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College Boy Physicals 5

David Adamson
D and E Productions  
Movie Series
College Boy Physicals
, Casey Woods , Dr. Phingerphuk , Eric West , Mario Angel , Maverick Strong , Ross Michaels , Sean Tyler
Twinks, AmericanHunksMedical Fetish

College Boy Physicals 5

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Dr. Toppenbottom joins the fun at this perpetually stimulated clinic.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

If you have not seen any College Boy Physicals scenes recently, their newest DVD release is reason to give the medical fetish series a closer examination.

The story so far: Dr. Rimmerman (College Boy Physicals 3) seems to have taken a comfortable, and permanent, retirement from hospital. Things there remain under the guiding hands of Dr. Phingerphuk, who would rather be spending his days putting on the links and enjoying three martini lunches. In order for him to enjoy more golf time in the Bahamas, Phingerphuck brings a new physician aboard, Dr. Toppenbottem, played by the sexy, eager to please Sean Tyler.

Dr. Phingerphuk in College Boy Physicals [Watch on]
Dr. Phingerphuk's College Boy Physical
Tyler is an impressive dirty doctor follow up T.J. Jordan's Dr. Rimmerman. And true to his name, Dr. Toppenbottom eagerly fucks and gets fucked by the aroused male patients who move through this perverse clinic.

College Boy Physicals 5 starts off on a great note when three patients get tired of waiting for the doctor, so they break into a bottle of DEP 23, a powerful drug that works as an elixir driving them into throes of passionate sex. The guys (Austin Grant, Ross Michaels, Eric West) all play into their parts, quickly getting naked and piling onto (and into) each other in a frenzied, noisy three-way.

Michaels turns out to be a great top, fucking both of his buddies breathlessly on the examination table. He drills West first, who also has sideburns and a necklace similar to Michaels. (West later appeared in Seymour Dicks' Tour de force Bareback Twink Orgy). In contract to Michaels, the bottom also sports a variety of small piercings up and down his body, including ears, cock, balls. West is such a hot bottom, Grant tops him for some sloppy seconds.

The DEP 23 seems to be hitting its full effect on the guys when Grant announces his desire to get fucked as well. (Turns out that Grant's a fun fuck, showing up several years later in the enjoyable Real Big Boys Measuring Up!) Michaels saddles up between Grant's open legs, happy to oblige.

Michaels pulls out to shoot a hot money shot onto his friend, who seems to still be coming down from his own recent orgasm.

After this, Dr. Phingerphuk appears to administer an exam to Casey Woods, the Peter Frampton of gay porn. The doctor takes matters into his own hands, performs a milking scene on Woods' towering penis. This episode contains the movie's more "medical fetish" moments, including probing proctology exams, latex gloved hands and some dildo play.

Does health insurance cover the cost of all this?

The next episode introduces Dr. Toppenbottom, who examines the sexy Maverick Strong by taking his temperature with a rectal thermometer. Next, he performs genital stimulation with his mouth. Tyler gives him some good head.

Strong, who appeared this year as a broke straight boy, keeps a rather steely look on his face, giving the impression that the model seems overwhelmed by everything. But he's a hot top. Tyler rides on top of Strong's cock at length. Tyler ultimately bends over the exam table, spreading his legs. Without a word, Strong gets behind him and does his work on the good doctor, the face peering down intently watching himself screw Tyler's ass.

The scene also features a sequence showing Tyler screwing Strong on his back, as well as on his side. Watching the quiet, masculine Strong being put through the paces one of the film's high points.

Dr. Phingerphuk reappears the end of the scene to get the all important semen sample from Strong.

The final scene of the DVD begins with Tyler calling in two patients (Maverick Strong and Mario Angel) for exam work. (Apparently the doctor's orders have the power of a subpoena!) Tyler sucks both their dicks. Angel seems to have erection problems, but that is okay because his ass works fine for the rest of the scene.

Tyler tops Angel over the exam table. In a hot visual, Tyler tops Angel over the table, who lays over it able to suck Strong's hard-on at the opposite end. Tyler shows off his hot top moves here. This culminates with the guys a visually impressive love train with Tyler topping Angel as Strong tops Tyler.

At this point, Tyler shoots the biggest cumshot of the film.

In fact, Tyler gives College Boy Physicals 5 a real shot in the arm. Hopefully he will bring the character of Dr. Toppenbottom to future releases. Plus with a doctor's salary, he'll no longer be toiling away his afternoons as a broke straight boy either.

Fans of college boys visiting the doctor will enjoy watching the entire series on Members can also watch the medically-themed mischief on Broke Straight Boys.

College Boy Physicals 5 Photos:

College Boy Physicals 3 Way [Watch on]
Mario Angel, Sean Tyler, Maverick Strong
Ross Michaels and Austin Grant [Watch on]
Ross Michaels tops Austin Grant
College Boy Physicals three-way [Watch on]
Austin Grant, Eric West, Ross Michaels
Sean Tyler and Maverick Strong [Watch on]
Sean Tyler rides Maverick Strong

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