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College Boy Physicals #2 and #3

David Adamson
D and E Productions  
Movie Series
College Boy Physicals
Christian Cruz , Cody Jordan , Erich Daniels , Jake Kennedy , Kiko , Kody White , Kristopher Knight , Rex , Seth Monroe
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College Boy Physicals #2 and #3

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Dr. Rimmerman, I Presume

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

D&E Productions explores the sexual aspects of visiting the doctor in their last two College Boy Physicals movies. They have found the perfect dirty doctor to fill their prescription: Doctor Rimmerman, played with impressive gusto by Florida favorite T.J. Jordan.

Jordan has garnered numerous fans watching him plunge his huge, hairless erection into Sean Storm's hungry hole, as well as into countless twinks over at Helix Studios (Twink Juice). Here Jordan is given more opportunities to act, as well as display his other talents, notably rimming and wielding the kudgel between his legs.

Volume Two contains three scenes, all involve young guys visiting the doctor. First up is South American smoothie Christian Cruz. His thirty minute examination requires him to disrobe and feel rubbing and probing both fore and aft by the Doctor. Within minutes, his snake-like erection hardens before the camera without any physical help.

Rimmerman lives up to his name. He gives a glorious tongue bath to Cruz's smooth hole while perched up on the examination bed. Then he slowly runs his lips up and down on the latino's big uncut erection. He even takes a moment to probe his fingers into Cruz's uncharted anal territory.

More sucking leads to an eye-popping climax with Jordan jacking him off, and Cruz shooting over six big spurts of creamy cum. Are you okay?, inquired the doctor. I guess, replies a bewildered Cruz, still catching his breath.

Next up, hunky Coach Daniels brings in one of his players, Kristopher Knight, for a physical. Before long, the blonde Knight is hand and naked, and his puckering hole becomes the center of attention. It acts like a powerful magnet, drawing in Jordan's flicking tongue. Dr. Rimmerman next announces that the physical cannot be completed without sticking his dick up the patient's ass.

Dr. Rimmerman and Christian Cruz [Watch on]
TJ Jordan as Dr. Rimmerman jacks off Christian Cruz
Dr. Rimmerman fucks Kody White in College Boy Physicals [Watch on]
Kody White sits of TJ Jordan, Erich Daniels right
Knight has no problems with this requirement. Jordan proceeds to screw him nicely in several positions. To finish, Knight gets himself off to a splashy climax as the doctor pumps away on his ass.

The film's third scene has Coach Daniels returning with a new cute swim team member, Kody White. Jordan talks White through numerous procedures - taking blood pressure, his temperature, etc. He really plays the part of the comforting doctor very well.

The coach holds White's legs up so Rimmerman can explore the patient's ass and cock with his probing tongue. In this scene, the coach gets naked as well, and participates in the student's examination. White is very hot to watch get screwed. His mushroom-head cock stays hard as Rimmerman slams him. Both Jordan and Daniels do a thorough job on the student.

White explodes white gobs of goo up onto Daniels's stomach. Then in a very hot moment, shoots his load into the college boy's open mouth.

College Boy Physicals Number 3

Volume three brings the welcome return of TJ Jordan as Doctor Rimmerman. The first scene shows him testing a new sexual enhancement drug on the lanky Jake Kennedy. Kennedy drinks the green elixir. Jordan then proceeds to run though a gamut of tests, like taking his blood pressure, and asking numerous medical questions.

After this, the patient is naked, and Rimmerman is hard. Kennedy takes the doctor's massive meat while bent over the examination bed. At one point, Jordan pounds him causing the bed's rollers to jostle in tandem.

After getting it hard, Kennedy gets himself off as Jordan hammers him.

After this, a cute latino named Kiko appears for the drug study. Kiko, who has gone onto appearing as Tony Ryder with the fancy California studios, claims that he is straight. Although Rimmerman calls him good by pointing out those plucked eyebrows. (The hispanics and the plucked eyebrows; it's a debate we won't touch in this forum) Kiko's hairy belly and crotch is unveiled, as is his impressive erection.

Both guys blow each other, which is visually very exciting considering the sizes of their endowments. However, Kiko is, at this point at least, a total top. So their medical exam is all-oral. The cum simultaneously, and a lot. Kiko's debut money shot is an impressive multi-spurt load, which gets all over Rimmerman's flat abs.

The final scene brings two very good looking hotties, Seth Monroe from Twink Juice 2 and Rex. Jarhead Rex looks like he just arrived from military duty. Rimmerman gives them the sexual-enhancement drug, and leaves. Alone, Rex persuades Monroe to blow his thick cock. Jordan returns to see how the drug is working, and is pleased with what he finds.

The two then proceed to screw Monroe, who stays sandwiched between them. Watching him take the expert Jordan, as well as the doe eyed youthful Rex is hot. Rex cums and immediately departs to get his paycheck from the nurse, leaving Jordan to perform a one-on-one hard driving round on a very verbal and aroused Monroe.

The film ends with Jordan swigging a large bottle of the green liquid, and writing about the success of the medical study.

College Boys Physicals is a fun series. TJ Jordan makes great work out of his role as Doctor Rimmerman in both movies. And the models for the most part are cute and bursting with hot cum.

Fans of college boys visiting the doctor should check out their website that includes all the scenes from this movie series,

College Boy Physicals #2 and #3 Photos:

Dr. Rimmerman fucks Seth Monroe [Watch on]
TJ Jordan enters Seth Monroe
Tony Ryder gets a College Boy Physical [Watch on]
TJ Jordan unbuttons Kiko (Tony Ryder)
Dr. Rimmerman in College Boy Physicals [Watch on]
Kiko (Tony Ryder) sucks TJ Jordan

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