexual allure of Andres. They, along with the talented supporting players give plenty to reason to see this entry in O'Neal's world-wide erotic odyssey.

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Adrian and German in Argentina Watch VOD
Adrian kisses German
A world of men in Argentina Watch VOD
Andres fondles Sebastian
Andres and Bruno Bordas Watch VOD
Andres & Bruno Bordas
Andres fucks Bruno Bordas Watch VOD
Andres & Bruno Bordas

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