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College Cockhounds

Robert Boggs
Bloc Hardcore  
Bryan McCain , Pavel Matous , Jakub Anderson , Johan Volny , Joseph Ther , Mario Fox , Martin Soukup , Patrick Veselsky , Pavel Novak , , Thomas Volner
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College Cockhounds

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Patrick Veselsky's Hottest Movie

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

We held off reviewing College Cockhounds for some time. This was the second movie that Robert Boggs produced in his Bloc Hardcore film label. It got lost in the shuffle, and really wasn't available readily to North Americans audiences for years.

Well, College Cockhounds is now readily available VOD and on DVD. And we are happy to say that it is worth the wait! In what is some of his hottest ever filmed on-screen sexual action, Boggs has captured the adorable Patrick Veselsky, who only did movies for a short period of time. Furthermore, at this point in time, Dennis Reed personifies the blond bottom boy twink look. (Reed and several of the other film's model look like they immediately walked off the set here to go film Bareback Hazing)
Thomas Volner and Joseph TherWatch VOD
Thomas Volner sucks Joseph Ther
As with so many imports, the North American title of the film has no relevance to the story of the film, which is actually about eight guys in a distance running race competition. The DVD bristles with hot sex: Seven sexual scenes including two all oral episodes. There is also a nine minute Boggs short film interviewing the models.

The guys all put in high energy performances across the board, making this movie another great example of fiery hot Czech twink porn.

The runners all want their favorite teammate Veselsky to win the race. Unfortunately the fly in the ointment last year was Joseph Ther, aka Samuel Dolce (Samuel Dolce blog), who the guys on the team consider "an asshole." Even worse, Ther is sleeping with the coach.

Vaselsky shows up to the race way, way late. But, this turns out to be Vaselsky's day. With everyone else started on their runs, Coach Jakub Anderson is all alone at the starting line. Anderson soothes Veselsky, getting him naked in a chair and jacking off his dick. Anderson bends down and licks his tongue along Veselsky's big balls.

In a wonderful standing start, Veselsky pulls Anderson's red shorts down, exposing his beefy ass. With his dick poking out through the bottom side of his white underwear, Veselsky throws him a rocket powered ass fucking. Anderson looks totally turned on here, pulling his nipples and running his hands over his pecs while Veselsky sucks him. Anderson shoots a heavy, hot load that runs down the racer's face and neck.

A great opener to the film, Veselsky and Anderson gets everyone off on the best possible foot. And there is lots of Veselsky to watch in the movie.

Denis Reed Finds Some Dick

Elsewhere, Dennis Reed looks lost, but instead he cuts through a running trail that is against the race rules. Assistant coach Pavel Novak catches Reed in the act, and decides to penalize the runner by, guess how, making him suck his dick. Reed works his mouth over Novak's towering erection. It's the biggest dick in the entire film.

Novak, aka Palo Vyper for Eurocreme, always puts in hot top performances. And the lucky duck seems to get paired with some of Europe's hottest asses. (i.e. Jay Renfro in Bare Skaters) This time it Reed, who looks amazing holding himself up on his fours getting his butt drilled from behind. Reed stays hard, and handles Novak's skin torpedo admirably, the runner's red race number still hanging off of his neck.

Bryan McCain appears, and things get even hotter. The sight of Novak plowing Reed immediately gets McCain hard, and Novak is totally up for sharing Reed's ass. Their double teaming on Reed's boy butt makes this scene arguably the hottest in the film.

After this, it appears Veselsky is going to get mistreated by Ther, who once again wants to use his powers as a co-judge in the race push himi out of first place. Fortunately, Robert Driveman jogs up, and Veselsky joins him to run the next leg of the race. The guys do find a moment to beat off their hot cocks together in a private wooded area.

Patrick Veselsky fucks Jakub AndersonWatch Now
Patrick Veselsky tops the coach (Jakub Anderson)
Driveman sure has one great looking dick between his legs!

Another welcome actor in the film is blond stud Thomas Lee, billed here as Martin Soukup. Soukop and horsehung Thomas Volner (aka Elliot Gass) meet up and fuck Mario Fox in open view on the running trail. Fox, who has lost a good bit of hair since filming Maric's Weekend for Dolphin Entertainment several years earlier, puts in a good, submissive performance sucking their cocks and taking their dicks up his ass.

As before, the guys fuck wearing bits of their colorful running clothes, and watching Wolf in action never gets tiring. Even better, immediately after this scene Wolf has to pass the tests of Judge Ther, who is still upset that he could not get any piece of Veselsky's ass when he ran by earlier.

Ther takes his frustrations out on Wolf's butt. In a hot visual, Wolf keeps his ass high in the air, the blond tufts of hair visible, as the corrupt judge fucks it.

Next, Driveman reappears again for a second mutual jack-off session, this time with McCain. Perhaps Boggs realized that he cast the film with too many tops, so he's stretching out some of the pairing this way. Still, these guys are great to watch.

Speaking of too many tops, Volner finally arrive's at Ther's judging post. The stringbean goes through the paces in order to get his judging marks. Ther uses his position to push Volner into jacking off for him, and ultimately bottoming for him. (The DVD's boxcover photo of Volner hanging onto the netting of a hammock is taken from this scene)

Ther tests his limits here as a judge. The result is that we get to watch the first ever on-screen bottoming for Volner. With Volner's huge dick, he's always playing the top. (as Elliot Gass in Bareback Twink Street 2, for example) And Ther is famously a total on-screen top. One of the scene's surprises, the lean Volner actually shows a very nice looking ass hanging up out of the hammock like it does.

Patrick Veselsky Wins the Race

The film ends with Coach Anderson announcing the top three winners of the race, much like the form of an Olympic ceremony. After handing out the medals, the coach and the three winners enjoy a nice four-way. Winning first place is Veselsky. Apparently his first scene tryst with the coach earned him enough dividends.

Also in the four way are McCain and and very young looking Johan Volny, who until now has not appeared much at all in the movie. Sporting very short hair dyed blond, he gets to show off his long wang here. However he does not participate in the gangbanging of the coach, all wearing their medals around their necks. Here Volny just gets sucked. Volny later went on to a very prolific career as an exclusive Eurocreme model.

The final episode is a bit of a let down, as watching Anderson bottom for Veselsky, as well as McCain top is all stuff we've seen before. Fortunately, there is plenty of great moments in the preceding episodes, especially watching Veselsky in action.

Boggs expertly films the models so that they look carefree in attitude and happy in their sexplay, going on for hours. Thanks to College Cockhounds, a graet time is had by all.

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College Cockhounds Photos:

Bryan McCain fucks Dennis ReedWatch Now
Bryan McCain tops Dennis Reed, Pavel Novak right
Martin Soukup fucks Mario FoxWatch Now
Martin Soukup tops Mario Fox, Thomas Volner right
Bryan McCain fucks Jakub AndersonWatch Now
Bryan McCain tops Jakub Anderson,
Patrick Veselsky & Johan Volny right

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